Renoir's Red Cedar Arbor with Derek Fell

Uploaded by cedarstore on 27.08.2010

I call this the Renoir Arbor because it’s very similar to a number of arches and arbors
that Renoir painted. He especially liked to paint women and children sitting inside an
arbor. But, this one announces the entrance to a garden space. It makes a good transition
from one garden area to another. Also, an arbor helps to direct visitors through a garden
because when they see an arch or an arbor they naturally want to walk towards it to
see what is on the other side. It’s made from very strong western red cedar which is
rot resistant. You can see on the sides here we have some trellis. The trellis will support
all kinds of vines. In this particular case, I plan on planting clematis. Clematis is a
very light-weight vine. It does not encourage rot. It is very flowery and there are many
colors including yellow, red, and blue that you can adorn this kind of structure with.