Jersey shore Snooki's makeup tutorial

Uploaded by kutrendSIM on 06.04.2012

Hello everybody, my name is Faye Smith, I'm a makeup and hair artist based in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Today I want to do a more fun makeup tutorial
I don't know if anyone out there will admit it, but I know you all love Jersey Shore, I know I do
And myself and a couple of my friends have Jersday every single Thursday at the moment
So today I want to do a Jersey Shore tribute makeup
I'm going to copy Snooki's makeup
But I'm going to do a little bit, mostly I'm going to copy her hair too
So watch that tutorial as well and have a giggle over me. But I'm going to do more a Faye's version of the makeup
Because I'm certainly no way near as tan as Snooki is as I haven't seen sunlight for quite sometime. I'm very pale but I'm will wear bronzer today
So here is my Jersey Shore Snooki makeup look
So I'm going to begin the makeup with foundation and concealer as always
I am just going to do the routine as I would do normally and I'm going to add my tan using a various different type of bronzers later
I have originally thought about using a foundation that is darker than my skin tone but I think I want to keep it still a little bit more real
And maybe if it were some more time I might do something a little darker but now let's go with natural
So I'm just going to shove my hair up out of my face for now so I don't end up with messy hair, as I'm going to be styling it later
I'm going do a concealer first
So I'm going to put this concealer under my eyes to kind of brighten around the eyes. As well as to eliminate some of the darkness that I have
And then anywhere else I see the redness such as between my eyebrows, tends to be red. And the part that is really annoying zit pop up there, which is 'wonderful'
Any of the blemishes and around which I'm trying to get them
So next I want to give myself extra coverage, I'm going to use the same product I always do, my Young Blood Loose Mineral Foundation in the same colour that I'm using in the moment
For coverage I'm going to add a little more than I would do normally as I guess Snooki's look is always an evening clubbing look
Where, you know you do tend to put more makeup on at night time, but the Jersey Shore way is makeup all day. Kind of cool right
So this is the part that could be really hilarious as I haven't use this product before
I'm gonna use Bourjois Paris
Even result without rubbing in one day whole bronzer spray
I just sprayed it on my hand and it just came out kind of orange so I'm really interested in how this looks. But the Jersey Shore look is tanned so let's give this a go
You see them in the show and they're like going out before a night hour and there're just like (spraying) all over the face. I want to do that, but I'm scared
So I must admit I have been a little bit wimpish with the bronzer spray, but in time
And with someone come along, I would learn how to be more brave with it
But of course we need even more bronzer
So now I'm going to now use a bronzer powder as well
I really love this product from Vasanti, it's a fairly new product that just came out last year, is called the Brazilian Bronzer
And it's a mineral powder so it blends very very easily, it is made of micro minerals
So I absolutely love this one so I'm just going to kind of give my self a little dust on my cheeks and maybe be a little dust all over as well
It has a little bit of shimmer in it too, which is always nice. I am a shimmer fan
I'll get the bigger brush and just smear it all over as well
So now I'm in a Jersey Shore skin tone, just on my face and neck
I'm now ready to do my Snooki eyes
So the eye shadow is very glamorous, dark, black and grey smoky eyes
It's great for the night time
So I'm going to use a couple of different products. The first product I'm going to use is just a Silvery White Shimmer
And I'm just going to put it on the inside of my eye and the brow bones, just to start everything up
This stuff can get quite messy so I suggest using a dabbing motion
So, that's good for shimmer. So, just going to refer to a picture of her right now. Maybe I can show you guys in the camera
So we are going to do a silver and grey smoky eye with black more focusing on the outer corner on the top and the bottom
So I'm going to begin with silver
Silver is quite dark silver
I'm going to put the silver right on the inside of my eye
And then next I'll use grey, grey right there
Okay, now I'm ready to add my black
So I'm going use an angle brush for this, and this time around I'm using my young blood black eyeshadow
It's all very smoky. So, I'm just going to kind of apply along the lash line
Colours kind of blend together very nicely. Now, I'm going to do the other side, just like how I did that side
Using my angle brush to apply
So now it's looking very smoky
So now my eye shadow is all done, and is all smoky, Snooki style
I'm going to add a black eyeliner
Black liquid eyeliner and I'm just going to add it to right to the lash line here
I don't want it too prominent because the look is all very smoky
And then I'm going use a black eye pencil to line the inside of my eye
So my eye design is complete, I just need to finish this up with eyelashes
So I want to do some huge eyelashes to be true Jersey style
I'm going to use a pair just like this
So I'm just going to trim a tiny little bit
And then I'm going to use my Duo eyelash glue
Apply the Duo glue to the rim of the eye lashes like so
Then I'm going to grab some tweezers
And I'm going to hold on to the eyelashes just like so, like this
Let the glue dry a little bit, so it's a little bit tackier, it'll just make them easier to apply
Now these ones are probably a little bit more dramatic then ones that Snooki would wear
But why not be a little bit crazy today
So want to let the glue dry a little bit first, before putting on some mascara
So just a couple minutes then put mascara on and then we can move on to lips
So I waited for the glue to dry a little bit and I can now apply black mascara
I like it to be as black as possible
And the eyelashes are already pretty dramatic so I don't really want to get too much on the actual false eye lashes
I just want to get it on to my eyelashes so that they
Because my eyelashes are fairly fair in colour
So I want to make them black as well and I also want to kind of blend them to the false eye lashes
So I lied on my last step, there is one more step before lips which is eyebrows
My eyebrows looks very wash out at the moment so I need to fill them in a little bit
And I'm going to do them like Snooki does which is actually fairly natural
A little bit of definition and little bit of colour but pretty natural
I'm going to use a variety of brown colours that match my hair colour and an angle brush to do that
And I'm just going to kind of lightly fill my eyebrows
Just following my natural shape
So I want to finish my Snooki look here with her nude lip that she always wears
It's a very nude skin colour
I'm going to choose this one right here today
And I'm going to apply it with a brush
And then I'm going to use just a nudy colour lip gloss over the top as well
So here you have my Faye-Bronze version version of my Jersey Shore Snooki look
I kind of felt like I should, just like, take this and do it once over again, but
Really now I'm scared of that bronzer spray right now
So this is my winter version of Jersey Shore Snooki look
Maybe I'll do another one in the summer time when I'm more tanned