Illustration & Cartooning Tips : How to Alter a Playing Card

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.10.2008

Hey welcome everybody my name is Lars Erik Robinson with LarsEr Art, All Around Art-Tainment.
We're doing a little fun thing here, if you have some deck of cards laying around your
house and you want to have, play around a little bit, you can alter your card. I actually
noticed this is very slick and it's very fun to draw on. I just took some art sticks here
for example, they're kind of made out of wax, and I started playing around with the background
and it's a nice slick surface, and this is very open to whatever you want to do. You
can actually take a little sandpaper and sand out a certain area of the face and maybe put
your own face on there or something like that. There's miniature paintings, if you ever see
those really really small paintings, you can actually use this surface and Jesso it over
it. You can use Jesso or use, and paint it, paint this all over and do it yourself. Maybe
leave part of the King logo, anything like that. I've a little marker here, how about
we put him some sunglasses on a slant here, little cool king here. You know, and then
we can, he has a mustache, but we can make it big or we can give him a goatee, and we'll
do the same thing on the bottom. You know, there's something about repetition that's
really interesting, seeing something on a, on a image like that, you know you could even
add a water line right here, make it look like it's a reflection in the water, and then
if you want to add, if you want to enhance that a little more, I don't know if you can
really see this, but I'm going to go ahead and add some blue, blue waves and make it
look like it's a reflection in the water. That's pretty neat, and we have the. So if
you can see that, we add a little sunglasses, just play around you can alter cards any way
you want. You can even add a little fish here or anything, or have something popping up,
whatever you want. Just have fun with it. Thank You!