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jbjb They come to our competitions and they think, Oh. This is a bit different. You know,
so, so. I think that by, because, apart from anything, we change gender roles. So, em,
you know, the straight world is all full of, sort of, I m the men, the leaders, and the
women are just the little dolls that get knocked around the planks and swished from side to
side. Well, in the, in the competitions for same sex dancing you do, em, you know, you,
you can change roles. So one minute, if you re a man, one man would be leading and taking
the lead role. Next minute, they ve changed hands and the other, and changed round, right
round the other way. And you get marks for gender changing. Really! Yeah. Yeah. Sort
of it s one, you know. It s valued, you know what I mean. OK. 1995 I started to run, er,
the night, Jacky s Jukebox it s called, at the Rivoli Ballroom and em, I m holding up
a picture of the Ballroom here. You won t be able to see me because I am right at the
end of the room. But you can see it s a, a really old ballroom. It s one of the mm s
one of the em only ballrooms really that s left in London. And em, I m very proud of
the fact that I started that night in 1995. I ve been there every Saturday. Every first
Saturday of the month for all those years right up to now which is two thousand and
ten. And em, er, each month a crowd of lesbian and gay men come and they just come and dance
and, actually it s, it s a mixed night. It s, it s on, it s very unique. It s the only
mixed em, lesbian and gay and straight night so you get some elderly people waltzing round
the room next to two tall lanky twenty four year old gay men dancing. It s, it s, it s
a very, em, interesting environment. And that s also the venue where the Pink Jukebox run
the Pink Jukebox Trophy which is our annual dance competition. And I ve got a picture
here of myself and my partner, em, taking part in 1999 in er, the Pink Jukebox trophy.
And this is the, this is the certificate that we won at the time. Em, I think we came first
in the C Category or something like that probably. Em, but er, I ve been organising competitions,
same sex dance competitions there ever since and em, there s a couple more pictures here.
Just hold them up for a minute. It s a very long time ago now. Em, er and we re still
competing. Mary and I, we travel round all over the world. We went to the Amsterdam Gay
Games and we em, participated there and we went to the, the gay games in Montreal. And
this year we are actually taking part in the gay games in Cologne, er, Cologne. Yeah. In
July. It s going to be fantastic. Usually get about em, well between ten thousand and
fourteen thousand lesbian and gay men taking part in that, that, quite a few of us go from
London. Er, I ve got a few other pictures here. These are, actually looks like a whole
load of sailors, but em, they are pictures of the Pink Dancer perform at the Greenwich
Dance Agency and er, there is myself and my partner, Mary, in the group. And we had sailor
s costumes made up, up for this particular performance because it had a theme. The theme
for the night was, er, travelling round the world. And we all, we all em had our costumes
em, like sailors. Er, but you can see, it s a really great group to belong and take
part and em, we ve travelled all over the world with them. And we ve taken part in the
Stonewall, em, Labour Party Conference there. Em, ah yeah, the Rivoli Ballroom. Er, it s
unique. It s got red velvet walls and chandeliers And as I say, I ve only missed, I think I
ve missed four DJing slots in fifteen years. So I ve been there, the first Saturday of
every month em, for all those years. You get transvestites come in, you get er, you know,
em, just all sorts of er, different people. Men lead. The ladies can lead. You get two
women dancing together. You get two men dancing together. And sometimes when we do the community
dances, which is em, things like the Mayfair Quick Step and the Lilac Waltz, it means people
changing partners. So one minute, you know, you get a, a couple in their 80s trotting
round the floor, you know, doing a certain dance and the next minute, everybody moves
on and the old gentlemen has got a gay man at the end of his hands. And he trots round
and he does a And now, after fifteen years, nobody bats an eyelid about who they are dancing
with, what sex they are, whether they ve got a mini-skirt on and they are a man or, you
know, whether they ve got a, a, a tuxedo and suit on and they are a woman er, or whether
they are just, you know, Mr. Miss and Mrs. Average from down the road. They all get on
the floor the same time. I don t know any other place anywhere where there is such tolerance
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