7th Grade Civil Servant ep 1 Eng Sub (HD)

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With the recent deterioration of the economic situation,
it is expected tha the rate of unemployment will reach its highest,
raising the concern of many.
Recent research has revealed the shocking fact
that the unemployment among the youth has reached 20%
and it seems that it is truly a national crisis.
Facing the expensive college tuition fees and the high unemployment rate,
some young people are even giving up on employment at all levels.
7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 1
My god!
Oh my god!
What are you doing?
... satellite, without any distinction on its purpose, whether it is commercial or military,
gathers information and data such as pictures and video clips.
As for the military satellite, it is strictly only used for military purposes.
There are 31 unidentified intelligence satellites circling around the Korean peninsula
China, the US, Russia! Every country in all corners of the world have their eyes on us!
Our country has already lost its air space!
It's all for today.
Dear customers, we love you.
You are at Mirae Department Store, where we spread the joy.
You are at Mirae Department Store, where we spread the joy.
Enjoy your shopping!
Dear customers, we love you.
We're done for today.
We're done for today.
To your country! Loyalty!
To your parents! Devotion! To your parents! Devotion!
To your parents! Devotion!
We are! Healthy and good children!
At ease!
Thank you teacher.
Hey! Hey! Stop!
Thank you.
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!
You've tuned your car a lot, I see.
Did you increase your output?
You're quite new at this, I see. The immature ones always blame their car when they lose.
They always say 'I'm more skilled than you, but my car sucks!'
Let's have one more match.
The next regular race, how about it?
We have to find out the winner and the loser.
We already know who's the winner. Just get some more practice.
Or if you don't have the skills, change your car at least.
One more race!
I don't want to.
Are you scared?
We are not on the same level.
It's not about our skills, it's about the engine.
Who wouldn't be able to ride as fast as you did with such a car as yours?
Don't whine like a baby. If you really want another race, why don't you bet your car on it?
My car?
Now look who's scared. This is not some game for kids.
Fine, let's do it!
Let's bet our cars.
Let's bet our cars.
It's 3,000 won.
Thank you. Bye.
The private tutoring you were doing for the twins. Did you give that up?
I got fired because I couldn't improve their grades.
They were stupid, weren't they?
It's not because they're some diplomat's kids that they are all smart, you know.
Drink it up and leave.
The customers are going to come in any minute.
Do you want a part-time job?
Do you want a part-time job?
I'm already doing three.
Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't have the time.
Not some cheap job like this one. Something that will actually make money.
What is it?
It's a job where you'll make great use of your qualities.
Your great brains, your average beauty, and your... very average body.
What's the job?
Meet men?
You'll eat for free, have coffee for free, and you'll make money out of it.
And then, when you meet someone decent enough, you get married! What is better than this?
Working as a blind date, that's illegal.
But you make a lot of money!
Usually they give 100,000 won per date, but I'll make you a special price. 130,000 won.
No I don't want to.
If you're lucky, you could make up to 3 million won a month!
If you keep taking time off school every semester to earn money, you're going to spend 10 years in college!
You have to make lots of money when you can!
Hey, I have no intention whatsoever to get married. So it really wouldn't be right for me to go to these places.
Oh come on, Kyung-ja! Kyung-ja!
I'll give you 5,000 won more for meals. 135,000 won!
Here, take this business card first.
I'm not doing it!
Fine, fine, don't do it!
You can watch me kill myself when my business goes down and I have no money!
Yes, this is the one
So, we have just gone over the concept of an unconventional military operation.
That'll be all for our class material today. We will have a practice round of interviews for the National Intelligence Service.
Han Pil-hoon.
Not here?
That's why he's been stuck here for 3 years!
Kim Kyeong-ja.
Please come upfront.
I've told you this over and over, but a lame lie in the NIS interview will be revealed in no time.
Be honest and confident! Understood?
Ms. Kim Kyeong-ja?
What are your motivations for applying to the NIS?
My dream is to work as a PD in broadcasting in liberal arts and right the wrongs of this world.
But at the employment counseling,...
No, wait a minute!
What is wrong with you?
You told me to be honest.
You should have said, as honestly as you can, that you are ready to sacrifice yourself for the good!
Do you think the NIS is there to prepare you for your job in broadcasting?
