Adidas 2013-14 Spain Home Jersey Review -

Uploaded by SoccerProVideo on 07.12.2012

What's up guys? I'm here with the 2013 Spain home jersey.Very cool team,
very famous out there, now always putting on on a clinic
every time they step on the field.
And, it's an awesome jersey with the fame for La Furia Roja. Now, this jersey is going to be worn
in the 2013 Confederations Cup and here are some of the interesting
things about this jersey. This jersey is the traditional Spanish red with yellow
accents around the neck and shoulders and the blue at the sleeves.
The yellow looks great against the red with the adidas three stripe piping along the
sleeves and a deep "V" at the neck that definitely stands out with a new take on the
traditional style.
New to the jersey is the 2010 World Cup patch to claim their title as world
You'll see they still keep the star above the almighty Spanish crest on the left chest.
This jersey is going to be worn by the current European and World Champions. You can't get better than
Now, it looks great and it's a fantastic way to represent one of the
best soccer teams in history.
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