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I'm going to wear this in my wedding to Gil Dong!
Gil Dong!
Gil Dong!
Grandfather is... dead.
I can't go to Gil Dong anymore.
Gil Dong...!
Gil Dong...!
Gil Dong!
Because of him,
you have been hurt.
But even still,
is he the only one for you?
Gil Dong...
Yi Nok...
Just once...
Just once, look at me.
Gil Dong...
I will always be with you.
The only way I can fulfill the people's dreams is to become King!
Hong Gil Dong is just someone who can speak on behalf of the people.
The only one who can become king and protect the people... is me.
The thing that I am concerned about is...
that spokesperson becoming stronger than he should be.
I am the one that allowed him to become strong.
I will not fear him.
Now everything will be alright.
We have waited twenty years to reveal His Majesty's secret inscription on the Sa Yin sword.
Waited twenty years?
Didn't you say you didn't know about the inscription?
How could I not have known about it?
I just pretended to not know about it, so that my life would not be in danger.
But I was there when the words were inscribed on the blade itself.
We scholars act depending on the cause.
But we can also create the cause so that we can act!
What do you suppose Lord Ryu meant by that?
Should it be the secrete message on the sword?
There can be no doubt about the Sa Yin sword!
If so, the Prince's cause will be shaken!
I know that.
Go and find out who made the Sa Yin sword.
Yes, Madam!
We must prepare for every circumstance.
Why did Father...
... inscribe on the Sa Yin sword that he wanted Chang Hui to be King instead of me?
The sword should have been inscribed "No insane fool can become king!"
Perhaps he knew that I would become like this?
What do you think, Interior Minister?
Do you think my father had the power to see into the future?
Is that why he told others to kill me?
Is that why?
I doubt if you know that.
If he had inscribed, "Kwang Hui, be a good king" instead...
I would have done a good job.
Oh, my head!
The ghosts are tormenting me!
Your Majesty!
Why don't you create a exorcism sword?
A sword to exorcise ghosts?
It will be the first month of the year soon.
You can have it made on the first hour of the first month.
That's a good idea.
I will make a Yin sword like my father.
I will make a sword on the first hour of the first day of the first month!
Then if we hold an exorcism ceremony,
then the ghosts will all disappear.
The King is holding an exorcism ceremony on the first hour of the first day of the first month.
We must catch this opportunity.
Is that the day you've selected?
We're hunting a tiger on the first hour of the first day of the first month!
That day, we will strike!
I made that using Choi Chul Joo's firepowder.
That's amazing! You're a genius!
It's too weak. We can't use it.
That will become an explosive!
We'll disguise ourselves as blacksmiths for the Yin sword and make that in the Palace!
I will send you more samples of firepowder.
Keep doing more research.
One! Two! Three!
One! Two! Three!
More people are joining us everyday.
Soon we will outnumber your forces at Mt. Geom.
Aren't we amazing?
That's Hwal Bin Dang for you!
Untrained soldiers are useless.
Those men will become fighters once they're trained!
Those men will be sent in as palace guards and their target will be the King!
I will send more trainers from Mt. Geom.
Keep training your men.
We have to prepare men to go in with the other blacksmiths.
Only real blacksmiths can go in.
Yeon can gather some blacksmiths. I'll find out for you.
I was very surprised on my way here.
Mt. Machun has become Hwal Bin Dang's territory.
Mt. Machun is getting too small.
The people are gathering from all over the peninsula.
It's not just poor peasants now.
We're getting scholars and even craftsmen!
We're even getting palace guards!
Can you handle this diverse group of people?
Right now we all have the same goal.
Everyone has high expectations of you.
They're all here for you.
You should start looking for people to surround yourself with.
You'll need good people by your side once you become king.
You really have no desire to serve me?
If I do, the scholars you are gathering will not like it.
If you say you will adapt to them,
they have no reason to dislike you.
Do you think that'll happen?
That is what I hope for,
but I know it will not happen.
You don't even call me Your Highness.
When you become the King, I will call you Your Majesty.
I will become a king that you will bow your head to.
Please do not disappoint us and the choice we have made in you.
Your Majesty.
You're wrong.
I was the one who chose you.
I was chosen by the Sa Yin sword.
And I in turn chose you and the people to be my reason to become king.
Take responsibility for the choice you have made.
And don't imitate me.
You were the one that followed me.
I am going to make Sam Yin swords!
But I'm going to use the blacksmiths that my father used to tell others to kill me!
Go and find them!
But you ordered me to find Hong Gil Dong.
You can't find him.
