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Highlights of the news today Monday 17th September
Ex Deputy Lord Mayor for Peterborough in child porn charges
Yet more illegal Afghanis courtesy of a Bulgarian lorry
Greening to investigate the Department for International Development
France is banning anti US protests by Muslims over film
French Police veer away from ëassassinationí theory in Alps massacre
Senkaku Islands in dispute between Japan and China
Thought for the Day ñ Livid from Hampshire And Finally ñ Have boots will travel!¨
An Ex Labour Deputy Lord Mayor and Councillor for Peterborough John Johnson has appeared
at Peterborough Magistrates Court charged with making 714 indecent images of children.
Johnson, who is 62, had allegedly, the most perverse collection of images of children
on his computer. Prosecutor Giles Beaumont said: ìThis charge relates to some extreme
level pornography. Some images involve adult males with various animals.î Johnson was
released on unconditional bail to return to Peterborough Magistratesí Court on November
6. The Magistrate, Michael Flanagan commented
''I am going to decline juridiction in this instance, this case will be heard before a
Crown Court.'' Johnson, who is an ex-Labour Councillor for the North Bretton area declined
to answer charges in the court. Johnson was a keen anti fox hunt campaigner yet the Prosecution
explained in court that some of his sordid images were involving animals. John Johnson
joins the 'Labour25' listed by parents against paedophiles in the UK. He is apparently in
good Labour company on the list.
A Bulgarian lorry has been stopped by the UK Border Agency and was found to be carrying
five illegal immigrants. The Illegalís were hidden in the lorry bound for Milton Keynes
but were discovered by the UKBA at the port of Calais in France. The lorry was carrying
a large amount of washing machines and the men hid on the top of them. The Border Agency
used carbon dioxide probes to detect the Afghani nationals who were soon arrested and detained
by police.
Justine Greening, who was appointed by Cameron in the re-shuffle of the cabinet as International
Development Secretary, has launched an investigation in the budget line of that department. The
ëemergency audití was organised last night and will centre on the Consultancy firms one
of which is Adam Smith International, which is London based. This firm promotes the free
market in poor countries and has received contracts worth tens of millions of pounds
over a 12 month period. The countries that ëbenefití are schools in Pakistan, free
market in Nepal and a tax system in Afghanistan. Ms Greening will be receiving a full report
by the end of September. A W@8 reporter commented ëIt is similar to Cherie Blair and her legal
firm, who make millions from illegal immigrants in this country, only these boys openly make
it from the poorest people of these countries who for the most part benefit enormously from
Foreign Aid as it is. We really should be looking after our own country and people in
this day and ageí.
The Interior Minister of France, Manuel Valls, has pushed forward a law to ban any further
anti-American protests concerning the film ëThe Innocence of Muslims.í The law comes
into place after the attack on the US ambassador Christopher Stevens and the killing of 3 other
American officials in a grenade attack in Libya. True to the 11th Anniversary of 9/11,
anti US demos have been held across the Muslim world, with the requisite storming of Embassies
and the burning of flags and the beating of breasts. Muslims in Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Egypt,
Yemen, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kashmir, Pakistan, India, Iraq, Gaza, Morocco,
Syria, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, Britain, the United States, France, Belgium, and some other
countries have been demonstrating. A W@8 writer commented ëThey claim that this
short film states that Islam is a repressive religion and of course by their subsequent
behaviour, they are just proving a point the film has made. Of course there was a similar
attack on Christianity a few years back involving the film ëíThe Life of Brian.íí And also
the film by Mel Gibson on our Saviour Jesus Christ was not well received by many members
of the Jewish community. Apparently very sensitive people these Muslimsí
The French Police seem to be concentrating on the murder of the cyclist who was killed
alongside members of the al-Hilli family in Annecy. They seem to think now that the British
Iraqi family might not have been the targets. The cyclist named as Sylvain Mollier and who
worked in the nuclear industry was buried ëtemporarilyí in a secret ceremony on Sunday.
A W@8 reporter commented ëIt seems a bit silly after all this time that they have not
got any suspects in France, someone whether they killed the cyclist before or after the
family surely would have been seen in the village? I believe the family was assassinated
and the Police detouring back to the UK and the cyclistís work is all pie in the skyí
or it could be that the al-Hilliís and Mollier were meeting each other?