Let's do it again.
Ms. Kim Kyung-ja?
Why are you applying to the NIS?
For my country?
Be confident!
For my country! I applied because I want to sacrifice myself for the greater good!
Yes, this is it.
Confidence! Devotion!
What time is it?
Sit down here for a bit.
What did you do today?
I studied for the exam.
What exam?
The civil servant exam.
What kind of answer is that?
It's been three years since you graduated from college
and all you can do is prepare for the civil servant exam?
You wasted three years for such nonsense?
Why do you think what I'm doing is nonsense?
Three years in a man's life, you could move mountains and rivers during that time!
How much does a civil servant earn anyways?
You're done with all that. You're coming to work at the company from tomorrow.
I'm not made to do business, I'm telling you.
Are you some kind of doctor?
How do you know what you're made of?
What is cooler and better than doing business?
You can be a senator for four years
and a president for only 5 years.
Every election season you have to wander around the markets
eating street food
and begging for one vote to everyone.
There is no such thing in business.
Noone will talk behind your back even if you spend your lifetime doing business.
I am against the hereditary succession of owners in companies.
When are you going to grow up?
Are you still an adolescent?
Get yourself together!
At your age, Jesus
made wine out of water!
What a great man indeed.
When I was your age, I used 1 million and made it to a hundred million won!
I respect you, Father.
My dear son.
Did you eat?
What is your father shouting about now?
Wouldn't you shout if you were me?
You're spoiling the kid!
Look at you.
What did I ever do?
Listen to me carefully.
I have struggled and have been lost in my days,
and I know what I'm saying, but it's all a waste of your life.
You'll work at the company from tomorrow.
Do you think shouting at him like that will make him go to work?
Whose side are you on? Why did you come here instead of sleeping?
Why are you talking like that?
We are family, there are no sides.
You are taking sides right now!
If I did take sides, I would take your side, of course, not my son's!
While we're on it, even for the elections, I voted for the one you told me to,
not the one Pil-hoon told me to, did I?
I told you to vote on that candidate because it was worth it!
My my... he was arrested and now they're doing another election.
What a stupid man. Just a billion won and he gets caught because of that...
There are so many people who are not caught even for trillions!
I have my ways.
What ways?
A civil servant? That's it?
He is a man and he has no dreams!
I'm telling you, I have my ways.
What ways?
Did you go to a fortune teller?
Oh my oh my, apparently she's had the spirit for a year
but I've never seen a fortune teller so accurate!
She even guessed how Pil-hoon nearly died because of that fire.
She guessed that?
He is like that because we couldn't appease the gods of anger and rage.
There's nothing that is working for him, and he only encounters miseries.
It's all superstitiion.
Don't even think of having an exorcism session.
Maybe you can get some amulets instead.
No amulet needed. There's only one way to get rid of that spirit.
A woman.
He has to get married?
Well, that would be best.
Think of it, when you were living like that, it all got better after you met me
Do you think you would have gotten where you are without me?
Do you think it's that easy to meet the one?
She should be someone with this destiny.
She should be born on the year of the tiger, between 5 and 7 in the morning.
She's a woman who knows how to have the reins on a running tiger.
I was born on the year of the tiger too.
Women born on the year of the tiger are quite strong in character.
Anyways, I looked into some places I know, with the right education, the right physical looks and the right destiny.
The women are all diplomats, judges and lawyers.
They are quite a catch.
Diplomats, judges, lawyers, how much money can they earn anyways?
Well, you take care of it.
Just have him come to the company at least.
Oh come on, what marriage? At my age?
Who told you to get married? I just want you to meet girls!
I'm meeting loads of girls.
What year were they born?
Dog, cow, horse, chicken.
The girls you meet... seriously... dog, cow, horse, chicken...
Are they worth one tiger, even when combined?
That's why things are not working out for you.
Don't say anything, just meet 10 women of my choice.
Did you go to a fortune teller?
She's supposed to be good.
I'd rather have you do exorcism.
It's my wish! Can't you fulfill my wish?
What is wrong with all of you?
Dad's wish is for me to take over his business,
and your wish is to see me married.
Are they even for me?
They're all for your own satisfaction.
And so what? Can't I do that? I devote everything for you.
And you can't go on 10 blind dates for me?
No, I can't.
