SYTYCD 2012 - Season 9 Week 2 - Performance and Choreography Interviews - Travis, Sonya, Tyce

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SONYA TAYEH: When I was a dancer, I couldn't
wait to get on there.
You know what I mean?
So I think the anticipation of being number eight may take a
little bit more, when you hear the responses and see the
other pieces, it might put some pressure on them.
But I just always tell them to stay in their own intention,
to keep themselves focused on their time.
BRANDON MITCHELL: I was kind of happy where we were.
I'm glad we weren't first.
But I was glad because the beginning of the
show, you're excited.
And then going into it, you still have that excitement,
you still have that energy, you still have that adrenaline
to carry you through the routine-- to keep you zoned
out and ready to do your thing.
So I was happy with going early in the show.
GEORGE LAWRENCE II: To sit there and wait just gets your
nerves going, and I'm just glad we got it out of the way.
TIFFANY MAHER: And that was the best thing, is we got off
stage, and we were both like, wait!
We don't want that to be the last time.
We want to do it again.
TYCE DIORIO: There were so many beautiful pieces on the
show tonight.
Obviously Jason's piece with Cole and Lindsey, Travis's
piece, Sonja's piece, Tab and Napoleon's piece.
COLE HORIBE: The piece before us was so brilliant.
And then we had to top that.
And we're the last thing in the whole show.
So everyone's comparing us to all the other pieces.
So it was inspirational and also
intimidating at the same time.
KENNY ORTEGA: Tonight, just looking down at my monitor,
there were moments that I thought were so unbelievably
magical between the camera and the choreography and the
I think this show does a really great job of carrying
the energy out of the room through the television screen.
CHRIS SCOTT: You really make the camera one of the dancers.
For this particular piece, everything was very staged.
You want to sit back and just watch all the visuals.
ALEXA ANDERSON: When we're dancing, we feel like we're
really full out.
When we watch the playback, it's almost like everything
needs to be 10 times more full out for it to read on camera.
So it's definitely something that we need to get used to.
MATTHEW KAZMIERCZAK: You know, you can have a great audience
for a normal show, but for
television, it's way different.
And I feel my stage presence has gotten a little bit better
just because you have that energy and you just
play up to it now.
It's awesome.
AUDREY CASE: It definitely makes you more confident.
It makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
TRAVIS WALL: Audrey, she's 18.
She's very young, and she pulled up and came across with
her story, and they kept getting better
and better and better.
And they're both beautiful technical dancers, but as far
as chemistry and performance was going along, I
wasn't sure about it.
I think they both did an amazing job, and
I'm so proud of them.
They definitely deserved that standing ovation tonight.
I'm going to be completely honest, and I cannot wait to
work with Cyrus.
There's something about him.
I love his work ethic, first of all.
I see the way the other choreographers are him, and I
have a song in mind for him.
So I think there's a really cool concept I've kind of
waited for to get him.
CYRUS SPENCER: It's not getting easier.
By all means, no.
And yeah, I'm literally getting my training right now.
Like, as we speak, I'm going to leave and probably start
dancing and training because we have big stuff in
the works right now.
ELIANA GIRARD: Big stuff in the works.
But he's doing an incredible job.
It's amazing working with him because when we're in the
studio, if we're working on a move, he will go so hard on
that move every time.
You just see him doing it to make sure he has it.
He's such a hard worker.
NICK BLOXSOM-CARTER: Amber, I thought, was super good at the
Viennese waltz.
Like, she did so well.
And I knew that she could do it because it was so lyrical,
And she was freaking out in the beginning, but I'm like,
please, please, just trust me.
Like, you can do it.
AMBER JACKSON: He was the greatest partner.
She brought it.
We brought it.
AMELIA LOWE: I think having hip hop first out of the gate
was scary at first because you're like, all right, I'm
immediately out of my element.
How am I going to handle this?
But I think it really worked to our benefit because it
right off the bat showed America, hey, we're versatile.
You can throw us a hip hop dance, and we can handle it.
TABITHA DUMO: We love to find that balance.
We want to challenge them enough.
But then we always want to make sure that they feel good
enough that they're able to perform because half of it is
their performance quality.
If they can't perform it, then they're
not going to be relatable.
They're just doing movement.
And the judges say it time and time again-- yeah, you were
fantastic, but you were blank.
CHEHON WESPI-TSCHOPP: I definitely hope we make it far
enough that we can get the chance to work with--
Sonya's one of my favorite.
Mia Michaels.
And Travis Wall.
Tyce Diorio.
Those are the ones I obviously know.
Seeing tonight how great some of those other routines were--
Jason Gilkison and NabbyTabs--
it's like, wow.
So everyone's going to be great.
JANELLE ISSIS: We might get to work with our favorite next
week, so we'll see.
We'll see, yeah.
JANELLE ISSIS: One of our favorite.
We have lots of favorites, so.
Oh, it's gonna be good.
It's gonna be spicy.
I'm Darien.
JANELLE ISSIS: And I'm Janelle.
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