Missing (Desaparecidos) [2012] - Official Trailer for Found Footage Horror Movie [HD]

Uploaded by horrornymphs on 02.04.2012

Dear viewer...
October 2011
Don't get wasted, Rodrigo!
On an Island called Ilhabela, off the eastern coast of Brasil
Let's get drunk!
I'm going to turn this off when I'm in the bathroom, got it!?
Six cameras have been found
Where are you taking me?
What a beautiful place, right?
The party is rocking, man!
The images were kept a secret
Hey, get out of there
Until now
Hold on. Listen, just listen
Theres something here, something’s wrong
Let’s go please
Let me go! What is that?
I’m lost
There is something here.
Come on!
Run! Run!
Chasing us
I need help
I don't want to die
We didn’t come through here
Help me!
Coming soon