Adventures In Service: Venturing To The Summit, Part 3

Uploaded by TheBechtelSummit on 02.12.2010

"Adventures In Service-Venturing To The Summit Part Three"
Rewinding to part two, we saw the Ventureres of Crews 32 and 44 having a blast fishing the New River.
Those small mouth bass didn't stand a chance. With the help of their fishing guides the Ventureres
pulled in one fish after another, and then set them free again.
Meanwhile, another group of Ventureres were getting an introduction to a different way of getting down the river.
-In the morning we met our guides, Melanie and Mariah.
They taught us a lot of techniques to use.
-We learned about rafting. How to inflate the boat, about first-aid, properly getting in and out of the boat.
Just a lot of different stuff, and it was very fun.
-Yeah! -Woo-hoo!
-We took and broke up into two groups, and went down the various rapids that they have here.
The New River Gorge is known to many people as the Grand Canyon of the East.
It's one of the most popular whitewater rafting destinations in the country. And it's right in the back yard of
The Summit Bechtel Reserve.
So did the rafting adventure live up it's reputation?
-It will knock your brains around, but it is a blast!
-And everyone on this trip got wet, some wetter than others. And they had quite a thrill for the day.
But wait, there's more work to be done. Be sure to catch Part 4 of Venturing To The Summit.
We'll watch this crew pitch in on a service project to help reduce the impact of the thousands and thousands
of rock climbers that visit the New River gorge each year. And we all know that service at the Summit just leads
to more adventure. So don't miss the next installment of Adventures In Service.