SECSRT 066 Are the Mayans on Central Standard Time?

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and welcome to SEC Sports Roundtable, this is your host Shane Bailey
back for episode number sixty six
of the podcast we do a video version of this on youtube, so if your checking this out
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a live hang out
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have with me and i'm sure you know who are confirmed
chain is the most wonderful family here my friend
except for the you know this how and when we have in the area
except for the
here the funny thing is is a word nashville earned the milton syria and i
was i was actually biblical today
the fact that it was raining and uh... like thirty mile-per-hour winds and this
is the rain stopped it dropped about fifteen degrees
but not a good a good golf day but it's the most wonderful time if the year
not about Christmas Shane it's the bowl season
it's already started
and now is this game two tonight as we're recording?
this is game three right now we've got a
BYU and san diego state just kinking off the second half if anyone wants to know when we are recording
this building
we start offering with uh... that arizona
the Arizona game
guy i'm blanking on who they played know I can't believe I can't remember this.
they end up coming back in a
ten points i think with
with about fifty seconds left ur menon fifty sites lebanon up when you plan on
such a time when the game so
wonderful wunderphotos demonic when one of one forty five
forty eight
throughout their top thirteen forty scored two touchdowns and under two
minutes of what a great way to start the ball season giant
you have hurricanes in part of that and i look like he was back in for
burlington was not
but he had a lot of
but no one gets it back and forth in the sense that nobody got up twenty one of
and they got tired of twenty one
and then
there's a without it though and then the bottom-up twenty eight nm
mayors of the time between eight in the nevada desert vaguely it was really more
bears i had to be a dry and say they are score
nevada twenty one nothing at one point the first half mails form twenty one two
three and four court irksome
it was a crazy coming is on the labels funny thought watching that on my phone
during my college graduation
which is why you are technology
uh... literally watch it wilder
the commencement was going on so
they got to see that ah... got to see that the comeback in a very levittown
beside many probably a poor decision but
uh... it was worth it was it was a great great game
even for one thing that
i don't like about c_b_s_ is they don't strain
post-game certainly is not about it in a way that they stream info
uh... they data stream the games saying they're just not going to be compatible
with me nieuwe
on on
that apple products that they stream something
i guess i don't know that i know they they say that against religious doesn't
pull up for me
whereas you know usb another block his piano
as eleven comcast finally came to terms on that issue so we can watch that
absolute show handiwork as money is being stuck on our what he has been that
are allow that number comcast came to terms with last year
and the they were
artist apart within the negotiations and
even though that was available you couldn't watch it on your iphone
yes rewrite
if you're exactly right and it's just that you know
jump in and uh... you know make in the sports related
e i really wonder what they're going to do with
you know you now have all these options are watching sports
on different of ice is worthy of a smarty near your watchin it on
uh... your streaming on your watch his piano at the end
win c_b_s_ becomes available
you know it some point you're gonna have to have cable to see a lot of these
wouldn't you know you know right now if you don't really have to have cable ccd
and you can
you know what an apple tv roi chung hulu
or uh... on these
x finity
you know what you have to cable and it's going to be happier those type things
it's become an i wonder how that's gonna affect
uh... all these big tv bills and
order that's gonna change the landscape of
of college course in pro sports with with their t_v_ deals i think i think
the some of the networks and things are a little scared about this in new york
i'm technology to keep up with some of that stuff
and had a lot of committed will concur coronary will do that
uh... and their biggest complaints the same when we have in the same reason why
i could never do that and that's that
you know most years orders are are allowed in our neighborhood you're not
able to get those
on demand or to appeal it's good enough to reliable enough
uh... to be able to watch it cable
has not gone and i think a lot of those clothes is not a matter of causes matter
but they don't take yourself they don't watch
sure you know there were a lot home and garden show
yet so it's just all the court that you know you with the rokar boxes in
all those different options buffalo buffalo but just totally cancelling
cable non-farm with with not
c_n_n_ will see certain shows in
and uh... and and that type information but
myopic thing was always a sports and now
with the watches piano
i've got you know got smart t_v_ downstairs and i cant wants porcelain
and either you know i've got a couple t_v_ up stairs and i can mirror my phone
or ma pad
in washington at the the
the problem is you just you know you're still going to some of those games
that might be in in in use at your local channels but you're still listen some of
the content
uh... i it keeps me from doing you know the nfl network stuff and
and uh...
just a lot of those things i wanted a vertical point and it's also
it ends up being a less expensive anyway because once you pay for your netflix
and other things
you cannot say enough good walkers would be for cable so
you were an internal affair
i'm sorry in order to also issue
we're going out for like ten minutes i spent the does not related to actual
sports on the field
but where really the issue and that that the cable providers have you is that you
generally have to get your
internet through cable provider of telephone provider that provides t_v_
uh... some you know they don't want lose you both ways to there to do everything
they can to keep you from
and you talk about the the free internet
and uh...
