The Great Queen Seondeok, 32회, EP32, #04

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Now all that remains...
is to crown Misil Queen.
But that's the problem, isn't it?
With the strange things we heard the day Jinheung died.
Aren't those just vicious rumors?

The situation's suspicious, no doubt.
But we can't let palace gossip get in our way.
All she wants is to be crowned Queen.
After that, wouldn't she be more devoted to the King than anyone else?
So do all you can to get her crowned as Queen.
Isn't that what's best for Silla?
Greet Her Highness the Queen!

Our child is alive? You saved our baby?

I can't...
This is...
Thank you.
Thank you so...
Thank you, My Queen.
With Maya... no, I mean, with the Queen back, what can we do?
It may not be your destiny to be a queen.
You say that so easily.
It's regrettable, of course,
but all you really wanted was to see King Jinheung's legacy fulfilled.
Surely you didn't do this just to be queen?
So never mind about being queen, let's get back to business, is that it?
The deposed king tried to destroy 'The History of a Nation'.
Shouldn't we make them public as Jinheung wanted?
As Jinheung wanted?
Misil... what is it?
Jinheung's impossible dream was just another way to consolidate power.
Why should we?
Wars strengthen the King and weaken the nobles.
So why should we?
Was I wrong about you?
We don't share the same dreams for Silla?
Then why did you dethrone King Jinji?
Were I Queen anything that strengthens the throne strengthens ME.
Were I Queen there's no doubt I'd have followed Jijeung's dream.
But I'm not queen, now am I?
Guchilbu, anything that strengthens the King weakens the nobles.
Ultimately it would mean the end of the Council and an absolute monarchy.
Is that the world you want?
With or without you
I'm going to obey Jinheung's request and make the 'History of a Nation' public.
Who said you can't?
All I ask is a few small adjustments.
The three meanings behind Silla's name, for example.
Would it hurt to just reveal two of them?
It should be obvious... that is entirely unacceptable.
It would distort history.
Is that so?
I understand. I'm glad we understand each other.
The day King Jinheung died...
what did you do?
The doctor says there's no proof...
but on the day he died, the plant in his bedroom withered and died as well.
I'll never forget your kindness toward me.
Nor your kindness...
in taking your last breath...
before I was forced...
to kill you.
And what do you have to say about
mobilizing the guards and the strange disappearances that night?
That suspicious nature will be the death of you.