Recipe - Butta Biryani Recipe With English Subtitles

Uploaded by recipe on 23.11.2012

Welcome to Aha Emi Ruchi!
My cook, Ramesh, here will help me cook 'Butta Biryani'. The main ingredient being Chicken.
The chicken will be roasted using a very different technique
Ingredients required to make Butta Biryani / Biryani cooked in a Basket
Basmati Rice, Chicken, Eggs, Ginger Garlic Paste, Food Color, Green Chillies, Ajinomoto, Corn Flour, Salt, Chilli Powder, Oil
Take a mixing bowl/pan and add three raw eggs
Add a little food color
Add some ajinomoto and some salt for taste
Add 2 tsp of ginger garlic paste
Add some chopped green chillies (4 - 5)
Add a little red chilli powder and 6 tbsp of corn flour
Mix it all properly
Add about 250 gms of boiled chicken pieces
Let the chicken marinate for 10 mins
Take a deep pan and heat some oil for deep frying
Fry the chicken
Keep teh chicken aside
Fry the remaining chicken gravy
Take the fried batter/gravy aside
Take a jute basket and place a banana leaf in it. Add a full serving of pre-made dum biryani rice
Now add some Bagara Rice over the Dum Biryani Rice
Top it off with some cashews
Add the fried batter over the rice
Take servings of prawn curry, fish fry, mutton curry, chicken fry onto banana leaves
Finally take the fried chicken that you've prepared over a banana leaf
Fold all the dishes in their leaves and place them over the biryani. For an aesthetic look.
Cover the whole basket with a cooking foil