Makeup FX - Maquillage Effets Spéciaux : Visage Recousu - Sliced face effect

Uploaded by EmmyMakeUpPro on 29.11.2011

MakeUp SFX : sewn face
Hi! Welcome on my professional make-up channel. I hope you’re ok!
Today you’ll see how I have sewn Manon’s face.
I have also stick safety pins in her cheek, right here.
I don’t think that I hurt her, right Manon? No, it’s ok!
If you want to see how I have sewn Manon’s face
And how I have inserted the safety pins, have a look at the video.
First, I will apply latex.
I will try to make some gaps.
I will apply some latex in diagonal on her face.
Where I will make the wound.
I apply the latex with the back of a brush.
Then I blur.
Then I will make the latex dry.
Now with scissors, I will cut the latex.
I will start from the center, and will pull on it
So as to cut it.
For now, I will cut this part.
Do exactly the same, pull the skin and cut it.
Be careful, never knows!
Do not frighten the model.
Now that the latex is done, I will use my bold makeup
That are lipsticks.
I will start with burgundy and I will put some at the center
I will put it inside the cut
Then I will use a darker bold makeup
In shades of black, dark red.
And I will put it inside of the cut.
You can also degrade on the sides.
Now I will take some black and same, I will add some.
You can blur a bit on the fake skin.
Now I will apply fake blood in the wounds.
If you want to know how to make fake blood, click on the link that will appear right here.
Then you will be able to make your own fake blood.
Then with a sponge, I will spread the fake blood across
To make it look real.
Now with a needle and a thread, I will sew them all.
I start from the top.
I lift the skin and dig the needle inside of it
And then on the other side.
I drill and I enter.
To sew, I dip the needle in the latex and I remove it.
I do the same thing on the other side.
Again and again.
I remove the needle.
For the third wound, I will put two safety pins in it.
One here.
And go up.
One here. And another one.
As you can see, I’m done with Manon’s sewn face.
I hope you like the makeup.
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