joining us over the last year in those two things that are being put out by
congress to do it through the prism thresholds on those things and what that
really does
uh... to me is that leominster
nearsightedness of individuals that
our internet right now
it is not near capacity
the bandwidth that we are choir is just becoming exponentially greater every
year because of it
higher quality cards
it is getting strain
drawing on it more and more
solace on these caps and they put out there now something contest has a three
hundred and brown gigs greater gave him on to something like that
uh... if you look at completely go away and your well over it
i thought was unleashed artistry more
morphing specially my death rate it doesn't take that long
yeah and so unless we're i think that it becomes a double-edged sword because now
you're relying on the same people that are providing your television
in our case contact
yeah both sides and my internet emma my tables
well n you know i'm ok with escort office main rival as we need to know i
because this could be our last podcast ever
minutes twelve twenty twelve silenced by authorities that
is that here's the question thereby fascinates its
it's uh... the twenty first and you know in asia right now is that
it barely debtor
what was going on there
well i don't i know it's gonna
uh... no world in and i'm gonna go on a go
central standard time has the mayans are in central america right yet and i think
that make sense
sonos brand name
in our towns and or central time zone so so maybe when we go to bed and i will
never wake up to knows wellbore measures like illness can stay up
and see what happens
wondered in the movie groundhog day
uh... wild bill were just never to stay out the entire night and what happens if
you get the ball silly
but then he shot a couple times yet it was also lead to the middle of that is
figure two principal he won by just bigger out you can you give me something
yahoo for one night in a good idea
but he did it can definitely would have might be worth mark on asleep a couple
times couple hundred pounds it wouldn't be a bad that wouldn't be bad the
redo that as that info on where the apple or about stuff in
by the p_l_o_ delights culture so without a sound yeah exactly
ned ned
may determine definitely does there have been at netambit ahead
confers with him
brenda must get back to some for her
itself in
and for those that they cut this podcast last week you know where you're breaking
it down into three sections football games
and we cover the first fourteens
of the mad
s_e_c_ seems to have bowl games this week are this fall season
and so now that would have been very well
old mass mississippi state malachi so if you want to hear
uh... some madras thoughts about those games go back and listen to the episode
sixty five
was something mayflower
that's reference to the mayflower moving company in indianapolis
but uh... into the black insect that went out tonight we're going to talk
about texas i am
uh... south carolina
florida in georgia
and the moreno podcast
we probably depending on how to live here because this week off
i think america first of january somewhere there and do a podcast a recap
some of these ball games
as well as talk about the alabama
national championship game yesterday
so that's kinda how his
this lab next rebroadcast you're going to be in the small sweet
of ballgame podcasts and so will get casings right often
and talk about uh... i guess the animal homer
that's it that's probably a game
uh... in uniform
this could have known each other better than the any any other because
an employee oklahoma every year right
ramos television dot are there in the same invasion uh... but i know they know
that epitome pretty familiar with the same conference a
that's the cotton bowl that's pointed out
because played it jerry celso cowboy stadium
i think i i'm so excited about that and i think it'll be a great dane
you've got the number ninety in the country and texting amber c eleven c in
it pretty strong offenses obviously you've got
texting him led by
the heisman trophy went freshman jerry football so
s gonna be great and then later judges the other
quarterback is thrown from was four thousand yards this year and and and
thirty three nine percent
i think she's going to be a good game convert defense out the window
and uh... and will be uh... just a hotline game and i think uh...
you know all the games are bc bc escapist probably well
yes it is not my biggest gain on the side of sam
nandi sianz
you to tell mister grandy
so it's a dead in the second is that
uh... ally and some other venues he stayed in rethinking
but uh... but yet for the message is that this is a great day my love
i love the bowl days where
they can't say i'm a big issue with my office
that's what i'm excited about seeing this type games all of the
uh... what is it that
they always play what the pact that but the sun bowl it's a patch well
always a good game although i'll look into that is real quick uh...
the sun bowl this year
u_s_ seaver stored at that
so it's all right that's going to go up and i think it is good news for all but
though study and all of those games where they where you get the two
uh... and i think this is going to be a good one
i don't know that the press for protection
i'm gonna say oklahoma wins this one close one
under the texas a and in his has been really strong and
they baby
are just think that i'm gonna go with the experience that uh...
bob stoops is gonna provide in there used to that big stage a little bit more
the texas a and m
and uh... i think oklahoma wins this one in a shoot-out in a very very close game
illnesses like number ten number twelve swimming
you've responded
their top twenty-five ranking they're they're really close close together
do you have what the u_s_ presence on the stand i would say
if i decide to go with that i would go a_t_m_ backed up the local
if they had about four half
uh... is a spread i think you're probably right is probably filled rodale
europe they're a part of a little bit because uh...
