Resurrection Korean Drama Episode 16

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Episode 16: Do You Remember Yu Geonha?
Long time no see.
I was going to call you anyway. I'm glad I ran into you here.
Yes, right.
I shouldn't interrupt you and your friends.
Okay, then see you...
Hi, I'm Jinwu.
Can you introduce me to your friend?
Yes, this is my friend...
When was the last time we saw each other?
It was when we went for training in the States. Just two years ago.
Was it that long ago?
Oh, please say hello to Jeong Jinwu. He's the vice president of J&C.
Nice to meet you. I'm Hwang Euigyeong.
Nice to meet you too.
Call me later...
Where did you meet him?
At middle school.
You must've been embarrassed.
You forgot his name, didn't you?
You see everything.
I often do it too.
Then I woke up but I was in a stranger's house. I was so drunk.
That was really embarrassing.
It must have been really embarrassing to Eunha too.
You hardly ate. You don't like the food?
No. This is good.
If I had known you were coming, I could've gone to a better place.
Hello! This is my birthday.
Men are hopeless.
Can you change this wine glass? It has a small crack.
It's okay.
It's not okay with me. Please.
Please look after Eunha well.
What do you mean?
She's very special to me.
So what?
I'm lobbying you as you're her boss.
What do you want to say?
You know what I meant.
No, I don't.
You can't fool me.
You like Eunha too, don't you?
Don't go too far.
Then that's good.
Be sure of yourself.
I know something is still going on between you and Gangju.
I told you not to advise me.
It's a warning, not advice.
You shouldn't warn someone because you don't want to hurt your pride.
Did you make this by yourself?
Yes, I had no idea what to buy for you, that's why.
I love it. This is so pretty. Thank you very much.
I'm so sorry I made you feel uncomfortable.
You might've already noticed it but I invited you because of Jinwu.
Look at this.
Eunha made this for me. Isn't it nice?
Should I learn how to cross-stitch, too?
Right! You have something like this--
Let's leave.
I said, let's leave.
Where shall we go? Where would you like to go?
Let's do that another time.
What do you mean? We haven't had much fun yet.
We'd better call it a night.
Do you have to do something else?
Yes. Don't you have to go too?
Please get in.
I'll take a taxi.
Pay me instead of a taxi. I'll give you a ride.
Jinwu isn't going to kidnap you. Don't worry, Eunha.
Bring her safely to her destination.
Don't worry.
You do the same with Gangju.
See you.
Come on.
Thanks for coming.
See you tomorrow.
Take care. Let's go.
See you tomorrow.
I think they make a good pair.
What's the matter with you?
You've been acting upset.
No, I haven't.
What's wrong?
Going to the police station?
Take care. Let's go.
What are you thinking about?
Open that there.
Take one if you need it.
What's this?
Didn't you say you get sick when you're in a car? I bought it for you.
In case you ever rode in my car.
You smiled.
You smiled, right?
Smile ten times every day just like that.
If you do that, you'll get into the habit of smiling.
Then you'll see yourself smiling all the time without knowing it.
Drive safely.
Take care, Eunha.
Go on in.
Did you just call me Eunha?
That was just a mistake. I'm going.
Hey, do you like Eunha?
No, it's not like that.
I've been having meetings with her team all the time, that's why.
To Mr. Jeong Sangguk
To Mr. Jeong Sangguk
Do you remember your friend, Yu Geonha?
Do you remember Daeshik and Mancheol's cases?
Of course I do.
I was so mad that they were declared not to be suspects.
Not suspects?
Many gangster were working as guards for construction companies at the time.
A lot of gangsters were arrested but only Daeshik and Mancheol were released.
Do you know who helped them?
The company who hired them.
Do you remember which company it was?
Let me think.
Right. It was Sangguk Construction.
Isn't that...
The former name of J&C?
I don't know about that, but I'm sure it was Sangguk Construction Company.
Do you remember your friend, Yu Geonha?
Do you have any idea who did this?
Are you fooling around with us?
What do you mean?
You're the one who can do this. You even threatened me before.
Threatened you?
No way. You two are my masters.
I haven't forgotten that you said a dog can bite the hand that feeds it.
I misspoke out of my disappointment.