You're the Interior Minister's son but you can't catch him.
Your Majesty!
Please give me one more chance!
Perhaps if I execute you, he will show himself!
That boy didn't even show up when his father died.
Why would he come when you do?
Go and bring the blacksmiths to me!
There were five blacksmiths who made the Sa Yin sword.
I found three of them,
but they have been missing since they made the sword.
The late king must have had them killed to hide the inscription on the sword.
But it was said that they all arrived to their homes safely after they completed the sword.
They disappeared only after the late king passed away.
They all disappeared on the same day.
Then look for the rest of them.
I wonder how Doe Eyes is doing?
She was ill for a while, but she is alright now.
I'm not surprised she fell ill.
Please tell her we're sorry for not being able to go to her grandfather's funeral.
Don't tell her anything.
It's better if she leaves everything behind her.
Does that mean that Dummy will never come back here?
I don't think she will come here.
Once the Prince becomes the King,
the world will change and the hideout will be safe.
She can come visit us, can't she?
When that time comes, she will most likely...
Be in the Palace.
She'll become the Queen.
The Queen?
Did you get scolded again?
Young Master!
Young Master! I mean, Your Highness!
You're here.
Did your grandfather tell you to call me that?
Yes, Your Highness.
Did he also tell you to not sit unless I tell you to?
Don't do that.
Your grandfather is not here.
Do as you normally would.
This must be difficult for you.
I'm getting scolded everyday.
This is so difficult.
I'm stupid.
Did he tell you to read that?
He told me to memorize it!
How can I memorize it when I can't even read it?
If I read each character to you and tell you the meaning,
you'll be able to memorize it.
Don't be too optimistic.
I've had it read to me a dozen times and I still can't memorize it.
I'll read it to you as many times as you need.
I'll help you, so keep trying.
You'll get tired and disappointed.
If you stay with me, I won't get tired or disappointed.
So... keep trying.
I'll try.
Yi Nok always had the countenance of a queen.
She has found her destiny.
That dummy as Queen?
I'm worried about this country!
You mustn't let this shake your resolve.
Why would I?
This is no big deal.
Wretched boy...
He's trying to be so composed.
Gil Dong, my old man bought these from the market. They're delicious!
It's going to cost me a fortune to buy you buns for the rest of our lives.
Steamed buns are my favorite things in the whole world!
Really? Steamed buns? They're your favorite in the whole world?
I like steamed buns, chicken and cookies.
I suppose I can't really say any one of them is my favorite.
What's this?
Steamed buns, then chicken and then cookies?
That means I may come in even after rice cakes and potatoes!
I like steamed buns, chicken and cookies,
but there is only one "I love you" in the world.
Gil Dong, you're my "I love you"
Is that good?
Then I'll let you be my "I love you" too.
You said that was a good thing.
I "I love you" you.
You can't take it back when you know what that means!
Gil Dong, "I love you".
Did she really think I didn't know?
Does she think I'm as dumb as her?
If I knew it would be like this,
I should have just died when she stabbed me.
She didn't stab me properly,
and now it hurts like hell.
It really hurts.
This is what a parent and child must maintain.
And a king and...
I guess you were right that I shouldn't be too optimistic.
I won't rush you.
I'll take it slow until you feel the same way.
I just have to be patient.
Yi Nok, don't go looking for him when you dream.
On the day the Sam Yin sword is made, we will strike the palace!
Your supporters will gather from all over the nation and stop the army.
That day, the entire country will rise in unison,
and raise the new king!
While Hong Gil Dong will enter the palace and take control,
our forces at Mt. Geom and Hwal Bin Dang's men will enter the capital!
The scholars will all rise at the same time as well!
That day, I, the late king's chosen heir, will reclaim the throne!
We should make about three hundred of the Sam Yin swords.
We'll hang some here on this wall, and more on that wall.
We'll hang and bury them everywhere the ghosts appear!
I have made the steel used to forge the Sam Yin swords to be provided by Yongmun.
This is the steel used for the King's swords.
Let them through!
Yongmun will be hiding the explosives in the carts with the provisions.
Yeon Ssi, this time there will be real explosions!
If we make them in the palace, the explosives will come out nicer.
Now we have to go and find our blacksmiths with Yeon Ssi.
This is the list of blacksmiths who made the Sa Yin sword twenty years ago.
- Let's bring them in! - Yes, sir!
The Chief blacksmith here is the finest swordmaker in the nation.
If he helps us, we can gather the blacksmiths and enter the palace safely.
Will he help us?
He was friends with our late chief.
I'm sure he will support us.