I'm late.
Do you want a new car?
What car?
A nice one.
Well, if only you had listened to me, I would have bought you a new car.
You said you were late. Go.
All right.
I'm leaving.
What about just 5 blind dates?
Yes, Mother.
I will.
You have to sit down with them for at least 2 hours.
And you have to meet twice at least with each one.
OK. Let's go see the car now.
Not so fast, you amateur.
I'll first see how you deal with these things.
If you're just there to spend some time, no car for you.
Yes, Mother.
You're so much nicer when you listen to me.
If only you wouldn't be so obsessed with that civil servant position.
Are you really going to take the exam?
I will first go on the blind dates.
Enjoy your shopping.
Mom, I'm busy right now.
What? How much? Is he hurt a lot?
Don't cry.
All right all right. I'll see what I can do and go home tomorrow.
Dear customers, we love you.
Don't be so stubborn and go to the hospital.
I'm telling you, it's ok.
Go to the hospital!
I just have a couple of bones broken, no need to go to the hospital for that.
I'm not going to die over this.
Why do you keep driving cultivators while being drunk?
This is not the first time! How many times is it this time?
Once in 1975...
It's your fourth time, Dad, the fourth.
If you add the little fractures too, you have more than a dozen.
Stop saying nonsense.
You're driving me crazy. Why do you keep borrowing others' cultivators and get into accidents?
It's so embarrassing.
If I had my own cultivator, then I would drive my own cultivator.
It's because we don't have one that I borrow from others!
If you don't have any, then you have to live that way.
You're driving me crazy.
What, so if you don't have a toilet, you're not going to poop?
No, I won't!
You little brat.
All right! You'd better not have me catch you poop!
Why did you even call her?
I didn't call her, she came.
Still, you must have called her for her to know and come.
Go to the hospital. You already have osteoporosis, your bones won't heal fast.
Don't worry about my bones, worry about your future!
Seriously, how long has it been since you've gone to college?
Others think you went to med school or something, and twice, on top of that!
You said you wouldn't be here until you get a job anyways, why are you here and talking to me like that?
You're so stubborn, you never listen to me.
Did I come here because I have money to spare and time to spare?
If you're hurt, you could tell me how much you're hurt.
Or if you're not going to tell me, why bother even mentioning it in the first place?
Mom says you can't sit, you can't lie down, and I asked her how much you were hurt,
and she told me you were so badly hurt you couldn't lean.
How can I even think of studying or finding a job after hearing that?
Why do you drink like that? Every single day!
How dare you talk to your father like that? Are you giving a speech or what?
Are you Mrs Yoo Kwan-soon or what?
Yoo Kwan-soon is not a Mrs, she's a patriotic martyr.
Oh is that so?
Well, apparently she's right.
You know nothing!
I'm never coming back home again! I'm not coming even when I find a job!
I'm leaving! Don't come! Don't come!
Don't come! Go!
Don't you dare come!
Hey, Hey, Kyung-ja!
At least have lunch with us.
It's ok.
At least bring some food then.
Hold on.
It's ok. Just take this.
What money is this again?
I have money too.
What money do you have?
You have to put him in the hospital, pay back the repairs for the cultivator.
Why don't you perm your hair?
Perm? No way, I just do it once a year, during the big holidays, that's quite enough.
I gave you money the other day so that you could get a perm.
Dye your hair too.
And stop wearing these shirts with holes in them!
What? It's not like a dog or a cow is going to come through these holes.
It's quite breezy and nice. Why do you keep shouting?
Bring some kimchi at least!
Kyung-ja! Kyung-ja! Bring some kimchi!
The temper she has...
Are you that smart and capable?
Do you always look down on people like this?
I only have a few days left until my exam.
Then you should have stayed at home and studied. Why are you here?
I can eat while watching TV, why not study while being on a blind date?
You're such a bastard.
When should our next date be? We should at least meet twice and get to know each other?
Go to a hospital to check on your mental state!
What a loser.
What kind of person are you?
Hey! You just live with your mom forever!
You took out a loan from the Korea Scholarship Foundation, of 14 million won.
And you took another loan at another bank of 16 million won.
Then I can't?
I'm sorry, the limit to college loans is only up to 30 million won.
You are not qualified for more loans.
What is this?
