Tamra, The Island: Full Episode 12 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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What are you doing here?
I've heard the news and have come to see what happened.
Who ordered you to do this?
I admire your effort, but
you must not move independently without your superior's order!
May I see the corpse?
You are too enthusiastic about your job.
It was a heart attack, so, there is no evidence,
What's the point of you looking at it?
The corpse is no longer here.
Have you interviewed his family?
Have you finished on the hanging case?
There was a hanging case?
Even if you are interested in deaths of people with status, you must be not interested in the cases of commoners.
This is to express my gratitude.
If I weren't there, it could get serious.
Judging from his complexion and many marks of blood on the dead body,
anyone could suspect of poisoning as the cause of the death.
You know that It is all for the future of Chosun, right?
Of course, I do.
I also did my job all for the great cause.
I am worried about the public eyes of the people in the palace.
Don't worry.
Including all the lords, no one will find it out.
I heard the department of investigation and prosecution is making active movements...
Don't worry about it. Not only Park Gyu's, but
all the reports of investigations are supposed to come to me.
The body came in last night, he's been dead for several days now.
Did you do an autopsy?
There was nothing special found even with naked eyes, awwww...
He did not commit suicide.
Not suicide?
His head did not harden, nor does his neck has any trace of suicide.
It must be that someone murdered him and disguised it as a suicide.
No, we're positive he killed himself.
Boys said they took him down from the rope and brought in here...
Does he have a family?
No, it looks like he's been a hermit for a while, or so, according to the rumors...
So, you investigate based on rumors?
Go out now and find everything about him.
In Jeju, what happened between you and my Gyu?
Like you lost something you must protect to my Gyu...?
Oh, there is!
I lost it to him on the first day he came to Tamna.
So, you spend a night with my Gyu often?
Not often, but sometimes...
I did.
Although he said he didn't do it on purpose,
I was already scolded by my mother and father and there was a rumor in the village already spreading!!
The whole village knew?!
He did such a bad thing to me.
So, I went to the government office right away, but he kept yelling at me, "How dare you!".
But now, he is really kind to me.
But still, did you have to go to the government office?
Anyway, I'm delighted to have you here.
Thank you.
As soon as I find a lawful wife for him, I will accept you as a concubine.
But, as of tomorrow. you learn about being a noble lady.
You must not go outside and tell anybody what you just told me!
Yes, don't worry about it.
Good night, sir.
What did she mean by a lawful wife?
What is "learning to be a noble lady"?
The exile doesn't even visit me even we live in the same house...
So stuffy....
Are you okay out there?
He will be your teacher starting from today.
How did he fall in love with such a troublemaker?
There are things Madam requested.
So, I'll train you based on your body condition.
So, don't worry about that part.
Why do I need all this stuff?
As soon as I find William, I'll leave here right away.
So, you don't need to care about me.
I have nothing to do with who this William guy is.
But a girl shouldn't talk about leaving that easily.
It's not like I don't understand how you feel about losing something important (virginity) even before getting married.
But, you don't need to become a Buddhist nun because of it.
Although you won't be a lawful wife,
being part of this prestigious household is not easy.
The ladies who have been through my classes all have become the most pleasing madams in the entire country.
And I will also make you into the most beautiful grace ever seen.
If you receive love,
it doesn't matter whether it is lawful or not.
What is lawful?
Yes, you've made a good choice.
What do you mean by being pregnant?
As a handsome great man, you have to go through all these love affairs...
This is so painful for me, too.
What do you mean by a love affair?
Mother, what are you talking about?
I have raised a fine son.
I understand that you even consider the love affair with that sort of girl as true love.
And you are taking responsibility for it. You are my son after all.
However, even if she is a daughter of a chief diver in Jeju, her family is not on the same level as us.
It doesn't make sense to consider her as a lawful wife.
It is time for you to get marriage offers. (from other noble families)
Don't go near her for a while.
Young Master.
You are not supposed to come in here!
Come back here this instant.
How is William doing?
Come back now.
When you are sitting quietly and looking down a little bit,
that's when you can look into a man's heart even from a long distance.
Well, I am not even a shaman,
how can I look from a long distance?
Today, let's start with Goo Yong. (nine neat postures of noble ladies)
What is Goo Yong??
Goo Yong means, nine postures
that you need to maintain for neat manners.
Stand up.
From now, listen carefully to what I say and follow them exactly.
Jock Yong Joong: Do not use your feet carelessly while walkng
You have to take a heavy step.
