East of Eden, 53회,EP53, #01

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Search everywhere and everything here. Now!
Yes, sir!
Move it along, pack it up.
What's going on here?
Where'd they all go?
- What you grabbing ME for? - Where are they?
They finished filming, so they left.
What's that?
They were making a movie... Weren't they?
It was a trick.
I swear this guy, a phony wake and everything.
Crafty little fox...
He always manages to slip away.
Please relax, sir.
We've got to deal with Lee Dong-chul.
If we don't, it's over for both of us. Over.
It's late. What do you want?
What's going on?
We've heard nothing from Ji-hyun since she went to the DA's office.
I can't get hold of her. OR you.
Well, she said she didn't want a lawyer.
She probably gave them some of her attitude and they tossed her in a cell.
What did you expect? She'd be back by now otherwise.
- You're a... - I'm a what?
You KNEW they'd detain her?
What, is the hotel my responsibility too?
Oh you... you really ARE Shin Tae-hwan.
Who else would I be?
You should be worried about your son.
Your real son, Lee Dong-wook.
He stands at the crossroad between life and death.
Kim Ji-hyun.
Silence won't protect you from prosecution.
We have your signature as hotel manager.
So I'll ask again.
In 1988 the Taesung Hotel
deposited slot machine profits directly into General Pak's accounts. Correct?
Kim Ji-hyun.
Did you order that the slot machine profits
be deposited in the general's account?
After the general was arrested, who received the slot machine profits?
I don't know.
We'll find out sooner or later. Stalling will only hurt your defense.
I'm telling the truth.
I have no idea where the money went.
Aren't you the hotel manager?
Yes, I am.
Is that just an honorary title?
I really know nothing about the slot machines.
Then who's the REAL owner of the hotel?
Well, we tried. Now you've forced us to arrest you.
Arrest me?
The tax evasion amounts are significant, so you're a flight risk.
You're to be remanded to the Detention Center.
Officer Cheon.
Yes, sir.
Process her.
- Here she comes! - May we have a comment?
- Did you confess? - Just one comment!
It's essential to our current investigation.
Your reputation precedes you, Mr. Prosecutor.
But without the box holder...
Chairman Guk is dead. I doubt he'll be coming here.
Be that as it may,
until we have an official death certificate and permission from his estate,
we cannot open the box for anyone.
There are other means available to us.
But when we arrive with a search warrant, we'll invite the media.
Other box holders may not like seeing their bank in the news.
It could be hard your bank and the career of the bank manager.
The matter will remain confidential. We truly need this information.
Please cooperate.
I'm sorry. Without the access code, I can't allow it.
Breaking that bank procedure would cost me my job.
Please be understanding.
I see. I'll come another time.
But for now, keep my visit between ourselves.