Crazed Fans Shoot Hockey Mascots with Bow and Arrow!

Uploaded by archerytag on 05.01.2013

Tonight, we happen to have
the creator of Archery Tag
John is here as well as Grant...
They're our expert shooters;
they're going to attempt to score
300 points combined.
If they do it, Shawn, our contestant...
you'll win a $500 prize from Crazy Pinz.
Now our mascots are the targets...
And the closest targets here on the blue line...
closest to our shooters are worth 10 points.
Center ice: they're worth 20 points.
And Icy and Icy-Normous on the far end
are worth 30 points if they're hit.
You guys each get 60 seconds.
You guys will take turns.
John's gonna go first.
Alright, here we go!
[music and cartoon bonks]
And another 20! Time's up!
Alright, 120! That means to get 300...
Grant will have to get 180!
So your 60 seconds begins...
right now!
[more music and cartoon bonks]
Ohhh! 280!
280! We're 20 short!
I'll tell you what, one more arrow!
We'll make ourselves a winner over here!
In order to claim your prize,
we're going to shoot that apple off your head!
[cheers and music]
Here Shawn, congratulations buddy!
Let's hear it for Shawn!
Winner of a $500 VIP party for 25 people
a sweet party at Crazy Pinz!
Archery Tag, man!