speed technique1 on 4 strings bass

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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\nowidctlpar\sl240\slmult1\lang1033\kerning28\b\f0\fs28 Here is a technical exercise stemming from
my own method of bass guitar that combines(organizes) a work on the right hand, the constant alternation
major index which aims at developing the speed and on the left hand by working on the modes
diatoniques major by playing three notes by string to optimize the ascending and downward
taken the handle off.\par \par
The exercise will deceive it triolet it will make one beat by string, for the ascending
movement you will begin with the lowest note of your instrument thus for the four strings
bass it\rquote s the E open string\par \b0\fs20\par
\b\fs28 For the right hand the index plays the E, the major plays the F, the index plays
the G, the A open string will be played by the major and so on the B of the G string
played by the major this note will be replayed by the index, the A by the major then the
G open string by the index, the F
on the D string will be played by the major, the E by the index, the D open string by the
major then the C on the A string will be played by the index, what gives a constant alternation
also by getting down again the mode this until at the E open string to move on then to the
following mode by repeating the same op\'e9ration\par \par
For the left hand stay up indeed has to respect the dexterities indicated on the put scores
has arrangement in the section photo of my myspace so that everything movement are made
with fluidity\par \par
The exercise is written up to
the fourteenth compartment but it is advised to make it up to the highest note of your
instrument, redone the exercise this time by beginning with the major of the right hand
without forgetting to make it also in oser tonality, the order of the modes for the tone
used being in C major is: Phrygian, lydian, myxolydian, a\'e9olian, locrian, Ionian, dorian
then on the twelfth compartment that begins again on the Phrygian, thus play the exercise on the
whole tessitura of your instrument\par Every mode is played its tonique in its fifth
one octave above which is the twelfth\par \par
I am going to execute the exercise in the complete tessitura of the bass with the metronome
has hundred and forty Beatings per minute I would use my combination of favourite alternation
which is the use of the index and the ring finger\par
\par For the second shape of the exercise leave
the highest note of mode and double the lowest to go back up and chain the following mode\par
\par For the third shape chain only the ascending
movement of every mode :example \par Then only the downward movement \par
And to end mix movement, begin by going up the first mode and coming down again by the
second and so on to begin again the exercise by by going down the first mode and chain
the second in the amount and this in the exercise in its entirety \par
\pard good on A soon for a next episode\par }