You can't do this! You told me you would buy me a new car!
You don't think I know that you blew up all those blind dates?
That's a breach of contract.
No, it's not like that.
They were destined to fit to your fate.
Do you know how much it took me to set those dates up? And you act like a jerk?
No car.
Don't even call me mom. No more pocket money for you. Give me your credit card.
Are you really going to behave like this?
You said you wanted the credit card back.
I know I acted like a jerk.
But if we were really meant to be, wouldn't have they waited for me, for just a minute? But if we were really meant to be, wouldn't have they waited for me, for just a minute? I know I acted like a jerk.
But if we were really meant to be, wouldn't have they waited for me, for just a minute?
Who would go through that, when you behaved like that?
Do you think there's a girl like that in this world?
Of course not. Do you know why? Because there is no thing such as fate.
I don't believe in such things.
I do. Go on the rest of the blind dates.
Destiny comes like a thief in the night.
Your sense of fashion is quite... post-modern.
I'm Han Pil-hoon.
What kind of name is Kyung-ja?
How can the first daughter of a diplomat be named Kyung-ja?
Diplomat? I'm the daughter of a diplomat?
You tutored at a diplomat's house.
And you said that the mother of the kids treated you like her own daughter.
Hey! I was born on the year of the cow!
There are only two conditions. Born on the year of the tiger, around 5-7 in the morning.
You have to meet at least twice and sit down for at least tw hours during each date.
Wear this.
Can't I just wear my clothes? These are too tight.
I'm paying for this, don't worry.
It's just that my clothes are more comfortable.
That one formal suit you have? The black one?
I'm...Kim Seo-won.
You were born on the year of the tigress? No, the year of the tiger.
Do you have anything special to say?
No, nothing special.
Then let's each just do our own thing.
Kim Seo-won ssi!
What are you doing? I'm studying.
Are you looking for a job? Yes.
One of the big enterprises? Public office?
Thank you. Bye.
You're leaving? Yes.
I asked you, what are you studying?
And I answered you, I'm studying for an exam.
All right then.
We have to meet once. When do you want to meet up?
Tomorrow? Tomorrow?
You want to see me again tomorrow? Why?
Oh... if you don't want to, never mind.
Hey hey, wait..
All right, let's meet up, tomorrow. Same time, same place.
Really? You got asked out on a second date?
He seemed nice.
Well, he's among the top 10%!
He went to a good school, he's good looking, and his family is rich.
If things work out well, you must thank me, ok?
No, I didn't mean in that way. He didn't bother me while I was studying.
Hey! Are you crazy?
Hey! Do you think studying while working and studying while on a date are the same thing?
He was studying too.
Both of you?
You studied together?
Give me my pay for the day.
Well, neither of you are normal.
But seriously, did you really study together?
There's 5,000 won missing.
You said you were going to pay me for my meal too. 135,000 won in total.
I'm paying for your meal right now.
You work so hard to make money, why haven't you graduated yet?
Are you sure this is your last semester?
Give me back 5,000 won.
I don't have change.
Hello? We do our very best to provide you with the best matching service.
If you don't want to, never mind.
Is she that great?
Destiny comes like a thief in the night.
Hello? Is this the NIS?
Yes, you may talk.
You know how when we call to report a spy, we get rewards? Is that after tax?
Do you want to report a spy?
My friend said that you deduce 22% for taxes.
According to the national security law on people of merit, reports on spy activites are rewarded tax-free.
The reward is not subject to taxes. Oh, I see. Thank you.
I had a bet with my friend.
I told you, they are not subject to taxes!
Really? Hey, they don't deduce taxes!
I'm the one who just called you.
If I actually catch the spy and deliver him, do I get a bigger reward?
Did you catch one? A spy?
Oh, I had a bet with my friend.
Hey you! Do you think the NIS is a joke?
You think you can just meet spies on the street? If you call me one more time I'm going to report you!
I'm sorry sir.
Hey, the call center is the image of the NIS, don't you know that?
I do.
You do, huh. With internet and SNS these days
one wrong move and the whole country is in havoc. You do, huh. With internet and SNS these days
one wrong move and the whole country is in havoc.
Is that an attitude of service to the country?
I deeply regret it.
Have a written apology ready.
Always be on the alert!