johnnie manzil doesn't have the money early money going on there that that's a
a close game
and but i mean you will get you look at oklahoma and they're there to also is
but they also notre dame it was a very close game bad oklahoma had been played
very well
and are also stood column klein
and uh...
and in kansas state another like a five point gain so
uh... obviously the oklahoma's asserting that was expecting to uh... to win the
bid twelve
and didn't get it done
but uh... but they're not a lesser degree boldly
in and
uh... they
i think they they've got a good shot dead at this time of the you'll be
closed anyway
and some fun once per month
mind also that uh...
that lost and he just think that's when everybody's parents anyway this kansas
eighteen might be for real
if that was pretty early in the season i think the fourth or fifth week
and so you really didn't know what you have
the heisman vote was just starting for clients
over their kansas faso you know that i was like hey you
they have the bug attained it
smiles from the republican
and it's just it once again it's going to be
offense verses offense i mean their boats that does the streets about
meeting the as their offense
and uh...
others elbows one simpson neighborhood adults four people dead center susan
i think this is going to be
it'll be one of those just fun games to watch him
the reason we watched bull the ball seats
spot where an ems got the edition and looking at their own
the rankings as far as offense of racing's
it believe it or not oklahoma ranks better than a man
in passing
uh... their faith in the nation
purses and ambient fourteens
we're of when it is that if you were
you know asked me to say that before that
before a look at it
but we realize the advantages there fourteenth in the nation in rushing
and i'm sorry thirteenth in the nation rushing yards and oklahoma and sixty s
so you know that data shows that they are really one dimensional program and
if you can stop that passing any
i don't have the running into product ballots and that can be a unions
advantage because they had a good defense
i mean they have a proven that uh... with with their their victories and even
anions losses against l_s_u_
entirely with four
they look pretty good
uh... defensively was assigned to have to get into trouble
with both of us out
it's not a program like last year
where they would have a lead in their defense couldn't hold it
at database tighten that up so i'm gonna go against you and this and say that
not only will they cover that for a half-a-million touchdown
uh... yeah
i decided
you know you're going to have this must apply in
allison you can say they are one-dimensional protein
assuming we can do stop that pat's
maybe is with the rock
and so you're gonna see simpson defensive schemes to do that on onion
and standpoint at least i would think
one that's
and that's my thoughts ish and i'll be honest answers very tough for me to pick
a gives a lot
it's very tough made a big against the experience coach
uh... that's been in these big game situations before you got a long time
that being said
obama has a story really got committees uh... big gains in the novel on and so
but i don't i don't consider i don't think this is one of the games is b_b_c_
s games it's one that
you you'd like to win but uh... it's not gonna make oklahoma season her text and
in season
i don't think it really matter
pursuant to
uh... they're both kids and my money and they're both going to be happy with the
season at uh... maybe a little less points in my own you know they were a
look at what a national championship this year
that was
isn't the are both seated at the union is he going to see
and now he he's got the texas tech position but he's not going to miss game
either using true dot i was the time
sir had come to know what your plan for national championship or something like
you just go ahead and doing well you know
on one hand i think that would hurt make supper this is kind of someone's offense
uh... kingsbury knows how to run it and he needs a good
a good court ever i don't think that some of the problem
step in in indians are not a hundred percent sure shane but i would be just
completely surprised it
if click kingsbury were staying there i'd be pissed off about six and a m
and are a brand new car got exams i suspect that and i'd hire a new
and uh... he would stay in the coaching
in and out of school
i think you're right uh... i think that he he's got to be gone ahead kept up
with that much but
uh... managing office of court like you said something
seems to run that often so it should be will see what how that works and all
that it seem like
maine's ellen incase i got to come along really well so we'll see how that
that plays out going in this game
let's go out of the nation in the world
will stick with the uh...
