Jeff Richman with Xotic RC Booster & EP Booster

Uploaded by XoticGuitars on 05.09.2010


Now, I'm playing the Sadowsky Jim Hall model jazz box.

On my previous album called "Aqua"...
I played this guitar on almost every song.
And on my newest album called "Like That"...
I played it on 2 songs.
And the only pedals I used were these 2 pedals.
The RC Booster, which is...
Let me show you the difference between the flat...
...or just the regular sound and the RC Booster.
This is with it.

It just adds to the tone a little bit more...
...little more highs. I dialed in a little more highs.
It's more clear. It's got more clarity...
...than before.
Hear that difference?
Now with.
OK. That's the RC Booster.
The EP Booster.
Even though they're kind of similar...
They are not, really.
The EP Booster adds more like depth.
Or like... makes it sound bigger.
RC makes it sound more clearer. If that makes sense.
So, here's without the EP Booster.
Sort of...
Sounds god without but...

It's almost like the strings are thicker.
There's more width to the sound.
Now of course, why not use both.

It adds a little bit of distortion, which I like.
Because I'm not a straight-ahead jazz guitar player.
So, on the RC Booster I just add a little touch of distortion.
But it's still a jazz guitar. And then, ultimately...
I turned the volume down a little bit on my guitar.
So I have room to play.
Now I'll play something.

Caption: Yumi Adachi