PEPID for BlackBerry - Searching for a Drug or Clinical Topic

Uploaded by pepidllc on 02.11.2010

After launching the PEPID application on your BlackBerry,
select your PEPID Suite to open it.
At the top of this screen is a search bar which will allow you to find content
within PEPID’s index.
Let’s select the “Emergency Medicine Section”
As you can see, content is presented in bulleted format, allowing you to quickly
find what you are looking for.
Here we have topics for Resuscitation & Trauma, Anatomic, Systemic,
and Psychiatric Emergencies, as well as Toxic & Environmental…
Let’s look at the Resuscitation & Trauma Section.
Let’s choose the Advanced Cardiac Life Support Section,
then the Pulseless Arrest Algorithm
As we scroll through the content, you see embedded camera icons.
These icons represent embedded images—in this case a rhythm strip for V-Tach.
To go back to the algorithm, simply click the back button on your BlackBerry.
If you press the Blackberry button, this will bring up a Quick Links menu that
allows you to navigate quickly through this topic.
There are drugs listed in this algorithm, let’s click on Epinephrine…
This takes us to related information on this drug…
Let’s go back to our index screen by using hotkey “S”, you could also return to
this screen by pressing the BlackBerry Button, and then Home.
We just found information through the Contents Section…
Now let’s try to find information through the index…
Let’s look for Amoxicillin…
Under Adult Dosing, we can tap these hyperlinks to go to a dosing calculator…
to go back to the content on Amoxicillin, press the back button on your
Let’s bring up our QuickLinks Menu – as you can see, there are sections for
BEEM, or Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine, as well as Evidence-Based
These topics allow you to incorporate best evidence into actual practice.