As if you are lifting your heels slightly,
as if a butterfly flies.
Gently and softly, gently and softy, gently and softly, gently and softly...
Oh my, my belly button!! Haha! This is so funny!!
How come a man wears a skirt? Haha!!
What are you writing for this long?
Oh, you finished?
You are here already?
It must be that you are late.
I didn't just come late without a reason.
I investigated a little bit.
About the old guy who hung himself
I had a bit of hard time investigating about him as he has no relatives.
Okay, so please tell me what you found.
He was unofficially married to a woman for a short term before he died.
She didn't want to talk about him as she was worried about being involved with his death.
She said, before he became a commoner level, he used to be a private slave of Lord Lee Gyung San who had been executed with treason.
But, he didn't say how he got a lot money.
How a mere slave who didn't even get any salaries got to have that big money?
Investigate further about the family related to the treason.
Yes, sir.
Oh, bullet! What kind of gun is this for?
This looks quite different from the bullets used for a firelock.
I couldn't find anything like this even at the officer traning school.
This cannot be imported from trading markets with Japan or China or by private merchants.
This is surely imported from overseas.
Is there any way to find where the black market is held?
The merchants are too good with calculating.
Don't get me wrong.
This is all for the investigation.
Hello, there!
Hello, there!
Who are you?
The famous guy in Hanyang!
This is the house of Lord Park Cheol, right?
Yes, that's right, but why do you ask ?
Then, a girl named Jang Beo Jin from Jeju must be here, right?
That's right, but why do you ask me then?
Please give this to a girl named Beo Jin.
She is not supposed to get this kind of letter from another man.
Don't say that. Just give this to her.
If you do this to me, I will be in trouble!
Because of her, the atmosphere of the house is so weird already.
This is nothing big!
It will be great if you can give this to her.
No way, I can't do that!
Beo Jin, I'm doing fine.
I miss you.
Let's meet again.
Around 1 to 3 pm, I will be walking the pass through Naegogae market.
Please come out at that time, then we can see each other.
I haven't been this happy ever in my life.
Prime Minister!
Congratulations, Prime Minister.
Congratulations, sir.
Thank you.
By the way, what happened to the ex prime mini ..?
That is a shame.
He looked so healthy, but died suddenly.
That is why people say we don't even know what's going to happen in near future.
And you said there is someone you want to recommend as a governor of Jeju province, right?
Around 1 to 3 pm, I will be walking the pass through Naegogae market. Please come out at that time.
Where is the place called Naegogae market?
Why do you talk about irrelevant things during your lesson?
Can I go outside for a little while?
If there's something you need to do, do it after your lesson.
It will only take a short time.
Raise the tea pot again.
Generally, you must pay attention to the water used for making the tea.
The boiling sound of tea should sound like the waves in the sea.
Tomorrow, I'll work..4..5..6..no..7 times harder.
You must be the one who doesn't lesson by mere words!
I'm sorry.
Stop there!
Hey, you, troublemaker!
My lady!
Wow, they're pretty good.
Let's go.
I'll be here quietly without people noticing me.
-Can I watch this for a minute? -You shouldn't...
It's okay, I'll wear my hat like this.
Then, shall we watch it for a while?
Geez! Damn!
-Everyone, listen to me! -Start your gibberish!
I just resting at home in the afternoon.
Governor of Pyungyang came out for hunting.
He said, he didn't have a chaser, so I volunteered to be one.
But, without paying me, he just took the pheasant and ran away!
-So, what did you do? -So, what did I do?
I went after them and showed them my big stuff.
Hey, you rascals! Drink my pee!
William! William, where are you?
Beo Jin...
Hey, you! You are such a troublemaker!
Why did you run away? Come with me. If you get caught, we both will die.
Let's go! Go!
He can't speak Korean very well yet.
I will teach him well one by one
So, what did you do before?
I did a lot of things. I learned Latin and did fencing and many others
I also got lessons of nobles.
Like Park Yeon
do you know how to make weapons?
Weapons ?
I can't make weapons,
but I can paint, perform a play, and perform a play as well
I'm good at many things.
Western music and play...?
Those are useless.
Unlike weapons, those can't kill people,
but can give people joy.
Did you say "joy"?
Well, then let's see the joy you can give.
If you can't entertain me
You will not survive
Is chief royal secretary out there?
Send this foreigner to the Music department
What is this?
This is
a haegeum.
