Croquettes - Recipes from Spain

Uploaded by recipesFromSpain on 29.09.2012

Hi, Croquetes are a very typical tapa or appetizer in Spain
You need some work to prepare them
But it deservers a bit of our effort to taste them
start cutting ham in very small pieces
I used about 200 gr of ham
but you have to use less amount if your ham it's too salty
also you can replace ham with other ingredients as for example chicken or tuna

On a pot add 100 grams of unsalted butter
when butter it's almost molten add cut ham
Stir it until butter is totally molten
Then add 100 grams of flour
stir while cooking it for about 1 minute until flour is cooked
Then add ½ litre of milk at ambient temperature
and a bit of ground nutmeg
Move constantly with a wooden spoon to avoid lumps
it will be ready in a couple of minutes when you can see the bottom of your pot
when moving with the spoon
Empty the pot in a recipient and level the surface
Cover with a transparent film stick to the surface to avoid crust in the surface
Let cold and maintain in the fridge until next day
Next day with a spoon take portions of the dough
and give them a cylindrical shape with your hands
Try to get always a similar amount of dough
so each croquettes result in a very similar size
Once you have all your croquettes shaped
pass each of them
first in flour
then in whisked egg
and finally in bread crumbs
In a pot heat oil
adding enough to immerse the croquettes
When you insert a wooden spoon in the oil
and bubbles appear the temperature of oil is right to fry
Now immerse the croquettes in small batches cooking them about 40
to 50 seconds
Retire them over a paper towel to absorb the excess of oil
and let the oil heat again between each batches of croquettes
Hope you like this recipe, see you next time!!