Can I Afford Biological Dentistry?

Uploaded by BiologicalDentistry on 24.02.2012

I’m Doctor John Augspurger and I’m a Biological Dentist. I’m also referred to as a holistic
dentist, or natural dentist. Patients frequently ask us, “I’m interested
in biological dentistry, but it sounds expensive. Can I afford it?”
The truth is, our fees are about the same as other dentists, but we deliver all of the
other advantages of biological dentistry. You get more value for your dollar because
at BioDentist, we take into account the impact of your dental health on your overall health.
If we are more expensive, it’s because you are getting more. We offer truly unique services
that traditional dentists are unaware of, and your insurance may not want pay for but
our patients demand. For the same reason that you choose organic
food, you should also choose a biological dentist. If you choose to invest in yourself,
and you see what sets us apart, you’ll find that our fees reflect the level of care and
quality of service you demand. Some traditional dental practices see as many
patients in a day as we see in a month. We are not a drill, fill, and bill dental mill,
so please don’t compare us to one. The problem with those operations is that they view you
as just another molar. When people come to us, we often have to un-do what’s been done
as quickly as possible, without taking your health into consideration. At BioDentist,
we only accept patients that we know that we can help and will be successful. And because
of our level of thorough service and attention to detail, we only accept a limited number
of patients each month. This allows us to have enough room in our schedule to care for
your special needs, and do things right. We need to identify your dental issues right
now, because, whether you like it or not, dental disease is progressive. If you choose
to do nothing at all, you’ll never be as healthy in the future as you are today.
You see, we only get one set of adult teeth. The more damage there is, the more it costs
to fix. So, by taking care of dental disease right now, it will be much easier, will cost
less, and will be much more comfortable than if you wait. Fixing your mouth will never
be less expensive than right now. With biological dentistry, you get a better return on investment
than with traditional dentistry, resulting in less pain, a longer lasting outcome, and
ultimately less money spent on your dental health.
If you’re short on cash, don’t let that keep you from moving forward. We have creative
ways to help you pay for what you want. At BioDentist, our expert staff can help you
with that. So the final question is what is a healthy
mouth worth to you?