Mr. Director. What now?
Let's go for lunch.
I can't digest well when I eat with you.
I'll buy you a digestive medicine.
Bon appetit.
Don't force me.
I hear your kid got into a special foreign language high school.
Well well, this deserves some congratulations.
So I got this ready for you.
It's not much.
What is this? Is it a present?
It's a bribe.
I'm not taking it. It's too thin.
They are concert tickets.
The best of the idol groups, FTM.
FTM? I hear it's really hard to get by these.
I'm applying to be the discipline officer for the new employees.
Discipline officer?
That's nice. It's an honor to get that position, given to only the best agents.
And you're telling me you want to give it a try?
I can't spend the rest of my life at the call center.
Deal with it among your peers.
I'll take care of my peers.
If I make it to the next level, please don't let me down at the judging committee.
Of course, I'll take care of that.
But you know what, I don't have that kind of power.
I put my faith in you, Mr. Director.
Let's have a toast.
For our nation.
You are quite steady in your fashion sense.
What's that?
I'm studying.
Then, do you want to ask each other questions? On what we're curious about each other?
Sure, if you want to.
You go ahead.
An action may have unexpected positive or negative consequences to a third party
but no money has been given for such action,
do you know the negative consequence on that third party in such circumstances?
Yes, it's called negative externality.
Correct answer!
My turn, isn't it?
The media, such as newspapers, TV and radio,
can have a special article, which they announce prior to their competitors. What is it called?
Oh, correct answer.
It's my turn, isn't it?
Tell me, honestly.
Why are you here?
I put my faith in 'Yes, this is the one' company, the best matching service company...
You're here for the money, aren't you?
The money?
I know all abou it. I'm right, aren't I?
The reason you're staying here is money.
You just couldn't leave, after you heard my family was rich?
It's not that... How can you live your life like that?
Honestly, college graduate women who register in those marriage service companies,
it's obvious, isn't it?
Aren't they auctionning themselves because they want to be sold to the highest bidder?
It's because of people like you that we have begun to use the term 'wedding industry'.
Is the purpose of marriage the creation of profits?
I'm not the one who registered.
That's what they all say. Their mother did it for them.
My friend did it for me.
Do you know the kind of woman I despise the most?
Women like you, full of big fluffly unrealistic dreams.
Women who think that going to a good school and getting married well are the best values in the world.
But you've chosen the wrong man.
I have no intention of taking after my father's business
and I have no intention of getting my part of the heritage from the family.
I didn't come out here because I wanted to be the daughter-in-law of some rich family.
I have never thought of that and I am not slightly interested in that kind of money.
Then why are you here?
I told you. The best matching service company based on trust and devotion...
When two people meet, it's because of destiny.
Can you get a service for destiny as well?
Let's go.
I have another appointment.
Han Pil-hoon ssi.
What about you?
You don't even have a job. What made you so confident to register at a wedding service firm?
Apparently you have nothing but money to show off.
And your twisted personality comes from that sense of inferiority.
You tend to think 'She can't be here for me, she must be here for my money'.
Am I wrong?
What do you think you know about me?
I don't.
But I'll find it out.
Sit down and let's talk for a bit.
I have an appointment to go to.
If you want to talk, you can come with me.
If you don't want to, never mind.
I really didn't think you would actually come with me.
Are you into me? In your dreams.
Then what? Are you going to study again?
Oh, I didn't think of that.
You don't have to study. Your father is a diplomat, isn't he?
If he says the right word to the right person, you'll get a temporary job at the Ministry.
And after a few years, they'll shift you to a regular position.
Why? Do you envy me?
Well, yeah I envy you. You have no purpose whatsoever.
You'll live a happy and pleasant life until the end.
How great is that? No worries during your whole life.
Some people buy cars and houses out of their pocket money
but some people can afford to buy one book by working all day.
With such a hard life, do you think the only thing she had in mind was to get married to a nice and rich man?
Don't think you're one of those people.
You're getting too comfortable with your words, I wish you wouldn't do that.
Oh, sorry.
If you were born on the year of the tiger, I'm older than you. So I'll just talk comfortably, is that ok?
Yeah sure. You do that (she also starts using 'banmal')
Yes, this is comfortable and nice.
Let's stick with the honorific version. We're not going to get to know each other better anyway.
