The Latino Vote is Key to Victory

Uploaded by DemocraticVideo on 26.10.2012

As President Obama said recently, the Latino vote is the key to victory this year. 0:00:05.900,0:00:11.800 And to drive that fact home, today, the President’s campaign released a new advertisement featuring First Lady Michelle Obama and Cristina.
The ad highlights why it is critical that Latinos come out and vote for President Obama on November 6th.
President Obama’s record in supporting the Hispanic community is unprecedented.
It includes making affordable coverage available for up to nine million previously uninsured Hispanics by 2014.
It includes doubling Pell Grant funding so 7,000 more Hispanic students can afford college while making it easier for them to pay back their loans.
And it includes a true commitment to working with Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform and creating a legal immigration system that both rewards hard work and demands responsibility.
The ad, titled “Crítico” also gives state specific early voting information.
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