Make halter earrings from a bangle

Uploaded by ikologee on 19.07.2012

This video shows how to use a wire bangle to make these halter style earrings.
In my "Thread and Yarn Wrapped Earrings" video I used a soldering iron to assemble the earrings.
but here I am showing how you can use wire coils and metal glue.
I use bangles that usually come in sets of six and you can get them almost anywhere.
Clip about 1 1/2 inches out of the bangle
Like this.
Press the bangle around a small bottle to make a smaller circle.
Like this.
Use pliers or fingers to straighten the ends.
Squeeze the bangle until the two ends criss cross.
This will help you to butt the two ends together.
Shape the small cut out piece to a curve and fit neatly in the hoop And lay that aside.
Next make a large coil for the bottom of the hoop.
This large coil maker is a metal rod cut from a discarded grill.
Slip on the large coil and use pliers to tighten the begining and end of the coil around the hoop.
With your standard size coiling gizmo, see descriptions for how to make that, make four short coils.
Thread both of the hoop ends into one of the coils
Tighten the begining and end of the coil
to securely join the earring.
Take two coils and place on either end of the curved piece. Tighten the inner ends of both coils. This part of the earring will need to be secure so glue the coils to the curved piece with "metal glue" and let dry overnight.
The next day loosen the ends of the coils
then use pliers to attach the curve to the hoop.
After tightening ends dab some glue where the coils meet the earring hoop to ensure the curve will not shift.
Take a piece of wire
fold it over the top of the hoop and twist the two ends around each other a few times..
then place a small coil over the twisted wire.
and snip excess wire leaving a little less than 1 half inch poking up through the coil
Use your pointy pliers to make a loop for the earhook.
To wrap the hoop dab a little glue on the yarn
then tie a knot
Snip off the excess yarn as close to the knot as you can get - the glue will ensure that the knot won't unravel.
begin to wrap the hoop much as you would a thread earring.
When finished wrapping, glue the yarn with fabric glue as before and tie a knot inside the wrapping or as close to the inside as you can get. Snip the excess yarn close to the knot for a tidy invisible finish.