That's not how you do it.
Then, what brought you here?
Oh! as of today, this guy became a member of Music department like you guys.
To become a member here, he needs to know how to play "Ahk Gee" (musical instrument).
"Ahk Gee?"
Can you play any instrument?
It could become like a Violin.
I heard that your father became a prime minister recently.
- Tell him that we congratulate him on his promotion. - Yes.
What are you doing here though?
Mother would like to give this to you.
What is this?
These are what my uncle brought from Ching.
I cannot accept such excessive gifts.
I will just accept the kind thought.
Please accept it, Mother.
Forgive me, I was rather thoughtless
It's okay, call me the way as you like. .
I always wanted to have a pretty daughter-in-law like you
How have you been?
And you, Beo Sil, how have you been?
I really wish I could see all of you.
I wouldn't feel so stifled if I could talk to you.
Wearing nice clothes...
Putting on a nice make up and hairdo.
It's all supposed to be so nice, but...
I don't like any of it.
Back then, I really didn't like the sea.
Now... I miss the sea so much...
There's a place you need to go with me.
This is... the ocean?
It's not the sea... but think of it as such.
This Han Yang sea has no rock but there is a pavilion on it It is so beautiful.
There are many trees...
There are no waves...
Diving must be so easy here
What kind of fish are here?
The Han Yang sea and Tamna sea merge together, doesn't it?
Does this make you feel better?
You seem to have more energy...
Now... you seem more like yourself when you smile, troublemaker.
And you... the exile?!?
How dare you speak that way?
See if I ever take you out again...
Don't act like you're doing me a great favor...
If you do, I could throw you into the sea...
If you can, go ahead and try.
You don't think I could do it?
Huh... aigoo...
Just because I said you could...you really did it?!?
I'm sorry.
Don't do it.... don't...
Seriously! Exile!
The skirt is wet too!
- Why didn't you watch her - Don't blame me!
Yes, Madam!
Our guest is leaving...
I'm sorry I made you wait...
Kyu must be late...
That's alright. I came to see you, not your son.
I hope I wasn't a burden to you, staying this late.
Not at all.
How could you really push me in the water just because I said you could?
You told me to try it...
I asked you to stay away from her while discussing your marriage. how come you ignored my request and showed that behaviour in the middle of night?
What is going to happen to our family, if Lord Hong finds out about this?
I am sorry mother, but do not relate this to the family of Lord Hong.
The foxy girl tempted you to be this irrational
-It was my fault, that girl... -You're already defending her, which hurts my feelings so much.
As I tell you again, I will take care of the affair regarding her. Do not even look at the guest house where she stays.
I wonder if I got the Exile into trouble again...
Young Master, you can't come over here.
Your mother strictly ordered that you should not come here. If you get caught by her, I will be killed!
- Did my mother beat her ?
-I don't know anything
Madame said that I must not look at what's happening here or tell you about it.
Get out of here! Hurry Hurry!
What is all this noise?
The noble man is not supposed to act this thoughtlessly
Get out of here quickly please!
You, who is telling you to go that way?
I am just walking around the house. Why are you making it a big deal?
I said that I am okay
I said I am FINE!!!
Are you fine?
I'm fine too....
Although only two more strings were added to Hae Guem,
I wonder how come this beautiful sounds come out from it!
By the way, why do you pull a long face?
I .... feel hurt here
Do you have lung disease?
What shall I do?
We are not that well off to see a doctor.
Brother(Hyung Nim), it is not like that
Then, it is possibly..
because of the gal?
Geez, what can we do?
You must have Sang Sah Byung (lovesickness)
Sang Sah Byung? (Love sickness)
If you have someone you love in mind,
With this illness, you can't eat or sleep..
That is the illness that you may end up dying after suffering for a while.
Please let me meet Beo Jin one more time, please
I beg you
Otherwise, I feel like dying
I feel stuffy to death
There is not much freedom for foreigners in this country..
Dying with Sang Sah Byung(lovesinkness) is better than dying at the guillotine.
Did we do so much wrong?
We are human as well
It is because this country has been through so many wars in the history
It is all because this country have been invaded by many other countries frequently while they did not invade other countries .
I was waiting for you
I am Seo Rin, the president of the merchant group.
I'm Yan Kawamura
When I heard that your company would send us a person, I was quite worried about what a foreigner can do with us in Chosen.
but you are Japanese
I am just an employee of East India Company.
A Japanese born Dutch employee who is good at Korean..
