Lucas Gardezani Abduch - inscrição Youtube NextUp (English subs available!)

Uploaded by lucasgabd on 12.01.2012

Everything ok?
My name is Lucas Gardezani Abduch and I'm a juggler
I'm an youtube partner, my channel is called "Malabarize-se" (Juggle yourself)
my username is lucasgabd
Most of my videos are about juggling:
hardcore juggling,
videos of juggling trips and much more.
The Youtube NextUp is a cultural contest to accelerate the development of youtube partners
win the contest would make possible several projects in the future, for example:
197 new juggling tutorials in portuguese, with english subtitles.
To help people learn how to juggle, the tutorials will be open to audience suggestions
The complete coverage of juggling and circus events in Brazil and abroad
where I'll be able to record amazing videos
I intend to cover at least 8 events in Brazil and 1 event abroad before the end of 2013.
But we'll probably have more than that
We'll also have interviews with jugglers globally recognized
and, of course, videos that aren't about juggling.
With the prize money I'll be able to buy a camera that can record in Full HD,
makes time lapses and quality slow motion.
besides memory card,
extra battery,
a bag to carry the camera and my juggling equipment,
great lens and a notebook that doesn't seems to be trying to lift off when I'm rendering a video
maybe even raise my room's ceiling height, to be able to practice 7 balls.
pay for travel expenses and registration of the juggling events.
And take courses to learn more about video and image editing.
juggling is my life, and I love to produce content to youtube.
I have a different proposal of what we see here in Brazil normally
and I believe that it has everything to succeed
Win the Youtube NextUp will enable me to create even better content
to youtube,
to Brazil
and to the world.
Voting starts on january 23.
I'm counting on you.