Suicide Rate Rises Among Indian Expats

Uploaded by TheVJMovement on 15.06.2011

Suicide rates among Indian workers in Gulf countries are on the rise.
Here, in Qatar, Indians make up just one fifth of the population.
But, 63 Indians committed suicide in Qatar in 2008,
accounting for 43 percent of the total number of suicides.
For many Indians, dreams of making it big in the Gulf are turning sour.
Pitiable living and working conditions, abuse by employers, the economic crisis
and depression due to long separation from loved ones are only some of the reasons
that drive some Indian workers in the Gulf to take this extreme step.
To top it all, many of the Indian expatriates in the Gulf region
are skilled or semi-skilled laborers
who are not covered by the labor laws of the Gulf countries.
Why not? Do they only cover white-collar workers?
In times of distress, they don't have a venue to air their grievances.
This hard-working community accounted for at least half of the
US$ 24.6 billion remittance to India last year.
The Indian government is trying to address some of the issues
in consultation with the Gulf States, although there has been no
research-based study to pinpoint the actual causes of these suicides.
Meet Mr. Ismayil Wafa, who is a transactional analyst, hypnotist
and counselor.
He spends a great amount of time dealing with the psychological problems
of Indian immigrants in Gulf region, analyzing their problems
and prescribing possible solutions.
What is the social reason behind the flow of Indians to foreign countries?
If you need a job, you need to leave this country.
That's the feeling nurtured by a majority.
Besides that, it's also a search for better opportunities.
There are reports of increasing psychological problems among nonresident Indians.
What do you think is the reason?
The biggest problems are those created by the fall out of family relationships.
The second reason is the bitter experiences that these people have
to suffer in the place where they have come to look for a job.
With no satisfying job and no family nearby, they quickly fall into depression.
It leads some to suicide too.
What are the solutions for this situation?
We need to learn lessons from the outside in order to live,
and that's why counseling is significant.
Unfortunately, while our problems keep mounting,
there are no expert counselors to deal with them.
How useful is counseling in the Gulf region?
It's when a person's happiness is affected
in some way that he is disappointed with life.
Once his happiness is restored, his problem is over.
There must be more counseling camps for Indian employees, in the Gulf region.
Most of the immigrants do not know whom to approach in times of crisis.
That's where the media and social activists can help.