with the same while it's not a breast is
not going to let you know who has a c
mustang or send a twelve a
s_e_c_ event
this is a version of the cancer vicki's vicuna rooms soon as i said i realize
and it wasn't pretty
i'm what you're looking at it seemed there with the breast of it
you know you look at the losses and mister is the quality of politics in the
ohio state you c l_ a_
in wisconsin there only three losses
you know
apostate yahweh there not a ball game
they did finish the season and feed it
uh... he got wisconsin plan rose bowl
and india
me at u_c_l_a_
you much better than expected and
they played for the past welcoming right
yes yeah shop
you know some some
good opponents today lost its so you know how to dress for program
is going to have the fence
you know that ranks third in the first-in-the-nation impasse defense
so corner begets georgia when you think about that matches uh... think that
george is gonna throttle
uh... maybe my the taste of watchin mind lol
and uh... james white noise guys just a run all over
uh... nebraska
at the the last game of the season
that's what the bad taste in my mouth i guess but it but i also think torture
right now they might be a second best team in the in the nation i think
they're think they're better than
at notre dame i think that they were
you know were to plays away
uh... are really one point away from
be in the national champions and i think if they be alabama i think they also
beat notre dame
and they were that one pass away from a can of that national championship game
so i think this is a case where i think that once again could be wrong
but i'd just love the way george is playing at the end of the year
uh... began murray
is one of the most complete quarterbacks
uh... he just just
knows what to do their ballots
with uh... girly are running back
and in their defense is is is fairly solid as well
and i know that they struggle some problem defense but i just don't think
they're gonna struggle that much with nebraska
georgia which is that classic f_c_c_ speed verses the
the bigtent
you know
girth and and that type of gay men in general the s_e_c_ wins out so i think
this is one of matchups where george is going to be a little too much warm a
desperate to be around
you know it's a ten point spread uh... captain george hasn't had any trouble in
this game by at least the touchdown maybe a little bit more
well i mean you have to do another one that this is a ten point spread
yeah i understand them and that's that's kinda
how we talked about that last week he told the jury will see spread like that
one ball games
you know where they're much over a touchdown
on excuse really don't know what you're going to get either way i think this is
a situation
where you had
i think that door today missus there put their book they he will peak at the
right time and it's just uh... and all around and you talk about
you know have a good core back have a good running and having a good i'm good
defense out of georgia struggle sometimes on
defense but i still think that there are they're falling you've got guys like it
jarvis jones in an epic ari rambo and um...
linebacker uh...
name escapes me right now but i mean just a very solid team i don't think
they're gonna hafta
uh... i just think that they're gonna they're they're better and almost all
phases of the game the nebraska nothing they went down
that's what it's like aspirin just because
historically does tiger games and on the s_e_c_ i'm going to george and i think
they're going to win back in touch downs but uh... complained authenticate the
only issue and we talked about this before about ballgames
is you know
they their national championship folks were lost without my second place what
kind of
what do they have to play for kind of mentality accurate get them up
uh... you know in the past she's had problems with the big games
uh... i think he started to get a little that monkey off his back but he did with
the biggest alabama
uh... so soon after they've really have anything to play for is a win do
anything for them
uh... so easy in georgia program that just comes in class
uh... planning on voting but i really want to be in
great avoid say they could be a n
that's the crazy thing is haha can't say that
i don't think that'll happen but
i wouldn't be surprised by watching that game and
and also a number-one turn wise georgia
coming out flat last year they played michigan state
and they were very flat
yes and i believe in that game allows bears brought about that have been
and a couple days to women couldn't
kaneko build a new with air force that is good to fill goal
at they'll again with a good job ok kerr
it was it was a
and one thing is that blair walsh kids in minnesota could be completely wrong
about that anecdotal correctly right
couldn't win that game
and uh...
yeah yeah yeah so you could be right i'm still gonna say that i think they win
this game
uh... father ten points are either double-digit went a bit
but you're exactly right
though that's the one thing you have to watch is is that letdown of being one
play elation complaint for the national championship
in a conference where a their stats so stacked against them
there had to be south carolina and florida every year for the next few
years just to get the chance to have to go play alabama relish you hurting like
that so
uh... i think that
in deadly could be a little game not tennesseans you proposed cuts in that
this is not ready yet for them and about that
stage rather i doubt that is obviously the disease
uh... behind
more teams in there the broad one renovo right now
throw that out there
uh... but a federal judge defenseless luana they're all there but there was
even in the book
separate baseball that it
probably the reason they're
but that's my only concern and and
sooner or later that cycle has in
so you know
that lead down in my view
talk about global warming last year
wasn't what they wanted uh...
you know so i don't think that's true
happen this year
but that's my only concern i wanted to throw that out their place
uh... the other side according with with that matter
uh... the next one down the list for me
uh... is usc michigan
how about starting a that's gotta be applied to has now
favored for south carolina
double has at least you're way off my friend
really yeah five-and-a-half
take that one
it's just so or that nation's enables four games
this year and a local markers i know they had a
uh... schedule that will happen
hello my name on there
an audio ma panel looking up on
and at the time of year but
you know i don't know what time but i doubt that gore girls playing
quarterback at the end of the year for my own open or robinson's backer
or what the net that you've all seen alabama
which is which make
sensible notre dame so they've also the number one of the kids in the country
unit the lost handedly
to alabama mig-twenty close area
anil too
nebraska a lost ohio state house they probably the top
their prompting the country there that they did
their losses were
worked a really good teams are made by a tough schedule but other than that the
only other the only other top without any played was northwestern they got
beat by northwestern so
ideas don't it's just hard to trust this team win their biggest thing i want for
most of our robinson to gets her every other place so
it makes it tough
i think michigan the program is on the rise enough people keep getting better
as they get that's more
their telecom here's the way alabama boys football there's typically get away
from average rodriguez type of uh... offense in
and uh... there'd organism river cruise i think they'll be better i i i might
not agree with you i think this is a game that
odyssey self-care long winning
uh... i think south carolina dot the best player
but maybe in the country and uh... cloudy
and he can disrupt things on defense and then car show adjustments football games
i love the way he plays
and uh...