WORLD NEWS The Largest naval exercise in history is being
drilled in the Middle East. International warships are carrying out the exercise some
say to show muscle in the region. Meanwhile the Israeliís are pressuring the United States
into an intervention with Iran over its nuclear programme and Ahmadinejad still wants to wipe
Israel of the face of the earth. The Iranian government in Tehran has admitted that their
elite revolutionary Guard have been operating in Syria helping President Assad quash the
uprising by those who the West armed to take over the country. Iran has spoken out about
the attack on the muslim world and said .. ëíIran has forces in Syria and will go into action
if Syria is threatened.íí A W@8 writer has stated ëWell if Iran sticks to Syria that
is fine by me, let Muslim help Muslim. But if they attack Israel that is a call to arms,
mainly because in their words Israel would cease to exist and that is not kosher!í
The United States has intervened in the ongoing dispute in the China Sea over the Senkaku
Islands claimed by Japan. The Chinese were outraged when the Japanese government bought
the Islands from a private Japanese land owner, and made them part of Japan. The Islands which
are also claimed by Taiwan have seen 6 Chinese naval vessels enter the exclusion zone around
them. The Japanese coastguard warned off the Chinese vessels and the United States claims
that the Islands which are in rich fishing waters should be disputed properly around
a table. Today, Japan has shut down its factories and offices in China over the dispute of territory
of the Islands. The Japanese say its temporary and to stop the worst of anti Japanese sentiment
by the Chinese people in nearly a decade.
The new Somali President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and visiting Kenyan foreign minister narrowly
missed being assassinated at a hotel in Mogadishu, where they were attending a conference. A
Reuters witness said two bodies could be seen outside the hotel, one of whom appeared to
be a suicide bomber and there was a large crater in the road. This does not bode well
for the stability of a highly unstable country.
Thought for the Day Livid from Hampshire! I am always reminded of my beloved Tony Hancock
and his ëDisgusted from Penceí when I launch into an anti immigration thingy but in his
memory I am doing just that. To those of my listeners who do not remember or admit to
remembering our Tony ñ he typified the best and the worst of the English middle class,
all pride, poverty and pianos! He was in short, hilarious with his hang dog face and many
nefarious problems, most of which centered around money or lack of it and being invisible
to the public servants of his time.
If he had been faced with the gradual destruction of his beloved England and the English, it
would have broken his heart. So Tony, this is for you because you would not recognise
your England of today. Hell, even I donít and I am quite a bit younger.
Take London, well everybody else has so why not us? When I worked and lived in the city
in which I was born, it was a lovely, lovely place. There were still the slums but they
were then building huge tower blocks ostensibly for all the people who had lived in the slums
below but now of course they all hold varying degrees of ethnic peoples. When you walked
along Regent Street, there were lovely shops, smart people and the occasional ethnic. The
whole street smelt of money and class. Now? It smells of curry, drab clothes and hordes
of unwanted and unneeded immigrants and truly awful ethnic shops.
For the last 40 years successive governments in the UK, whether Conservative or Labour
have introduced the ëguilt and help cultureí. They have told us that we the English are
absolutely no good on our own. Various governments have now completed the total eradication of
all our own manufacturing bases, from cars to steel- in short everything we Brits used
to be world class at making and I am including luxury goods here ñ and have imposed on us
their alternative ëgood for the world ethosí which are the usually shoddy goods churned
out by China, India and various countries of the third world. So we decimate our own
manufacturers and in place of them import crap ñ sounds viable to me.
We are all getting older, so we will all be either barmy or well on the way, our children
will not have been educated or raised in the culture of caring for their parents, so we
will have to sell what homes we have to pay a bunch of foreign owned and staffed so called
care homes to take our money and ignore us at the end. And in fact the average length
of stay in one of these homes whether council or private is around 2 years before you pop
your clogs!
Our children, that is British and white especially the boys are sadly neglected whilst our young
girls are over sexualised and prey to all the forms of sexual grooming that now exist
in our cities ñ once again we can usually thank the immigrants for this as well. In
our culture today, young white boys either want to be black, Asian or queer. Now I personally
do not give rats arse who does what to whom but I would rather they keep it quiet, not
adopt children and generally get on with their own business, Gay Pride marches and such like
are a bit in for a dig but obviously fit in with the image that the establishment want
to portray the British as being part of, a multicultural and multi-sexual society, in
short a general free for all. There is no effort on the part of anyone to
have a fairly disciplined society. You have to start with the youth of a country and how
can you get to them when the smokescreen of hundreds of other cultures get in the way?
ITV showed a classroom in a school in London and one white face was not to be seen. Do
you think China or Japan would have such a variety? No. They would not. It does not bode
well for the UK to have a growing amount of immigrant children whilst the white births
are non-existent, due to either something in the water, the female feminist culture,
prolific abortions in the white population and social and economic pressures on the English.
