DEPLOI in ..... "A Valentine's rhyme for all"

Uploaded by DEPLOI on 14.02.2012

To Folks who over indulged in the Holiday Hall-mark cards & gifts can never really say
I mean they put words to what the heart feels.... man be original & tell ur Love what's real...
& That way u aint ever gotta cut stems Let Love be the flower that grows from within....
See Everytime That U nourish & feed Light
That growth between Hearts reach's new heights...
So All the time to me is Valentines
I show compassion & appreciation, for all Life
& Not just ur wife, girl or *uck-friend All friends that you have should know U Love
So go buy jewerly & a dozen roses
But roses die & bling can always get stolen
Yeah...if material brings u happiness U'll never really understand
why I wrote this!!! ....
Its not like cupid w/ an arrow Or some kid w/ a Love Gun & a barrel
Nahhh Its 'bout respect for ur fellow beings
Life should be Love Everyday in unity....
One love yall!!!