But you were kind enough to give me Star Hotel. Why would I do this?
We're the only people who know about that.
What about Gangju?
She's kind of sharp, so...
She doesn't know anything.
You can never be sure.
You know my daughter better than anyone.
Even if she knows the truth, she wouldn't use this sneaky trick.
What about Ganghyeok's old partner?
He doesn't know about you and doesn't have the guts.
Do you have any idea then?
No clue.
Even Gido is still unconscious.
But I'm sure it's the same jerk who sent the audiotapes of Chief Heo.
That's what we're wondering about.
This letter is a kind of warning.
Which means he wants something from you.
It'll be money that he wants. He'll reveal himself sooner or later.
What if it's not money that he wants?
This isn't only my problem. It's our problem.
What do you mean?
You're not safe either.
I'll find him at the risk of my life.
Trust me.
Find out if Sangcheol is really hiding in China.
Otherwise he'll be in Korea. Then find him and drag him out here. Okay?
Sangcheol, that slime!
Did Sangcheol call and say that?
Yes. That he doesn't even know Haeun.
Then why didn't he surrender and tell the truth.
He's charged with other crimes, like drug trafficking, murder and so on.
Oh, can you find Dongchan's criminal record?
Sangcheol and Dongchan are from the same hometown.
The two grew up while working for Daeshik.
Then Sangcheol served time for 3 years for assault and battery 15 years ago.
But Dongchan was just released scot free from the same charge, right?
You know!
After Sangcheol was released from prison, he made his own gang and became independent from Daeshik.
Daeshik contributed financially to his independence
and Sangcheol started drug trafficking due to the extension of his influence.
But Dongchan was still working for Daeshik.
After Daeshik's death,
Sangcheol probably bulldozed Dongchan,
becaue he knew that Dongchan killed Daeshik
or wanted to share Daeshik's resorts.
That's why Dongchan broke up Sangcheol's gang and falsely accused him of Haeun's murder.
Then once we find Sangcheol, we'll find the truth.
He'll come of his own free will.
Come to where?
That all depends on his decision.
I threw an apple of mutual distrust.
Let's see how they fall down.
What are you talking about?
As you mentioned, the three of us are the only people who know that.
That means Dongchan sent the letter to you.
What for?
He's got Star Hotel. What more does he need?
He has a greedy nature.
Dongchan is blackmailing you through someone else.
We have no choice but to yield to his demand and pretend to know nothing.
Money is not an issue.
I don't want to be controlled by him all my life.
We need to find a solution.
He's Kim Hanseok, president of Sanghyeon Cement Company.
He was your father's junior in college. He's supplying cement to us.
Long time no see.
How have you been, Mr. Kim?
Thanks to Sanghyeon Cement Co., all the construction is going smoothly.
Thank you very much.
Where are you going?
I have a meeting at 5 o'clock.
I'll go directly home from there.
That's good. See you next time.
Let's go.
The reconstruction committee chief looks like he's avoiding contact.
Maybe J&C already stepped into the project.
How is opinion gathering going in the marketing team?
Not much yet. As it has just started.
Ask them and the interior team to find the specific features of Pilsadong.
Mr. Ahn.
Do you want to ask anything of me?
If you hae something to say, tell me now.
I'm the one who's always next to you, helping you out, and trusted by you the most.
Tell me anything you want to say when you feel comfortable to do so.
It might take quite a long time.
It's okay.
This is a FREE fansub. Not for sale, rent, or auction.
If you bought this, you've just been ripped off!!
Support the future of fansubs by not buying them!
I'm preparing a meeting with the director of the Resource Development Affairs for you.
The sooner the better.
You are as old as my father.
I want you to feel comfortable when you meet me.
I want you to feel the same way.
I do.
I heard you grew up in the States but your Korean is so fluent.
My parents wanted me to be perfect in Korean so I even had a Korean tutor.
What great parents.
I think so too.
The pipeline work will be large scale.
Which company will take part in it?
I have J&C in mind.
I don't think Mureung is bad either.
Mureung is smaller than J&C in scale but strong in technology.
Actually the vice president of Mureung is contacting me.
That's not something that I can decide by myself but I'll keep it in mind.
I'm not forcing anything. I just want to find a good company for you.
