Dance Break Ep2 with Stuart Brazell on Dance Channel TV

Uploaded by DanceChannelTV on 03.02.2011

Hey everybody – I’m Stuart Brazell and it’s time for another Dance Break!!
Get out your jazz hands out because HBO has just grabbed the rights to a Bob Fosse biography!
An incredible choreographer, dancer, actor, director extradonairre – he won eight tony
awards for musical theater and an academy award for directing Cabaret. X-Men’s Bryan
Singer is on board to direct and no word yet on who will pen the script.
And I’m sorry to break the news to you Dancing With the Stars fans, but it looks like Derek
Hough will taking this season off to film a 3 D dance movie. The reaction from his fellow
dancers – yes, it means the doors are open for someone else to win!
And speaking of 3 D dance movies, Michael Flatley will release “Lords of Dance 3D”
on St. Patrick’s Day. After 16 years of touring the world and riverdancing – do
you think this could be his last hurrah? Nah, if anything seeing his perfect head of hair
in 3 D will just reinvigorate him! And it was another win for Black Swan’s
Natalie Portman at the SAG Awards – congrats Natalie, I’ve got my fingers crossed for
the Oscars! That’s it for now – for Dance Channel
I’m Stuart Brazell and I’ll see you next time!