Festival of the Arts 2012

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[Festival of the Arts 2012]
>> In this years festival, we have visits from local dance troops, we've got visits
from renound actors, directors, and choreographers who are going to be taking a part what we
put on stage, but also helping our students understand what it means to be a
>> It has to do with the famous "Sleepy Lagoon" trial where they accused the Mexican zoot
suiters of murder, falsely accused them. They were sentenced to a life sentence in
San Quentin.
[They are cracking down on the pachucos, ese, don't you read the newspaper? Well, all I
know is they got nothin' on me, ese, I didn't do anything. They're gonna lock me up on some
phony rap and keep me until they make something stick. So, what's
>> The dance sampler is a yearly concert that Professor Lorelei Baynes started here on campus,
she started it this last year and this is its second iteration of the concert. It's
a change for the professional level companies in the region to come together at
Sacramento State, kind of creating a hub for the professional community here in the region
that allows us to bring to the community all that professional level dancing
in one evening. [Music] It's a duet that looks at various stages of a relationship probably
5-6 different stages, different levels of intimacy between two people. Between man and
woman as they age, so it follows them through from small children into
adults, into kind of a lasting intimate relationship.
>> Festival of the Arts, one of the intentions was to activate the community and the region
and I thought, well, it would be great to start here. I got to meet people who were
working on the lawn crews, who were poets, and deans who were composers and
I just thought this would be a thing I'd like to do.
>> I think that's what we bring during the festival is this connection, this vibrancy
that our faculty and our students have.
[Gracias, thank you very much.]