and and and south carolina team
that they're just battle test in the s_e_c_ it itself of telecom broken
record me both just it's so hard to pick against the s_e_c_ because there are so
many good things
and last year was a pretty example i think
you know i i i don't really when it gets
by the s_e_c_ with him uh... when we did our pics
uh... last year and they worked three or four times the s_e_c_ lost in the
belly-up some of you know is that with their imitates
what if you look at it on paper is always going to the d_n_c_ you're always
going to have to give the hdfc c
but it's just like a georgia program we talk about
you never know what happens when they actually on the plug on better
the field of play
what actually happens and who actually shows up
uh... when i think they are looking unlike you i don't know hole about
michigan but
you look at their wins again aside from the michigan state game one twelve
everything else they scored three thirty points
uh... their other also is though
they scored forty nine
and twenty more so you know
they have issues for his grandpa
yeah because some of those in women's wear these like massachusetts you know
they scored sixty three coping
uh... per day today at forty four
so here's some of those good programs
uh... they've had trouble scorn against in south carolina got a pretty good
defense like you said
and clan is already out there you know making his heisman stopped off for next
you know that
and an escort him he's that good of a player
hands-down defeated transit center
but south carolina also cite issues in the past this year
where they had some surprise games where their defense is not looked
as sharp as you wanted to
yeah in the dispute over the last game
of the season for south carolina lately
clinton-style course in that you know that's a situation i gotta go is to go
or cracked that can run the ball and
for a long time board maybe in twenty seven seventeen i think the advantage
goes to
the fact that you've got
inorder robinson is gonna have to make plays also have a pocket he's having to
play against a fast fast atcc
he's gonna have to get away from clown he's gonna have to get away from the
other south caroline players
and it's just it's it's a tough matchup and was that he couldn't do it yourself
and he got it too much in
and they they hung around for
mister shorter if i may just got out quite and i think that's gonna be
similar i don't think south carolina's guillotine
as el mail are
but i've just don't think michigan matches up great with with these s_e_c_
man i don't either
so and what did you see the spread was five-and-a-half autograph
hello uh... uh... go for that but place some cash illustrator
because of that email
uh... gambling was legal right contract
well an emphatic yes i want to be willing to part with a divider involved
with the money out there and so
and i came on our last summer just blowing through this podcast reason
uh... the last one has any s_e_c_ coach o
way he didn't give consider exactly uh...
florida verses lol
try strong
nice new leverage against tennessee
lots of cash in on his back pocket
uh... but i don't think i have been on the floor is the fans uh...
that that's the program out
of all the s_e_c_ teams
uh... the the three that surprised me the most well alabama
out of a surprise because you know you're going to be good
i am surprised me how well they did
flooring for music on the program because
they were out though going to be another year away before they were able to
having a type of uh... competing ability to compete for the east and then we're
almost there this year
i have never stayed a program be banner at the second half and just nuts
two things that they're doing and i don't know what
differences they may
edges have been playing calling
package and i don't think you can
fire up some some college kid with with some motivational speech you have time
to make complete completely different than they did yeah it's already on on a
different way the the coaches are played college
but florida that on a consistent basis with it
they work they would lose the first have to come back in just totally dominate
the second half intake again why
loyalty if the global service piped gas a special even more so last year
i've been on forum and i i i like the team a destructive so solid uh... from
an athlete standpoint i mean they they've had these
unit top
five-degree glasses all these years and rosie you know they've got players in
their defense is so strong in other one lost be into that georgia team a lawsuit
buyer by what eight point so
it's just a their impressive team uh... i think that
our group that wrote wrong
you know has about the funds on coach in the same and i can say that there are
some sour grapes
uh... feel like you know
internal intimacy along a little bit in
he has whatever write this i would want to do but
there's a reason maybe he was afraid to go play the s_e_c_ and
and uh... i think the game that he's getting idea
against border where they are together they're probably
that's gotta be an eleven or twelve point spread uh...
will look it up a report
uh... artist i don't think they they can play with made by anybody this year
there also were good service here testing that
that just at the house for people
and uh...