Your car's certificate of registration and certificate of transfer have been verified.
As soon as the race ends, the loser may hand the car key to the winner.
Finally, both of you, please give me your spare keys.
Everything's in order.
Are you also giving up your girlfriend?
She's not my girlfriend, but I would be willing to give her up.
Yes, I made it to two hours.
Are you crazy? Twice is enough. I'm never ever meeting this guy again.
He's not even human.
I'll go now.
You can't.
Why can't I?
You said that I had nothing but money to show?
You have to know that's not true.
Why do I have to know that?
Don't think you can live in this world that easily.
Watch and learn what it means to have a passion. OK?
I have enough passion in my life.
Passion in going to blind dates?
Let's go.
What are you doing?
Just stay and watch.
Have a good time.
Oh my god.
Stop the car.
I'm in a race! I can't stop the car.
Stop the car! Stop the car!
Stop the car!
Stop the car!
Stop the car!
Hey! He passed me because of you!
Stop the car.
Just trust me.
I'll show you what it's like to have a life full of passion.
Oh my god.
Oh my oh my
Oh my god you're driving me crazy.
You crazy bastard! Stop the car! Stop the car!
Are you going to pull over or not?
Are you going to stop or not?
You're hurting me.
Do you want to die?
You're hurting me!
You're hurting me! Stop the damn car!
Are you crazy?
If you turn the handle there!
You crazy bastard.
Are you insane or what?
Are you set on killing me or what?
I know what it's like to bet my life on something.
But I don't bet my life on these things.
Do you even know what life is about?
So you have some money. Does that give you the right to look down on others?
You're the worst.
You're only worth 135,000 won.
Hey! Stop right there!
Your car key.
There's no car around here. Do you want a ride?
I just want to thank you. I won this car thanks to you.
Why don't you buy a warm soup to your boyfriend?
He must be boiling inside, having lost the car.
Crazy bastards.
Do you deliver now?
Yes, I'm at...
in front of Hajin Sileop.
Anything, the cheapest you have.
All right.
Ok, I got you!
I ordered.
Could you take me to where I can get a car?
Thank you.
Hey! Wait!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Hey! You're dead once I catch you!
It's your year's turn for the discipline officer, right?
Are you doing it?
I don't know yet.
The best of the year should take the job.
You do it.
I should talk to my peers from my year.
If you say you'll do it, no one will be against it.
Just do it.
Once you're done as discipline officer, I'll make sure you get dispatched to the US.
I haven't really thought about it.
Don't think too much over it.
I should have a junior I can count on.
You're having a gathering among your peers today, right?
Go and make up your mind.
What is this?
We'll have new employees soon.
Our year should have the discipline officer this time.
I'm buying today
so have that on your conscience
and cheers.
Why are you buying?
Because I love my peers.
Do you think you have what it takes to be the discipline officer?
I don't know if I have what it takes,
but I have the confidence.
The discipline officer is the pride of the year.
Who among us doesn't want to have that position?
That is why we're putting it up to vote.
I have already talked to the people above
so all you have to do is vote for me.
All right!
Cheers again.
I know I can do this well.
I may embarrass you
but I will not disgrace you.
Please I need your votes. Are you running an election campaign?
You buy us a meal and some drinks, and ask for our vote, and that's it?
The responsibility is to train the naive newbies into the best agents.
Why should you be the one to do this?
There's no why.
It's for our nation.
Is it because of that thing 5 years ago?
Is it because of Choi sunbae's death?
You bastard.
Choi sunbae died because of me.
Are you happy?
He died for a lowlife like me. Are you happy you jerks?
want to be discipline officer.
I will do my best.
Help me out.
Help me out.
You saw it, right?
He's that kind of guy.
It's not his fault, yet he'll take all responsibility.
It's not his fault, yet he'll take all responsibility.
Choi sunbae was our discipline officer.
He should have protected him until the end.
The operation failed and he was the only one alive.
So what? He should have died with him?
You know what?
So far Won-suk
has been paying the tuition for Choi sunbae's kids.
If I die
I would have died for Won-suk.
Nothing wrong with the car?
If you're going to be this careful
why did you come back with the same face?
So that they can be on their guards.
Over there, at NIS.
The file.
Didn't you miss Korean food?
