Top 2012 TV Finale's: HIMYM, House, Glee, Revenge & More: ENTV

Uploaded by ENTV on 16.04.2012

Ah, finale season. It’s a bittersweet time for TV fanatics - but we still can’t wait
to see what our favorite shows have in store for us before signing off for the summer.
Hi everyone I’m Brian Corsetti and has your top picks for 2012 TV Finales.
Parks and Recreation’s Season 3 finale airs May 10th on NBC. The Knope 2012 campaign comes
to its thrilling - and hilarious - conclusion as Leslie finally learns her political fate.
On May 14th, How I Met Your Mother is throwing us a surprise curveball with the much-anticipated
reveal of Barney secret bride - you don’t want to miss this one.
On Fox, HOUSE wraps up its eight year run with its series finale on May 21st -- The
episode is entitled The C Word, and we already know that Lisa Edelstein will NOT be coming
back as Cuddy, but will any other former cast members return for the big goodbye? Show creator
David Shore is keeping things under wraps.
Then on May 22nd - Glee finishes its third season with graduation day at McKinley High.
Expect big changes for the New Directions crew - and a possible move to New York - in
the powerful finale.
And last but not least Revenge is ending with major cliffhanger for its May 23rd season
finale on ABC. Creator Mike Kelley has teased several characters in great danger, at least
one major death, and a lot of - you guessed it - Revenge.
Those are your top 5 TV series season finale’s to look out for. For more TV News, Log on
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