- Who's this? Aren't you Yeon Ssi? - Yes, are you well?
Go into the Palace? I don't want to.
We're not asking you to fight.
You just have to help our men get into the palace.
That means I have to go into the palace to make the Sam Yin swords.
I'm done with those Yin swords.
Have you ever made a Yin sword before?
I can't help you. Go and look somewhere else.
- I'm sorry. - Sir! Sir!
I thought he would help us.
What do we do now?
Did he make the Sa Yin sword?
I'm not sure. I didn't hear anything about that.
I wonder if that old man made the Prince's Sa Yin sword?
Is that why he's so nervous?
The other blacksmith also disappeared on the same day.
The only one that we haven't found is an old blacksmith named Suk Jong Ho.
That old man appears to be alive.
He left his hometown with his family that day.
Find him.
We must know what happened.
We must know what it is so that we can stop it from being revealed!
This is the list of all the scholars that are willing to give up their lives for this coup.
They will be useful in overthrowing the present king.
Please use them when you become king.
Lord Ryu, I cannot accept all of these men.
I know very well that some of them are on this list only in name.
But you will need men to serve you after you have become king.
I will give those positions to those who have risked their lives to serve me.
But signing their names on that list is in itself a risk to their lives.
Please do not take it lightly.
How can I take them lightly?
I will trust that they are risking their lives for a good cause and not for ambition's sake.
All the blacksmiths disappeared at the same time?
Yes, I am certain they were all killed.
Did Minister Hong do it?
Yes, because he tried to cover the secrete of sword.
Oh my!
I can't even ask him since I had him executed!
There is one man we haven't found.
When we find him, we will uncover everything.
Yes, when you find him, bring him to me!
I must hear for myself how my father was when he ordered them to inscribe that message!
I need to hear what exactly my father said to them.
That damned Sa Yin sword caused the deaths of all my colleagues.
It almost took my life too.
Did they do it to conceal the secret inscription on the Sa Yin sword?
I don't know anything! I'm going overseas soon!
Just tell me the circumstances.
Actually, we weren't at risk because of His Majesty's Sa Yin sword.
It's because of the second sword we made that was identical to the Sa Yin sword.
You made another sword that was identical to it?
That's right.
The fake Sa Yin sword had a strange inscription.
Are you saying that the sword with the inscription is the fake Sa Yin sword?
After we made the fake sword,
we were all killed!
But miraculously I survived.
I thought we would have to live in hiding forever.
But fortunately, the men who wanted to kill us were all killed.
That's why I could live in freedom.
Who were those men?
It was the War Minister, Lord Ryu Geun Chan.
That's Yi Nok's father!
And there was another.
It was the Mother of the legitimate Prince, the Dowager Queen.
The real Sa Yin sword that the late king bestowed on War Minister...
... didn't have an inscription on it.
Do I show the real Sa Yin sword to the Prince?
Why have you asked me to meet you in a place like this?
Seeing how much pride the Prince has, I doubt he knows.
Did you know?
Did you know that the Sa Yin sword was fake?
I said I won't go! I'm leaving this...
The Dowager Queen and the War Minister...
They really created a fake sword?
You didn't know?
Don't tell the Prince.
He must never know of this!
If Lord Ryu Young Ho has the real Sa Yin sword, he will find out one day.
They may use it against him!
If I show this sword to him, he will know who is most valuable to him.
I'm certain of it.
When the time is right, I will tell him myself.
You can't do it.
He struggled with just the fact that he obtained the people's favor through you.
I cannot allow you to be the one to tell him that his cause was a fake one.
If this was all the plotting of the Dowager Queen,
then could she have also been behind the death of the King,
which everyone suspected the current king of?
It can't be... The Dowager Queen couldn't have...!
She couldn't have...!
You and the Prince really didn't know anything, did you?
I have found someone that I want to give your hair ornament to.
Even though I couldn't protect you,
but I will do everything I can to protect her and keep her at my side.
So my father's sword did not have an inscription on it...
The one who inscribed it was...
The Dowager Queen.
What will you do now?
Nothing changes for us.
As long as he keeps going with us, we will keep going with him.
We will have faith that his resolve does not waver.
For that to happen,
he must never find out about this.
This is...!
You took it once and I had to get it back from you.
This was yours? How did you find it?
I followed you around.
So that was why you followed me?
I thought it was because you'd fallen...!
Even though it was in reverse order, you're not wrong about that.
That is the last thing my mother gave me.
Is this a hair ornament?
Yes, it is a hair ornament only for Queens.
This was that precious? No wonder...!
I want to give that to you.
