Italy watches Medal of Honor ceremony

Uploaded by soldiersmediacenter on 29.11.2010

The presentation of the Medal of Honor to the first living recipient since the Vietnam
War was seen all around the world.
Sergeant Joshua Balog reports from a special viewing in Vicenza, Italy.
[Balog] President Barack Obama presented the Medal of Honor
to Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta at the White House.
In Vicenza, Italy, members of Sergeant Giunta's unit came together
to watch the presentation at Caserma Ederle's arena.
Emotions ran high as the President of the United States
spoke about one of Vicenza's own. I am absolutely convinced that this is what
America is all about. [male speaker] A lot of people buckle under
combat pressure. Sergeant Giunta is one of those guys who doesn't.
I'm just proud to be able to say that I've served with Sergeant Giunta.