That's interesting
I was told that there is no progress of the situation
Don't you know that impatience may ruin the business?
You should give me good news while I am staying in Chosen.
If the port of Jeju does not open during my visiting
East India Company will not sit idly by and watch it
Make sure to remember
I will keep it in mind
Since the president order us to take good care of you, I prepared the best room here for you.
Please let us know whenever you need something
Help yourself
Excuse me
When would the teacher come?
He said that he doesn't want to come again
why suddenly?
He said that no how much he teaches you, there is no possibility that you will transform into a human.
Then, do you think it is ME?
Although I don't know where you came from. You look so handsome!!
Hey, lady
Did you happen to see any foreigners around here?
I heard that some people have seen them
and I would like to see them too.
You can see foreigners all the time. Why do you want to watch them?
All the time?
Does the foreigner come here very often?
Not only does he comes often
he also drinks so much
He eats so much hors d´oeuvres with drinks too.
Do you know where he lives as well?
Everybody knows that!
As soon as you leave this house, walk along the way and turn around the big pine tree..
and walk down the street. It must be somewhere around there
Then, enjoy!
Give me a drink
Yes, yes
Park Gyu!
How is Beo Jin doing?
It is none of your business
Thank you.
for taking good care of Beo Jin.
I am not taking care of her as you asked me to do it.
I have her stay at my place, since I want to do that.
You don't need to appreciate it
Why are acting this way? He is the one who saved your life.
Let's get in quickly
Let's go.
I guess that Yan Kawamura must be related with the foreigner who Park Gyu brought from Jeju
As a representative of East India Company
He got along with the foreigner when he stayed in England.
It seems that they drifted into Jeju together due to heavy wind and waves on the way to Japan.
That is the vicissitudes of fate
What shall I do?
Opportunities are like birds flying in the sky.
You must keep an eye on him.
The foreigner who brought Park Gyu and Yan Kawamura from the East India Company.....
This is the next play to be done.
The title is Hamlet
Wow, this is amazing
We are also going to play instruments in the middle of the play
Let's decide the cast of the play.
First, the main character Hamlet is you
I'm going to be Hamlet?
Then I want to be dongsan
Dong sang?
If there is Hangnim (sounds similar to Hamlet: older brother), then there must be dong sang (younger brother) as well.
Who is over there?
It is Bong Sam.....
So it is Bong Sam.....
Where are you going in the middle of the night?
Ummm....I am visiting someone
Then I will go with you
But what if we get caught?
Aren't you Bong Sam?
I am just going to go somewhere with Bong Sam.....
How much is it?
You weren't the first woman.....

you were the first woman in my heart....
Then promise me you will love me forever....
I will promise....
Come over here! Let's kiss!
How dare you!
What are you doing in the middle of the play?
How come you kiss me for real?
Have a sit! Sit!
Why don't we just kiss?
What is this?
We are going to have a performance in front of the King with these dolls....
like this....
I feel so secure as you lords support me
We should make it for sure
Why don't you go ahead in advance?
Let us go first.
I got it
If I could meet his highness and Pak Gyu once it would be wonderful.
Did you say that there is immense smuggling with Ching?
When you were in China, did you by chance see any unusual merchandise or hear anything strange?
This is a present I received.
This is the highest quality Ihn sahm (Ginseng) from Yellow mountain.
Which means that these were supposed to be sent to the Palace as a Jin Sang Poom (taxable items)
Where did Yong Gol Dae get these from?
He said that he just got them as a present from someone.
Prime Minister Hong Gu rak is here.
Send him in
Your Highness
What brought you here, prime minister?
It's been long for his Highness to come back
It worried me that you couldn't have observed how the people live yet.
If you walk around the marketplace,
You would be able to watch at a glance how people live these days
Well I am not sure
Your Highness, you should do it.
I will go with you
Then, I'll go look.
This is the store selling the highest quality silk in Han Yang
Right here. This store
these days is where you find rare items from Ching.
I heard that the people have suffered from poverty due to poor harvest.
It seems that luxury goods sell well.
Regardless of the hardships of the people
many nobles are only interested in getting wealthy .
What are they doing over there?
The president of the Seo Rin merchant group seem to be distributing rice to help out poor people.
She is quite righteous and broad minded.
Here you go, the present from Seo Rin merchant group
Don't you turn your head?
Beo Jin!
Park Gyu!
Make sure to kill him!
William! Are you okay?