I know.
Are you okay? You look a bit pale.
I'm a little bit tired from work.
Come in.
Gangju is here to see you.
I see.
Then I'd better go now.
I'll call you.
Who's that?
What brought you here?
What's this?
Please take it.
I just want to repay you for assisting Mr. Assemblyman.
Sorry. I can't take this.
It's unconditional.
Mr. Assemblyman is helping me so much
and it's possible for him to do that thanks to your assistance.
You were in the Ministry of Construction when the Changhyuk-dong reconstruction
project was being undertaken 20 years ago, right?
I probably was. Why?
Was J&C, formerly Sangguk Corporation, involved in any illegal businesses?
I don't think so.
I'm talking about something only an insider might know.
Then, I would know that particularly if it was related to J&C.
You're right.
But why are you suddenly talking about J&C?
The Ministry of Construction manager who took his life 20 years ago,
was in charge of the Changhyuk-dong reconstruction project.
It's also related to Ganghyeok's case and J&C too.
Do you have any evidence?
Two people who are related to Ganghyeok's murder
used to be gangsters working as guards for the Changhyuk-dong project.
If you think that way, everyone is related to everything.
Your interpretation is too broad.
That's possible.
I found out Ganghyeok's death was caused by his relation with a gang.
That's not true.
You're not qualified as a reporter.
What do you mean?
Reporters can be sure when they have evidence.
You can't just deny everything about a case which has witnesses and evidence.
What you can see is not everything.
To disclose the hidden truth is my responsibility.
Hidden truth?
Yes, I'm sure the truth is out there...
Are you going home?
Then, I'll give you a ride.
No, thanks.
I mean I'll drop you on the way to my appointment which is on the way to your home.
Would you like to have dinner before you go home?
I'm hungry.
Didn't you say you have an appointment?
It's a drinking appointment. I still have some time before the appointment.
My father might need my help at the street bar.
Then never mind.
What about...
Would you like to have some kimbap at my father's shop?
I don't know.
He'll be happy to see you.
Okay. Let's do that.
It won't be long.
What happened to you?
Have you been well?
No, I haven't. You worried me so much.
What's wrong?
What happened to your face?
Nothing serious.
You're all beaten up.
They're just flesh wounds.
Tell me the truth. Who did this to you? Come on.
Where is Eunha?
She'll be here soon.
Tell me what happened to you.
How is her work?
Don't avoid answering. She's fine.
The vice president is really nice to her.
It's a little bit complicated to explain, but Haeun has a twin brother.
I see.
What's that reaction?
It's just surprising, that's why.
Look who's here! Welcome...welcome. Here, come in.
How have you been?
I'm doing very well.
What happened, Sucheol?
How have you been?
Sorry, I'll introduce him--
We were in fact just talking about that.
This is Haeun's twin that I told you about...
and this is Haeun's best friend.
Nice to meet you. I'm Shinhyeok.
I'm Sucheol.
Have a seat first! Come over here.
Sorry I have to go. I have an appointment.
You can't just go like that. I haven't even given you a drink.
I just came to say hello to you. See you next time.
Ok then another time.
I'll go.
Take care.
He really does look like Haeun, doesn't he?
What's wrong with you? You're drunk. Stop drinking.
What's the matter? Tell me the reason why you are doing this.
The reason?
The reason...
The reason...
He's been drinking from early evening. Can you stop him?
He never listens to me.
That's enough.
I wanted to hand over a strong J&C to you.
I wanted to have the power so that no one can touch you.
The money I had was my power.
The power for you and me.
So I did everything for money.
Something happened to you, didn't it?
But still it shouldn't have been Ganghyeok.
That's not what I wanted.
I really didn't.
What do you mean?
Yu Ganghyeok?
- Good morning. - Good morning.
Can I?
Can I go to my office?
It's Shinhyeok.
I have something to ask you.
Go ahead.
You know...
Forget it. I'll ask somebody else.
You know Park Sangcheol right?
Who's that?
There's no way that you don't know him.
He's your friend from back home.
And according to some records, he and you were involved in an assault and battery case in a red light district.
Sangcheol was in prison for 3 years and you were released without charge.
If Daeshik made a claim, he could have pulled out Park Sangcheol as well.