and their local to connecticut then uh... in the year so they're probably
just read right now
uh... borders a thirty and a half point they've written i think that
i think that yet
boat race and thus will
i'm agreeing with you
and i liked the way what a cell like the way
here you got a bridgewater is a good corporate citizens but i have the same
level that please
adds another situation where i just don't like the match up
writers haven't played teams like this
well even kentucky home or run for a while buying nameplate
kalyana kentucky is this year
cooler right now
i'm a little
just because of
the copper center in means the end of the east
uh... you know that's how they got this pc escaping i don't think there's
now there's probably
aside from what northwestern illinois is
you know they're they're probably the next worst team that set up in a bc
asking burial
floors got the big event on defense obviously be in the first thing
but but once again here's heretofore detained with
accompany cormac in driscoll and of course their bread and butter is running
the football with illsley in
and it will be that so very solid team
but i mean it just
what uh... what's the ever once allowed for removal whilst we did you know there
ever been
given up twenty four points a game
in the big east
and four is everything about thirteen points a game in the s_e_c_ so its
defense verses
not having a defense in distant the floors in the distant mount
uh... anchor-in-chief
well let's all run down
of the though fourteens leading up to the one bc s game that leaves us with an
alabama next week
uh... drew's or anything else you want to talk about uh... ideas
under tennessee cider a quarterback
is leaving
or back to our clear to everybody that evolved into a protest is going to
approach the
uh... best of luck to think it's kind of uh...
you know with with just the harder it makes sense
it what you can look and see what happens over lab more
this was for not take that money
when you're eligible to do it and the bladder more would have been able to go
last year
you know he is the best season to to show that he could he was back to you
try to do that this year
in a hurry ginza
and let more declared as well further further nfl
uh... you know it's it's a situation that make sense
uh... coral patterson
i mean i think it would be good for him to come back but
then again is talent level is gonna be a
uh... early first or second round draft pick
mapping vinegar bigger issue with him if he were to stick around to idaho today
again it's rumors of rumors and on a single class so
the notification in any way and intolerant and rebutted
fixes you come back
but i'll raise made poor decisions their anastasi career
west lawn mower
yes exactly dot please god
you know
uh... where they say what a million dollar are manner
fifty-seven brain so
united out of talking with uh... with a buddy of mine today
and we're talking about
tolerate is just so frustrated stasi fan
they were really hadn't had a guy with his talent i don't think
uh... in a long time maybe supply-demand even it had some fairly tell to poor
blacks because or insurance and ability make those stories is about as good as
anybody else
but they've had
but i mean he's just isn't he is
never wore the big game and he consistently made bad choices
and nothing i enjoyed having their for three years i think he's a very good
football player out because well the pros but
uh... once again everybody thinks he's probably come back in
and work began on getting stronger
he's gotten better every year
and yet he's
you know he decided to go process nowhere is we receive shake down on
mail hybrid date order
it all the parrot even a mock draft everybody says
here's a guy that's probably going to go in maybe like delay saket
or early third round
uh... maybe some but there's a flyer on him
you know maybe an hour early september or something like that depends on what
quarterbacks how they perform in the come out of it he's once again
talent wise
the scouts ordered elope
well but it has all the fundamental bazaar strengthen
visibility make those you know those big time unifil throws
but i mean you don't always in school wonder what you don't always get a big
makati fast
uh... he he just i don't i don't think you know well anybody in interviews so
i think he's a
allayed second round really thorough etc
do you do you think that if he were to stick around it had a really good year
with him as he he can move up to her second peripheral material
at stake there
what they say is if you worked on fundamentals
and i'm not saying he should have as you can have a new quarterback coaching
again and i don't know how that would work out
and and jones
jones would probably taylor is offense to tolerate a little bit because however
is a very tell the court rack
if tolerate could
work out some fundamentals at work on getting stronger still
we have been injured much of it is his injury was a broken farm which could
happen to anybody
you know for bs frail as he is he's gotten he's definitely reporting look
like we first came how hard i mean everybody was just so skinny and i'm
still skinny cora backward
he was on the part that used to me some of those hitting the tank you just don't
get destroyed his keys yes
but i mean he's it'd make for others and and he missed a lot
uh... this year at the river we talked about that you know some of the protocol
we made some incredible people rose but he missed a lot as well
and so there will always your question yes i think that uh...
