CSUN 2012 Senior Film Showcase (Trailers)

Uploaded by CalStateNorthridge on 18.04.2012

(hood slamming)
(vehicle engine)
I'm River.
Do you live in here? Where are you going?
Yeah, I live in here.
I'm heading to California now.
Do you think you could take me to Frazier Park?
Oh, I don't know. If I wasn't in such a hurry...
Can you come back and look at it?
No, I can't.
Gene, come on!
River, I can't!
Why'd you wanna get to Frazier Park so bad?
Chris, you play those numbers every day.
What would you do if you ever won?
Man, I already told you. I am not with that funny shit, a'ight?
I'm serious.
Remember when I took out the trash today during closing?
Since we where kids, you've always been the selfless hero. That's admirable.
Think about how this money could change both of our lives. If not for me, keep it for yourself.
You don't know where this money came from or who it belongs to!
And you already know whoever this belongs to, they gonna come looking for this.
That's why we keep it and never go back to work. Come on, man, let's leave now!
I'm not quitting my job!
All I need is one lucky break. Just have to be ready to seize my opportunity.
What are we talking about right now?
We talking about destiny, baby!
We talking about the American Dream.
You tired of your situation, do something about it.
Look, John, let's talk about this.
I'm starting to think I should of never told you.
Maybe you're right.
You have to vacate this property immediately, or I will have to arrest you for trespassing.
We still have each other, and that's why we have to stick together.
It's all we have.
The gun instinct heavily finds its target.
Silence of the night is never to carry its echoes.
He's pulling your arm with that redskin hocus pocus. I'd like to see.
If I hit it, it means the old man wasn't bluffing.
And now!
(drums beating)
We can't lose another one.
Is it the baby?
You stole from the sky and the sun will take that which is dearest to you.
Nothing more I can do.
You have no other offerings.