The Asians especially tell their young girls from an early age they will get married and
have children, the parents provide houses, flats and businesses for them to do it and
they just get on with it. That is what they come to this country to do, be educated , earn
and make money and breed.
You would think that seeing an encroachment of ethnic peoples in every town and village
in the UK, would ring the warning bells in good old Jack and Jill but it doesnít. We
are like Turkeys voting for Xmas. Food and public services are suffering mainly due to
massive immigration and no one ever says anything about it, why? because it has been drummed
into the average Brit through the TV and papers that to think along those lines, of which
every other country in the world thinks but us, is ëracistí. There are at least 3 generations
of Brits who are completely dedicated to the ëwantí culture and the future, their future
is forgotten in the latest video game, drink or job, if they are lucky.
Amongst the many and awful variations of assorted immigrants the Muslims of course make their
mark. They must be the only people who cannot function in a new country without hordes of
mosques, madrassars and Islamic centres on every street corner. In their own countries
and these people do have their own countries, they seem to just exist with a mud building
with a dome somewhere in the desert and that is ok, but let them come to Europe and they
start building like termites! The rock in Mecca actually predates Mohamed and his political
rise, so these people are not used to rushing around building religious edifices. Give em
a rug and a general direction on which to grovel and that should do nicely!
I am sick of seeing planning applications for mosques all over the country. I am sick
of seeing Muslims of all shades dragging around hordes of future terrorists and nuisances.
I am sick of seeing vast groups of Nepalese taking over schools and roads in the south.
I am sick of seeing Indian restaurants where there used to be a public house preferably
called the Turks Head. I am sick of seeing new Halal shops. I am sick of seeing terrible
Asian bazaar type shops where there used to be English shops. I am sick of seeing Africans
plodding around jabbering in their own tongue and I hate really hate having all of them
in shops where they cannot speak English and do not care less. In fact I hate having them
here at all!
I also hate the fact that our NHS which used to be a signal to the rest of the world that
we care, is now barely functioning because the establishment for years have allowed a
huge influx of immigrants into it whilst discouraging our own people and now we have a third world
service mainly for the benefit of our third world parasites. Soon they will stop treating
the white elderly or the fat or the smokers but they will still treat someoneís sodding
grandmother from Bangladesh who happens to end up here.
If any of our governments had actually stopped immigration 30 years ago, there would be no
need for a Nationalist party or parties of the right. We would not have the problems
we have today. The problems our children are ignoring, are the problems that have been
created intentionally to weaken this country and it has succeeded. We should become a non
immigration country immediately to save anything and start voluntary repatriation as soon as
possible. All of the countries we give foreign aid to are non immigrant countries, why are
they developing a free market in Nepal when we have all the buggers over here? Why arenít
all these people back in their own countries helping their own? Most of them go back and
forth to second homes in the countries that apparently they had to flee so I do not see
the problem.
I do not want to see England become a third rate housing estate for immigrants, and I
do not care if they are first or second generation. I do not want to see our land become a factory
Halal farm for Muslims and their progeny. I want to see Church spires not Mosque towers.
I want to see more white faces of my tribe on the streets and in the shops. I want this
country to wake up and stop funding countries overseas. Both Africa and India wanted rid
of the British but when they did they followed us home or start bleating about starving.
Both Indiaís caste system and Africaís tribalism allows large proportions of their populations
to starve and for the remainder who do not to prosper and not care so why should we?
Angry from Ampshire does care. I want our government to start caring about this country
and stop regulating and policing our people. I want immigration stopped now. I want the
Brits to wake up. Life is not lived through a computer game or the soaps on the TV. We
need to develop a backbone before it is too late. For too long has the Brits answer been
to buy some beer, get a DVD and shut the front door. One day that front door may be opened
by someone you do not want in your home and by then it will be too late.
And finally, Cat owner Ethel Maze decided to go on holiday
to Disney World. She packed her suitcase and belongings for the trip to the Florida attraction.
But Bob-Bob the pussy cat didn't want his owner to have all the fun without him. In
a bizarre twist, somehow, Bob-Bob got himself into Ethel's suitcase and got through the
scanner at Port Columbus airport and was put on the flight to Orlando. When Ethel opened
her suitcase, there was Bob-Bob, shaken but happy to see her- but he was not allowed into
Disney world to see his big cousin 'The Lion King!'
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you a very good night.