i think that he could have proved that he can prove to be a properly for
trumpet i think he's got that talent that the people said was he could beat
you know
behind a lot of people had a brain to right behind that barkley
as the second were backing to the top ten
yet but i mean just
between the ears and
and some of the mechanics he has an you just even have a great season
uh... and not letting any games i just think it did
it had a great the mail
neidhart but are you going to work wonder what kind of folks he has in his
corner talking to him
you know because
late second third round is ok money
there's no guarantee is there you you get a two-third renegade cut from the
practice for
you know so there's no there's no guarantee in nineteen fifty three man
roster right there
now you can also be a colin peppermint receives a paragraph direct yasir for
and now you know first-year restarting
for present your requests for grocery o start present from cisco
solely as possible but
i'm thinking for my money standpoint you go back to do those things now you're
talking about early first grounded first round
some good guaranteed money raised their they would well make up for what you
would have a happy set out to be
welcoming you look at this show a look at it
look at the core of accidental this year there startin
an end and across the central a door
as a as a nigger
look at one of those are the last couple years
you've got
column cabaret
successfully was a successful college
uh... quarterback bear
just young kid that had all together
uh... you got russell wilson has unbelievable right now
uh... in seattle
is as smart as they come i mean he's file flip eight jane and he's the peace
then you've got your
ridge lock to is
you know stanford boy very smart archie three
uh... about details of the comp winner and college
almost everybody that that successful here and prose was one they were
successful in college in two days you know they make good decisions
can lead numbing him a criticism of anyone you want to college in alleys
he's successful pros look at the guys like
blamed adverts
you know christian ponder
those guys
active say the they make their decisions i think they probably did make their own
they weren't good kids but they were super successful him
in the college or g_m_ project locker and i heard
jake locker
yeah i'm not super super successful
uh... immunology weather in the growth of the ones are struggling
but the thing about walker is the same stuff we're talking about these for
reform actually sheer
with the same attributes that we talked about a clunker here at nationals
uh... we came into the became a time
you know he had no yes market strength he had
the ability to to run a a program he had that leadership mentality now that we
titans fan girl looking for yeah i think now that showed up there so wells it
back i think it's a little bit different things walker had question marks and he
had a fifty percent
you know completion percentage
that washington so
i think that's what kind of shows up whereas
you've got these other guys russell wilson who
you knew had it but he didn't have the high the
and then of course you got your injury lots on your part
robert two thirds that's why they are kept in the you know the top two pics
they've got those
intangibles y
d_n_a_ believe me a little women
the same as
you know walker had but they also
and the collar you know they they also warren
and uh...
it had been you know there they have a right bill that i just think that i get
locker had a few more questions than uh...
then then the other guys and i think a brace probably in that same rental
in my opinion
so would you say the magnet talking again
would you say that this is the most talented
quarterback class we've ever seen
and you know
this one of his first year i dare yet
uh... when i was wearing a state that day
you look at how many trashed and all these huge prospects of a estimate of
four guys internat partners rookies
we have been in its like last year you know you've got one guy burton ponder in
walker also remote movement in
innovators that is your own paint i yes i think that
it but i wouldn't say that because of kappa reagan because of wilson i would
say that because of our g_-three
there because a lot and i i think
the unbelievably for me is that everybody talked about what i watched
some a stanford and lester are of course i knew it erlich was good but i don't
understand how they're saying this guy
grades higher than even peyton manning i just don't see how you could say that
about ninety people but i think many innocent was so successful in college
and so successful in the pros
i think that that's such a lot he's going to put on
uh... major work but you're right about their bios and his friend andrew luck
will be edirol put a pic before peyton manning
and looking prudent use that unbelievable it's okay
two or three when indianapolis in that i think the docking heads right now turn
it over there
there were in line to make the
white house right now so
and then robert a third
as i'd be happy with our athletic years
and that he said all kinds of records of what what cannondale after russian bowl
parties resort island
execu god
left and the differences differences he's winning games where candidate was
putting up those some great numbers last year
with they still only one one four games five and was done yeah great agree
trail i had yes i think that
it's going to be one of those talented classes
what caused it
of the top two anything else you get changes will be greatly
you've got a full all four on the planet thrilling yellow i mean i absolutely
love russell wilson
alone would you bring something all of that
wisconsin just watching him play wisconsin that last year was very and
he's just you know they are all in
that's the thing is
goes to the last two are in such good situations seattle has been in credible
credible defense
they've got more from which used
uh... one of the batterer max
out there
i had a great lie
fun in brief and a great place to play then you've got colin patrick
it was just such a weird situation
alex smith is
you know he just
he didn't do anything to lose a job
but it just seems like apparatus gives them a little dynamic that's method now
you know this is something in the same thing happened in new england brady
harrier what's a what-have-you mean books revenge for your fix something
like that for myself here
comes back here over the long term regarded as the death of river that
while watching the game
salve regina
nodded i guess the only difference there was that he was on a couple weeks where
endorsement was only a week
yeah and lost his position when you look at that s warning eight from the
starting quarterbacks refresh her or rookies and one quarter
uh... quarterbacks in the playoffs potentially
without being replaced by a skill crazy numbers
anything you've got before we wrap this thing up and say happy holidays merry
christmas and all that
no i mean are just ought to ask you this is what
you know you think that they do
if you have any questions or the most important position in footballers
just look back and i know this is a college
uh... podcast but just look at the passport vaccine one
championships in football buffer nfl
you've got literally
the last i think sets
like the mid nineties
the only ally rs there'd be only two quarterbacks of our whole favor shane
or brad johnson
from tampa bay and trimmed offer from baltimore and both those teams had
yourself defenses defenses
well and that you got it you are named twice eight many
aaron rodgers
drew brees tom brady
breath four
uh... john elway
i mean that's uh... those are on the everybody having bright their abid
uh... everybody annenberg there isn't
guaranteed paul bremer
and everybody having
i mean they're top
tim core racks you know have closed out the top ten corporate ever so
you've got to have a good core back i think that translates to the college
game as well living outside ara yet
basher but so a
saints drew brees jeffries
uh... i think it translates to the college game to a degree
but as i think that alabama shown as um...