I don't get how only you got out.
You probably had a really good connection.
Good job.
But you'd better be careful.
I can accuse you of invading a person's privacy.
Whatever you want. We're living in a free country.
What do you want from me exactly?
Sangcheol is fingered as a possible suspect in the murder of Seo Haeun.
I think you know something about that.
I'm going to go crazy.
Everyone bothers me with their suspicion because I had something in the past.
I can't be a good person even though I want to be.
Haeun must've been one of them, right?
Miss Lee.
Go ahead.
Don't think I will put up with this forever.
If you don't stop bothering me, I'm not sure what I might do.
This sounds like a threat.
I can file a counter claim against your accusation.
I'm imploring you to help me, not threatening you. I'm a noble man.
If I did anything wrong, that's what the police should take care of.
Did I push him too much?
We can't leave Lee Gangju like that any longer.
I know that we can't do anything to her recklessly.
Yes. I'll be really careful.
I haven't found anything special related to Choi Dongchan.
But Im Daeshik was hired by J&C, formerly Sangguk Construction,
to work on demolition in the Changhyeok-dong reconstruction.
You mean on the removal of the illegally built shacks?
Yes. He was prosecuted for something related to that but he was released.
I think your father did something to get him out.
I see...
So your father's relationship moved from Im Daeshik to Choi Dongchan.
What about Choi Dongchan and Assemblyman Lee Taejun?
Nothing special, but Choi Dongchan is a member of his supporter's association.
I'm afraid that you can no longer leave your daughter, Mr. Assemblyman.
Please do something.
She's going too far so you'll be in danger too.
I see. I'll think about what I can do.
Then, I will only have my trust in you.
By the way, what's happening to Mr. Jeong?
What do you mean?
Isn't something supposed to happen after he gets the letter?
Maybe it's too early.
What about you? Have you found out who sent him the letter?
I'm still in a fog.
Have you ever heard the tale about the midget on the giant's shoulder?
A midget can reach high if a giant gives him a ride.
But if the giant collapses, the midget will too.
What do you mean?
Which means people should be aware of where they are at all times.
If a midget attacks the giant rashly, it's the same as if he attacked himself.
What's up?
Why are you looking at me like that?
Do I have to have business to want to see you?
I met Choi Dongchan.
I pushed him a little, then straightaway he threatened me.
What did you say to him?
I made him a little scared.
You're related to Park Sangcheol, right?
I know you've got something to do with Haeun's death...something like that.
That was so reckless.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I agreed with what Ganghyeok thought.
Right, Dongchan is the key.
But I don't feel right about something.
I'm not sure yet but J&C seems to be related to him for some reason.
It was J&C that helped out Daeshik.
But I'm not sure whether the chairman helped Daeshik or another insider did.
Ma'am. Over here.
There's a certain kind of thing that once you start you just can't stop.
Both of us have them.
What's yours?
Tell me.
You'll see soon enough.
What kind of answer is that?
Why didn't you ask your father about J&C?
I did. But he seems to know nothing about it.
My father's an honest man, so he probably really knows nothing.
Sure, he is.
Go on in.
Give me your hand.
What are you doing?
I think I finally have it.
I have feelings for you.
Did you go?
Sucheol was happy, right?
He really likes abalone soup.
I didn't have a chance to give it to him.
Why not? If he wasn't there, you should've left it with someone.
I actually remembered something urgent I had to take care of.
How urgent could it have been?
I'll drop by his house on the way home.
Come in.
Have you eaten dinner?
Of course.
I was going to come home early and have dinner with you. Sorry, Mom.
Don't be. I know you're busy.
Nevertheless, I should have dinner with you sometimes.
Anyway, did you come here to tell me something?
I want to go somewhere with you.
I'll go wherever you want to go.
I want to visit Mr. Gyeong at the hospital.
He wanted to see you a lot.
He's unconscious now, but it's still good to go and see him and his wife too.
When are you available?
I don't know.
I'll plan around your schedule.
I'm so busy these days so it won't be easy to fix a date.
I see.
I'll visit him by myself soon.
Okay, then.
Shinhyeok, let's play games together.
He's tired.
No, I'm okay.
Just for one hour, okay?
