Cp.1: Como lograr hacer SURFING en 72 hrs

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(Four young Latin-American people)
(A challenge chosen through internet)
(72 hours to accomplish it)
(Ann Marie, cool hunter)
(Mox, social media expert)
(Nicolas, programmer)
(Sebastian, industrial designer)
(Chosen case)
My name is Martin Carrillo. I am 44 years old. And I was a professional dancer.
A bus ran into my motorcycle from behind and I was thrown off. This leg hit the edge and they told me my heel was on my thigh.
I can not run, but I can walk. It would be wonderful to get on a board and surf at the sea.
(Challenge: Help Martin to surf “the next wave”)
What we have to do is fulfill a disabled persons dream. And he wants to surf.
A man wants to surf and he is handicapped.
It is a dream and it would be interesting; I think it is a good challenge. What do you think?
It sounds interesting.
Lets see, we re talking about… something might happen to him.
But we have a challenge and we will see this man surfing.
For me, it is crazy.
He s going to get killed WE are going to kill him.
But, arent we going to face the challenge?
Something happened in the team today.
I think it is very risky to carry out this challenge.
We were faced with the challenge and we all had very different opinions about it.
What is your idea? How can you make him stand on the board?
There are some board design aspects, such as width and length that can help us. It will have a movable handle. We are thinking about a 9 feet board, or a bit longer. And together with the design, I think we are doing well.
And you know this is dangerous, right?
Yes, we know it is dangerous.
Did you think about that?
The risks and the responsibility will be in your hands, if something happens to him.
By taking this kind of position, they are blocking the communication channels.
I would like to know what you are thinking. Because, in my opinion, the only thing that counts is first-hand experience.
Our plan was to use a simulation technique with some real elements.
Tomorrow well visit someone who has a board that moves on the floor. The guy is going to stand on the board but he will feel safe.
But he will not feel the speed or the wind on his face.
If you do not like it, you can carry out your plan, and well do ours. Kill him, if you like. And that is it.
We are proposing a safe plan.
Do whatever you like.
The team is divided in two.
It is true we have different views but dont feel bad about it. The fact that we dont think alike doesnt mean we have to argue like this.
Leave him alone, he just wants to throw a little tantrum.
I think Nico overreacted a little.
You are putting somebody at risk; you are putting somebody at risk.
Ann Marie and I wanted to try the first hand experience.
I like Zicatela. Send him on holidays to Zicatela.
Good! It looks very nice. This is how the stick would look like.
Good, it looks great. Here is a hole, you screw it in, and it is ready to surf.
It is perfect for him, a kind of game, instead of building it.
You mean something closer to a real board? I dont think so.
It is very difficult to get the mechanism for the board so we have to dive into the sea.
We are on the plane, ready to take off.
Dou you have the video render?
It is ready. With Intel Core i.5 we can do everything very quickly.
It is been hard to find someone well-trained so we asked the people who follow and help us in the chatroom.
Guys, I have some very interesting information.
(Puerto Escondido Airport)
We can meet at last. How is your leg?
Well, you get used to it is weakness.
Can I talk to a surf instructor called Citlalli, please?
Just a few days before the accident, my friends and I were planning to go surfing. But, unfortunately, the accident frustrated my dream.
We are on the beach, in Oaxaca; you have a specially designed board. How do you feel?
I am moved but at the same time I feel nervous and a bit insecure. I am not sure I can fulfill this dream.
What is the weather like right now?
The weather here at Zicatela; the waves are a bit strong so we are going to look for a beach with better weather conditions.
We have a board that will help you slide smoothly on those waves. And we have some experts who will help us polish up the last details so that you can be there fulfilling your dream.
Wow! Wow!
Lift your chest, kneel, and stand on one foot.
I want the board to protect myself, and when the board turns I am under water. Does it matter I dont know how to swim?
Swim? You dont know how to float?
I find it difficult.
We did not see that coming.
You missed to tell us an important detail, dude.
Ready? Come on, Martin! Inside!
S: Did it break?
It broke.
Hi, guys.
Hi, Sebas.
We have a problem. The tool he had to feel safe on the board got broken. Shall we stop the challenge right here?
If he has achieved to stand on the board, he should give it a try.
I will suggest it to him. I dont know what he will say. I think all of us would feel very satisfied if he succeeds. And he himself, too.
We want you to be determined to ride on a wave, I mean to surf, to really stand on the board and ride on a wave.
I will give it a try.
Will you?
Lets give it a try.
We can give it a try. Ready, dude?
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, Martin.
Come on, Martin.Come on, come on.
Good, good.
He stood. He stood. Well done, Martin! Great, that is it!
Well done, Martin!
Can you hear me? Can you see me OK?
Yes, we can see you.
We have good news. Martin has just surfed on a wave.
Thats great! Good, Martin!
I am very happy I could fulfill this challenge. I have never imagined this. And thank you because I could achieve this and I could especially overcome my fears.
I can not believe it.
It was a hard task for The Doers, you know?
Thanks, thanks.