*How to Paint Hearts* 1 Pintar Corazones Arcoiris - Pintura Facil Para Ti

Uploaded by PinturaFacil on 19.08.2012

Hi! I’m Mathie from Pintura Facil Para Ti (easy painting for you)
What we are going to do today is to paint this heart with window color technique
First of all, we are going to transfer the pattern
going over the design’s back with a pencil
and by rubbing, the design will be transferred to rubber eva, this way
So let’s rub to transfer the design
and then lifting the paper, we’ll see the design
So now we have it
So next step will be to apply some “contour” paint on the lines
We are applying the contour paint to make a good relief
so the “filling” paint doesn’t flood over it
Once we have done all the center design, we can do the outline
because we always have to work inside out. If not, we can remove the paint and spoil the work
Now that the contour is finished, we’ll let it dry about 2 hours
or until the painting is completely dry. Remember this part is very important
because the black can mix up with the other colors
creating ugly stains throughout the design
Now that the paint is dry, what I’m going to do are some stripes
on the big cloud to create more dimension
I’ll apply here some cyan paint
just little strips to obtain a better shape, movement, add more volume
This way, to become apparently spongy
I won't do this to the smallest because it is a little difficult because of the size
then let the cloud dry
while the cyan is drying, we’ll start applying the rainbow colors.
I’ll start with the green and then every color of the rainbow
This is a light lemon green that is seems to me will look great
Next color will be is yellow
It is a pure yellow and we’ll apply it the same way.
we’ll put the paint in the center, a lot of paint
and then we can extend it with a wooden stick
as we always do with this technique
with the wooden stick we’ll lead the paint to the edge
this way... just by going over the area, the paint will stay in place
Let’s start with next color
For next color will use some orange, it’s a bright orange
and will use again the same technique.
spreading the paint all over the area, taking care of edges,
and applying a good amount of paint
this way when paint will dry the surface well covered
but if you don’t want it covers well, put some less paint
or paint areas with much paint and other with less to create a kind of vitral
you can use the paint any way you prefer
Now work again with the stick to place the paint in the edge
at the ends, i just move the paint to the edge
taking care to don’t flood
Last rainbow color will be red. It is a pure light red
and i’ll apply it the same way, going to the edges
I can apply much more paint
then work again with the stick
Next step we’ll paint the sky with cyan.
We’ll use the color of the cloud stripes
So we’ll paint all the background that is in fact the sky
we’ll apply a big amount of paint.
This is very important
When finished, do the same with another part of the sky
In this areas that are very small and complicated
we’ll put a little paint and
move to cover the area.
This way we can be sure the paint doesn’t go over the edges
and the work stay nice
we continue the same way...