Premio Autores 2012 - Mónica Calle - Melhor espectáculo de teatro (27 Fev 2012)

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And the winner for "Best show" is...
"The Mission - Memories of a revolution"
Mónica Calle
comes to the stage.
Well, she comes to the stage, they come to the stage...
Mónica and her troupe.
I'm very nervous, excuse me.
And very moved.
This show is
a very special show,
a show that I'm so fond of,
and in a very difficult year
of massive disinvestment
that unfortunately keeps getting worse,
this show is exactly
the opposite of what we have been told
and keep being told, which is: give up.
On the contrary: no. We resist.
With fraternity,
with hope,
and with an immense joy.
I would like to thank
to everyone who is standing up here
because theater shows are made by all the crew members
and also by the past, and an idea of future.
There is no show that just happens by itself.
A theater show is the result of many years,
of lots of work,
a huge investment,
lots of courage, a great deal of persistence,
many mistakes and many flaws.
And all the other people that have made theater before,
allowing me to be here today.
Me, and all of them.
And now I'd like to thank
Mónica Garnel
Ana Ribeiro
Alexandra Gaspar
Luís Afonso
Patrícia Saramago
Bruno Candé
Rute Cardoso
Mário "Boss"
and also Nelson, Simão, André, João, Miguel,
Luís Graça,
Hélder Miguel,
Daniel, Wellington,
Robson, Paulo,
to all of them, they know.
I'm forgetting someone.
To all Casa Conveniente's micro-sponsors
who have been helping us in a very important way.
To the guest actors in this show, Amândio Pinheiro especially,
to José Vitorino, Tiago Mateus, Tiago Barbosa,
Tiago Vieira, Álvaro Correia.
And also to Heiner Müller, for the extraordinary texts
he has written.
And I'd like to finish with a short sentence
from "The Mission":
slavery has many faces,
and we haven’t seen its last one.
What we thought was the dawn of freedom
was only the mask of a new
and even more terrible slavery.
In the sleep of the peoples
the generals stand up
and break the yoke of freedom
which is so difficult to bear.
Thank you so much.
Maybe my mic is on. Use mine.
I'm sorry.
We can see there are certain limits to freedom.
I'm sorry. I'd like to give this award,
and dedicate this award
to Boss, and he knows why.
Congratulations, Mónica.