I can beat you in 30 minutes.
What is Shinhyeok doing? I'd like to play chess with him.
He's playing some games with Shinyeong. Do you want me to call him down here?
Nevermind. I'm so glad to see them getting along these days.
I saw your design plans. I like them.
Thank you.
We need to make it look roomier than it is.
And look here, isn't it better to get rid of this display box?
Otherwise it looks stuffy and narrow, so it's better without it.
Don't you think Eunha looked unhappy today?
Yes, I do.
I pushed him a little then straightaway he threatened me.
Please go home. You still don't look good.
I'm okay.
How did you get hurt like this? Tell me please.
Tell me the details about Park Sangcheol's phone call.
Hold on a sec.
Violent crimes division, Kim Sucheol speaking.
It's me.
Oh, okay.
Can you do me a favor?
What brought you here? It's rare for you to come here to see me.
I have something to ask you.
Nothing serious, but you know Shinhyeok's twin brother.
Is his name Yu Ganghyeok?
I can't remember exactly.
What do you need to know this for?
It's right. Ganghyeok is Shinhyeok's twin brother's name, isn't it?
Did you hear something from your father?
A little bit.
How much?
As much as you know now.
What are you doing? Are you playing a trick on me?
Actually, I heard nothing.
Then why are you asking me about Ganghyeok?
I just don't feel right about something.
What's that?
It's hard to explain.
Can you tell me as much about Ganghyeok as you and my father know about?
I can't tell you now.
Is it something I shouldn't know?
It's not like that.
I just promised Shinhyeok not to tell anyone else. Sorry.
We have a high opinion of your company's construction competence.
Thank you very much.
But I want to be cautious because that project has some associated risks.
You're right. So we won't go public until we have talks with North Korea.
With North Korea?
Pipelines will come through North Korea so we need to talk about land use tax.
We also have to make arrangements with the US. Sensitive issues are involved.
Have you found a partner company?
We're thinking of the Resource Development Affairs.
That one is trustworthy.
Yes. That was Assemblyman Lee's idea.
Was it?
And I'm afraid that J&C and Mureung will share pipeline work 50-50.
What do you mean?
I heard Mureung is also excellent in technology.
Did Assemblyman Lee recommend that company?
No, it's not like that.
I'm just guessing.
He and Mureung might become in-laws, that's why.
I see. I didn't know that.
That's not confirmed yet from headquarters.
So I'll consider that more cautiously.
I don't understand something. We can just swindle money out of J&C.
What do we need Mureung involved for?
Shinhyeok's goal is different from yours.
What's that then?
If it's not money, then what else?
This drives me crazy. Don't we have to share everything as partners?
There should be no secret between men if they want to work together.
Be quiet.
You're spitting on my food.
How could you do this to me?
You're misunderstanding something.
Did you decide to ally yourself with Kang Incheol or what?
What are you talking about?
Otherwise why is Steven Lee thinking of working with Mureung too?
That's his decision. Nothing to do with me.
I know he's in touch with you.
You must've recommended Mureung to him.
That's a misunderstanding. Steven Lee was already leaning toward your company.
Even if I'd say something, he wouldn't have changed his mind.
Don't give me clumsy excuses.
You're really a piece of work.
What do you mean by that?
You're ready to ally with anyone and betray whoever else if you need to.
You really shouldn't have said that.
It was your idea about Geonha and Ganghyeok. I didn't want it to go that far.
I didn't know that you'd become a coward.
Don't forget both of us are holding the same rope.
The same rope?
Yes. The same rope.
If we misunderstand and fight each other, the rope will break.
Then both of us will fall.
What brings you here?
I just dropped in to see you on the way somewhere.
I have to go back to work now.
I know.
It's late but it's a present for your new job.
You just need to water it three times a week.
Thank you very much.
I should let you go back to work.
Hey. Glad to see you here.
Go back to work.
Mr. Vice President wouldn't like you lingering here.
If you put that on your desk it will disturb your work.
No, it'll refresh my mind.
You shouldn't have come. You're a busy person.
No, I'm not.
Sorry that I couldn't come more often.
This is for you.
Thank you very much.
Please, have a seat.
My husband's juniors brought that. They come here often.
What's wrong?