How to vaccinate Norovirus, influenza, O-157 with sodium hypochlorite

Uploaded by ptkou on 20.07.2012

I will now explain sodium hypochlorite.
Sodium hypochlorite is very effective when vaccinating Norovirus, influenza, O-157.
Usually it is diluted to 200ppm. With 1L of water, 20ml will be diluted.
Measuring cup, 2L plastic bottle, rubber gloves will be needed.
First, measure 40ml of the undiluted solution of sodium hypochlorite and put it in the bottle. Be cautious not to spill any of the liquid.
Drawing a line on the bottle would make it easier to use for next time.
Pour 2L of tap water in here.
The mixed/ finished product is this. This can be used for 24 hours.
When using the liquid, put it in something like a washbowl with the towel inside. Wring the towel and wipe.
Now the vaccination is done.