Crackòvia: Love and peace! [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

Uploaded by totalBarca on 25.05.2011

this morning, in a luxury hotel
it's not true that Shakira is Yoko Ono of Barca
So, what are you doing here, in this bed, just like Lenon and Ono?
uhm, what we are doing here is...
We are here to defend global peace
and we will not rest until you understand it
what? but.. oh yes, exactly
you see, another similarity
No, because in our case, I'm the singer
Pique also sings a bit recently
and, I'm not Japanese
No? But your name is from Manga
and I don't like that My Sun spend time with other players
who are not that good
Enough, all are very, very good
if anoyone was distracted, it's Pique
It's not true, it was Masch's fault
he should play in midfield and leave me alone
no, no, no, it's your fault, don't blame the others
It's clear who is responsible for this! It's your fault!
they're fighting like The Beatles
so Shakira is Yoko Ono...
Please, don't fight!
Catalonia needs unity
By the way, what are you doing here Pep?
I came to tell you to leave this nonsense
because we've got training session
I can't go, we're here because I have big..
yeah, piqueton, big piqueton*
I'm preoccupied with peace around the world
I can't betrey my ideals and just go to training
Are you crazy? Go! Go training!
On Saturday you have the most important game of the year
Sure, let's go
So... I'm like Yoko Ono?
I'm more cule than l’Avi del Barca!
Hey! Look, is it David Villa there?
yeah, he practises shots on goal.
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