Indio National Date Festival 2011 Invaded by BurkeMedia & BurkeCast

Uploaded by burkemediatube on 24.03.2011

Of course, BurkeMedia is going to invade the Indio Date Festival that happens every year.
And right now, we uh... we're in the beginning process, which is always the hardest-
I never know where to buy tickets or where to park.
While we look for that, you guys just keep watching.
Connor: You can't even see, dude! That's amazing! Michael R. Burke: I think Robots are taking the orders...
Connor: That's gotta... gotta be it! That's the only... explanation...
After you pay your $10.00 to get in and your $25.00 for rides, that's when the joy and festivities begin - We have Monkey Madness as soon as you enter.
And every year you have the giant, enormous Ferris wheel, which we're gonna start in, so you can get a view of the entire fair, and all the craziness there is to do.
Michael: WHOOOOOA! We're gonna get 360 degrees of the valley upside down!
And I thought this was just a Ferris wheel! We got on the wrong ride everybody!
Richard: (laughter) I love that!
Michael: What if I was a pregnaunt woman and I accently got on this one?
For those of you who don't know why it's called "The Date Festival".. has nothing to do with people walking in front of you on their dates...
Now there's another camera person getting in my way- we have such polite people here in Indio...
You know, around February, it makes sense with Valentine's Day it's a place to take your
"dates" or whatever, but what it's actually referring to is the fruit. And one thing
they've always told me I gotta try out is the Date Shakes.
I have never had one before, you are about the witness, the
live, first ever footage, of Michael Burke, drinking a date shake...
That is if I can get it through the straw...
Okay, I am not sure if this is a shake... or ice cream...
It's a magic trick! Watch, get this! I am gonna amaze these kids!
Michael: Is it a shake or is it ice cream? Kids: I don't know, drink it! It is ice cream.
Michael: The sign says shake! Kids: Is it good?
Michael: It's delicious! And it's clogging up my arteries as we speak.
I also just had a deep fried twinkie, I think I am gonna dip it inside of this and then... Kids: aaahhhhh yeaaa! Do it!!!1
Michael: and you know those bacon wrapped around the hotdogs... and GLUP! GLUP!
Have one everyday and you'll live to be 14! ....assuming you're 12...
Don't eat me! Instead, drink date shakes. Yes, I have four arms.
Or is it ice cream, and not a shake? Is this cannibalism?
Michael:What do you think about these? Some people come just to have these! Connor: Oooh yeah! My heart is just about to burst... it's gonna be awesome!
Hilby: Listen kids, all the tricks you saw me doing, your parents can do.
And last, but not least, this show was brought to you by the Riverside County Fair. The Riverside County Fair. It's free!
All my profits go to charity. . .(laughter) I'm sorry, here we go guys, here's the trick. Here we go, check it out!
I'm gonna show you some cool tricks. Wanna see something extremely stupid and dangerous? You're looking at it!
Hilby: I'm Hilby, the skinny German juggle boy!
Michael: How long have you been doing these tricks?
Hilby: I've been doing it like... 20 years now. Michael: Right on! That's all?
Hilby: That's all, I was a social worker in Germany.
Michael: So you actually lived in Germany? Hilby: I grew up there, yeah, till I was... 21, yeah.
Michael: So what are you now? Like 22? Hilby: Close. (laughter) 42. Michael: Oh,right on!
Michael: So how long have you been coming here to the Indio Date Festival? Hilby: It's my 3rd time.
Michael: Yeah, I saw you last year. Hilby: Let's watch the kids play with knives, it's much more entertaining.
Michael: So can they order the DVD on the internet? Hilby: Of course they can order the DVD on the internet! :D
Michael: What's your website? Tell them! Hilby: It's Hilby dot net. H - I - L - B - Y dot net.
Or just google "skinny german juggle boy" and I'm the one. Not too many of us out there. Michael: Right on, right on!
Hilby: You have a question? Oh, you wanna buy a magnet? You can also buy this magnet online!
Michael: Are you on Facebook and Twitter? Hilby: I am on Facebook and Twitter, every janitor is on Facebook and Twitter!
man, Of course, you have to be, social media is the thing. Hilby: I overthrew the Egyptian government with my Twitter account.
Hilby: It was me. Michael: Awesome, thank you! Thank you very much. Hilby: Thanks guys!
Michael: I'll "like" you and "follow" you. Hilby: Don't don't do that. I don't wanna be that guy.
And that was BurkeMedia and BurkeCast's experience at the 2011 Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival, in Indio, Ca.
From the rides, the games, the petting zoo, the show, the concerts with artists such as Switchfoot and Kellie Pickler.
brings the excitement and thrill, making it a favorite of the Coachella Valley every year!
And is a perfect showcase for us local media companies to use our professionalism to share the experience with you!