The mere name of the country makes me want to puke.
I registered to your wedding service company
pass me your manager.
I lost my car because of some girl you introduced me!
What happened?
He said he lost his car because of you. He's calling the office and all!
Were you involved in an accident?
Did you sell it somewhere?
What is it?
Don't worry about it.
What if we get caught?
You'll have to pay for the car, you'll be caught for your illegal activities,
you and I will both be on the news.
You have to tell me what's going on so that I can help you.
You are so...
He's driving me crazy! He's calling again.
Just tell him you don't know me.
How is he going to find me?
What is he, a detective?
If you keep behaving like this, I'm not giving you your pay.
I don't intend on taking it anyways.
What is it?
The pay I got two days ago.
No way. You worked to earn this.
I'm not sure if I can live well.
But I'm not going to live wrongly.
This...is a lot of money for me
but I didn't earn it the right way
so it's not mine.
What is your motivation in applying to the NIS?
My purpose is to walk the path towards sacrifice and service to my country
to my country...
I am ready to thrust my body for my nation.
That is why I applied.
For...for...for my nation.
Could I just take a pill for my heart and come back?
For my country
Why did you apply?
I... for my country
Excuse me.
Yes honey, I'm in the middle of something. Aww, I love you too.
Get out! Nice to meet you.
You must be thirsty.
That is why I have this ready for you.
Don't you recognize me? I was here last year too.
You guys are doing great work.
I hope to see you more!
Thank you.
For my country.... Next.
No. 1804 Han Pil-hoon, No. 1805 Han Ji-eun
No. 1806 Kim Young-jin.
Follow me.
No. 1904 Kim Kyung-ja
Yes! No. 1905 Na Gu-won
No. 1906 Min Ji-won, follow me.
Han Pil-hoon ssi, please come in.
No. 1904 Kim Kyung-ja ssi.
Please come in.
Why did you apply to NIS?
I applied because I wanted to have a cool life.
I bet you're thinking something like 007.
But there is a huge difference between movies and reality.
We don't have a cool job.
This path is
towards my love for my country.
I don't think there is anything cooler than
loving one thing for the rest of your life.
Why did you apply to NIS?
I applied to walk this straight path to loving and serving my country.
Does the private institute teach you to tell us that?
I'm sorry?
99 out of 100 applicants give us the same answer.
Did you think you could make it to the NIS like that?
If not, since we have a similar procedure as broadcasting
are you just here for the experience?
Are you here for a pleasant trip?
It seems to me you are.
From your eyes
I cannot see
any passion or any volition.
You want to love your country forever?
Nothing in love is forever.
I am a holder of a third-degree belt in Taekwondo,
I have an accuracy rate over 98% in 50-meter pistol shooting,
I have a flying certificate for light aircraft
a master certificate for scuba diving
and a license in car racing.
I am in training right now, as if I were already in the field.
I am confident I can be the best agent
and I can walk on the single path towards love for my country.
But you weren't so good with the studies.
Your grade in the exam...
We are not looking for people who study well.
Let me ask you one thing.
Orange, lemon,
grape and apricot
what do you think they have in common?
The Orange Revolution in Ukraine,
the Lemon Revolution in Kirghiztan
the Grape Revolution in Moldova
the Apricot Revolution in Armenia
they are all fruits that have been used to name a revolution.
Then... what is the meaning of country?
My country
is the land, the airspace and the sea
I'm currently living in. Not the meaning from the dictionary
to you, Kim Kyung-ja ssi
what does the country mean to you?
That is what he's asking you.
My country
You know all about current affairs and liberal arts, but you have no idea what your country means, do you?
Do you see my point?
The NIS doesn't hire according to your school grades.
The interview is over.
You may leave.
I believe that having the qualities of an agent is more valuable than my grades.
I think you're mistaken.
The NIS hires according to your school grades.
The interview is over.
I got a job!
You have been admitted.
You are broadcasting.
And you are the NIS.
Your fashion sense is quite consistent.
You're dead now!
Let me catch you!
We meet again. I'm Gong Do-ha.
Let's be good friends.
Are you kidding me?
Are you here to flirt?
You are beyond redemption.
Follow me.
The biggest ennemy you have to face
It's the lie detector.
Are you really the daughter of a diplomat?