Add your SavvyCard email signature to Thunderbird

Uploaded by savvyphone on 11.04.2012

Hi, I’m Eric Hicks, one of the web developers for SavvyCard.
In this quick video, I’ll show you how to add your SavvyCard email signature to your
Thunderbird email client.
First, log into SavvyCard and you’ll be directed to the MyCards page. If you are already
logged in, just click My Cards in the menu at the top.
Choose the SavvyCard for which you want to create an email signature and click Edit this
Next click the Marketing tab. Then click Generate and Download Signature.
SavvyCard gives you three options for creating email signatures depending on what email client
you use. Thunderbird uses the Code method.
We are going to select the code and copy it to the clipboard, so click and hold in the
white area either before or after the code snippet and highlight the email signature
To copy to the clipboard, you will press control-C on your keyboard for windows, or command-C
if you are using a Mac.
Next, open Thunderbird.
From the menu bar, click Tools.
Then click Account Settings.
Make sure you are editing the correct email account, in case you have multiple emails
configured. In this case, I only have one email account.
You’ll want to make sure you’re on the account’s Default Identity window and you’ll
see a field labeled Signature Text.
Make sure the Use HTML checkbox is checked.
Then click in the large text area labeled Signature Text.
Now press control-V on your keyboard for windows or command-V for Mac to paste your SavvyCard
signature code into the text area.
Click OK to save your changes.
To verify your signature is working, simply click the Write button in the upper-left to
create a new email.
You’ll notice that there’s a broken image icon at the bottom of the email. This is where
your SavvyCard signature will display.
It looks like it’s broken, but it’s really not. To make certain, send yourself an email
by filling out the To field with your email address. Fill out the subject field with anything
(I”m just going to call it test), and then I’m going to type test in the body of the
email as well.
Then click send.
After it completes sending the email, click Get Mail in the upper-left and the email you
just sent should appear in your inbox. Click the email and you’ll notice your SavvyCard
email signature at the bottom of your email.
Thank you for watching this video, and thank you for using SavvyCard!