DNS Techpack Tutorial Ep. 0

Uploaded by NGXII on 12.01.2013

let's see, why am I here
all right so i'm trying to put together a much-needed tutorial
for the DNS Techpack
this is my first Minecraft video so bear with me here
so i have
put together a server with the DNS Techpack
and i'm trying it for the very first time
i'm pretty experienced with Minecraft
so I've got the basic recipes down
and I've played around with tekkit and
feed the beast quite a bit
so i know general stuff like insustrialcraft, buildcraft
i'm pretty reliable on that
but with this pack
according to the Minecraft start screen it loaded 120
that is an amazing thing
i have never
wait, hold on..

either that's the new update or that's really cool
there's a bunch of little things in this mod such as
the little sprites
being three-dimensional now
bunch of fun stuff
oh, now there was a
that i encountered
when I was first logging in. I couldn't move, whenever I would look around it would glitch
like that
I also spawned in the middle of
the dirt
so I
kinda suffocated several times but that may have been a map issue
but here's how you fix that
so first off you've got to type
/register, that's registering for the server, because that glitch only happens on multiplayer
space, and then you want to type in a password, so
let's be original here
and then type in the..

type it in again, so that's sorta like a
password confirmation thing
and then you press enter. now normally it would say welcome to the server
and you will be able to move
it's a strange feature, I don't know why it's there, I'm sure i'll find out later, but
there you go
so about this show, again I'm new to the DNS Techpack
and I'm sure a lot of people are as well, it's fairly new as far as I know
and, you know, you can...
let's just ignore the weird stuff going on
so hopefully
you'll learn it as i know
we'll learn it together here
so first off
we do need a base of operations as in any
classic survival map

oh, and by the way, this shimmering book
that's uh... slot one in my inventory
uh... is
something that you spawn in with
in both singleplayer and multiplayer, it's called the pet bat manual
and I read it earlier, it's about
I guess it's one of the mods, allows you to keep a pet bat
and this is the guide for it
you can read through it
you know it's pretty easy to read a book, so I'm not going to go
into the technicalities of that
let's try not to attract attention here
I had the server running for just a tad and it became night. So let's run over here and dig ourselves a hole.
save some for charcoal
okay, so
now that we're safe

it's time to strike the earth!
so in this I'm not going to do much skipping around, instead of making it all short and stuff
I'm going to include everything I do
so you don't miss anything
however if you're in a rush and want to skip to the important bits
i'll have small comments on the bottom with time stamps allowing you to..
tell you where to skip to
so you can go to the part of the video that you like
in my next video i'm going to cover how to start off using industrialcraft
which is a great starting-off mechanism, it's how I normally start
and it's all about how to get more out of your ore
more bang for your buck
and there are plenty of industrialcraft tutorials out there
is the basis.. it's in this mod as well so I might as well cover it, if anything
for practice
of the
terrifying times to come
I look forward to exploring this mod with you guys, and...
see you next time
this was episode zero
of my tutorial. oh, and you can call me paul