Lezione di batteria n° 38 2013 by Luca Pagliari drum lessons

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Hello everyone, well matched to my new classes 2013
this is the lesson number 38
is a bit 'of time that we do not feel because I had commitments
time I'm going to play
is a time in four quarters made by eighths and sixteenths
turn on the click
the right hand on the hi-hat will this movement
this rhythm
are two eighths starting with the second eighth shrug of hit-hat
close without the right hand
then the closure
the bass drum sound this movement
what is the design of the
hi-hat and snare
the main exercise is to learn this
opening hit-hat
bass drum
Now we will make some ghost notes
on snare
with notes on board rimshot skin
everything a bit faster
still a bit faster
well if you want we can take Also on the cymbal I prefer to
this kind of rhythm to accompany the bell
this will turn out
We can also add the hi-hat
on the beat
that makes me the quarter
one, two. three, four
here I added up to make my first at the rate of
who is this
I repeat Do this very slowly
which is the basic rhythm

hello, we feel the next lesson you I remember my first manual my double
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