that you could have been managers like a mcelroy
when you have such a good the things that are running in
but um... right now he has a every
every opportunity to be starting quarterback in new york road well he's
gonna be
yeah david though they say they're looking at rates edge as an era
and their and they're gonna get rid of people within the year
you know it's it's just it's it's crazy that is justice breyer full-circle with
without really ask you if you're
then in a filipino and i just told you all in your opening those two
is to win a championship
is there any way that you see tolerated that quarterback i'm gonna marry
yeah exactly
i would say there are a for sure
as those and i think of razor in an apartment that i think i'll bring it
you know on some of those passes that murray dot the martin and others like
the way he plays
yeah okay
i would be a clear very before i picked up
i wouldn't our pick an age of appeared before a pick the tolerate problems how
is senator and he's coming out is now
now of course is not just a albums everything they want
but these
out their own in court that was the track client
well yes i'll go i don't think he's you translate as well he's got out of the
same boat as
a brain i think you'll get picked
i want to get past the ball well enough but will save
uh... you the consensus number one right now as you know smith from west virginia
which uh... compaq rigid bad i think you've got a lot of talent but
who does british became suspect was a middle part of the year
yet in their team didn't do as good but he's very talented
you're gonna have a uh...
you're gonna have god-like
uh... map barkley
everybody says that mark was just gonna impress people
a lot model to wrestle bonior and todd
that there is a good press people at the combine this with his answers in the you
he's got those
those leadership abilities and i think he does
but uh... he just hasn't had the season
he thought he was gonna when i'm back at the offices held true he might be going
back for another year interest rates are
or to say that jake locker day cocker came back and he was talking to me the
number one
picketing the canal
your four he came back and they got a lost games in and and driveway lagata
number ten but he was gonna be a volcanic
uh... it yes another backfires on him
he'd only said yes that uh...
i never pointed out that they're going to go in if they get that to make a
negative healthy bottom one px is
but social of mine
miami you know what can happen you can
deal on a more
uh... epic on any given play
yeah and and
they also knew that stock issues related and taken a pastor adi
all right anything else will grow over like here businessman who opposes
another uh... once they are but it was fun data
that i
watch that video watch the football game at my graduation their promise of a are
half as well as the only person watching that
but comes here
i do know is why they cannot brought her food with me yesterday and now if
they're just watch it
unwillingness maturity
uh... but uh...
no i'll tell you what the
well in fact if you see that ah... you simplify thinkers alison for
now which is a she went out of the last second row vietnam awesome
so they went allison stricken
uh... he taught himself rise he said i hope so because they said in absentia
about sixty five thousand done so
as for the united states is the since they have found out the possibility what
just happened to me
in managed care
so well it's good uh...
was a nest egg
uh... yet double things done
you know just proud of us we we played with the trivia last night
uh... had like you know we we went from like
twenty-somethings to fourth last night's organ better in the tribute to him back
that some fun to do
and then also inside a large amount of movie marathon day at home
here the next few days in las vegas was christmas movies i've seen a few of them
i decided uh... sit down and watch health on a larger national anthems
that a christmas vacation
her legacy a christmas story inside stuff out to watch that every year at
least once
well comic side for that any other chris was very well what do you what are your
for christmas movies accused always sound of music
i'd never seen it before i think you've got a christmas present economy it's
always sunny christmastime
erica and i don't know why the hell christmas songs and that's all that
uh... chicago with the uh... standard it's a wonderful life
and so many years
basic i store selling almost every year just as it was on
but i haven't seen in years now
like he's just showing botch me to the christmas now it's like short ones
once leading into the brochure those companies now you know they were placed
in a u
everybody's gonna show help a couple times
and you're going to have
christmas story in
you got home along
i was a christmas movie you have uh... of all what's that
trial here
but now those are my standards of those who are going to be
yahoo christmas vacation now
uh... the grinch who stole christmas
yes computer and
i want to know what someone is about forty in the
there were a lot of although all day and to live to the end and then some
christians but it isn't
you know we're only like i said i mean it might be all about it
that the mines are right decree from adelaide stormy today you might think
iraq divided into the world so it
who goes above the fray poodles are rushing to the fun pockets of legal elem
water to good people can listen to the poor
porcelain you need to version all of these make it out before the apocalypse
i guess thank you all so much for joining in his podcast i wish everyone a
happy holiday merry christmas
uh... whatever you celebrate we hope is a joy swung
uh... that we take time bitter reflect with those issue of intel on how much
they mean to you
how you never know when they're not going to be there for you
the events of the last couple weeks proven that's we were
say that's when when i think everyone
and i wish you guys the past
how we will see you on the other side vocalist
on casper