Take care of it for me.
But you just said only Queens can have this.
If you take this and stay with me,
I think I won't waver in my resolve to become a good man.
I won't push you.
So think about it carefully.
Don't tell anyone that we have him.
Have him imprisoned secretly.
Will you stop making the Sam Yin sword since you know of their plans?
The exorcism will go on as planned.
I will wash myself of everything there.
The late king's true heir is the current king.
He had no intention of making the Prince inherit the throne.
Are you saying that the Dowager Queen was behind all of this?
The Dowager Queen and us, we could not accept the late king's decision.
That is why we made this resolve.
You made this resolve with that reason.
I believe you will not break that resolve now.
As long as the Prince does not push our loyalty aside and use lowly peasants like Hong Gil Dong,
the truth of the Sa Yin sword will be hidden forever.
When the Prince takes the throne according to the Dowager Queen's wishes,
and your granddaughter Yi Nok becomes the queen, do not forget that loyalty!
The hair ornament of a queen?
This should only be given to great women.
Why was it given to a dummy like me?
This suits me better.
I like this one better.
- Yi Nok! - Gomi!
- Are you here to see me? - Yes, I came with Gil Dong.
Gil Dong is here?
It's almost the first month.
Tomorrow, Yeon Ssi will take the blacksmith into the palace.
You can enter the palace with Secretary Choi on the day of the exorcism ceremony.
The ceremony will take place the night before the first day and continue on until the first hour.
We will move one hour after sunset.
I will take my men into the capital at that same time.
This is a direct strike. We must have no errors.
Make sure you don't make any mistakes. You failed last time too.
If only some fool didn't show up and set off the explosives,
We would have succeeded then.
Do you still blame me for that?
I consider it fortunate that we didn't succeed then.
I was holding onto the Sa Yin sword as my cause and only looking for revenge.
I would not have made a good king.
Do you think you can be a good king now?
Don't lose that thought. Don't make me regret my decision.
Don't ever forget it.
I heard you were really sick.
Are you alright now?
I'm fine now.
Are you alright?
Of course. That was such a long time ago.
I'm totally fine now.
I'm entering the palace soon.
I'm going hunting for a really scary tiger.
I can't go hunting anymore. Can you catch it by yourself?
You caught those tigers last time because I helped you.
You're still confident about hunting tigers.
When I come out of the palace, you'll soon be entering it.
We won't be able to see each other like then.
I'm glad that you look good since it's the last time we'll see each other.
Take care of yourself.
Take care of yourself as well.
I will open up a new world.
But in order to do that, I must clean up first.
During this exorcism ceremony, I will cleanse everything!
Your Majesty, you will not be able to tell who is your men and who is the enemy in disguise!
How will you tell them apart?
It's too troublesome to separate them. I'll kill them all.
I'll kill everyone and burn this palace too!
Your Majesty!
Chang Hui will have no palace or subjects!
He will have nothing! He is nothing and I will make him take nothing!
But Your Majesty...!
The reason I have kept you alive is because you are nothing like the Interior Minister.
It's because you do everything I say.
So just do as you're told.
We will make the exorcism ceremony a grand sight!
I will make the ghosts who bother me disappear.
And I will also make that Hwal Bin Dang disappear!
And I.... With a renewed mind...
I will be born again!
This is the last of the steel from Yongmun.
- Hurry and finish it up by the first hour. - Yes, sir.
The gunpowder is mixed in here, so be careful.
We are the dance troupe that will be performing at the exorcism ceremony tonight.
That's our instrument! Don't touch it without our permission!
Let them in!
You cannot bring weapons in!
These aren't weapons. They are swords for our exorcism dance.
How can you exorcize ghosts without swords in the dance?
Are they just used for the dance?
These swords are possessed by ghosts.
Do you want to touch it?
Forget it! You may enter.
I will say that you are a copyist for the Secretariat.
If anyone asks you anything, make sure you refer them to me.
As I thought, I look good in government uniform too.
I will wait with my men outside of the palace, and come in only when the coup begins.
When the Prince enters the capital with his army from Mt. Geom,
Hwal Bin Dang's forces led by Master will join them.
We'll have good fun in the palace today!
We've emptied the drains of water, so fill them and the palace grounds with oil.
This is the anesthetic that His Majesty ordered mixed into the wine.
- Why are you so slow! Hurry! - Yes, sir!
As you ordered, we have sprayed the palace with oil and mixed the anesthetic into the wine.
Today is the day the exorcism ceremony will create a new world.
We will begin it together, but end it with me.
Set the fire after I have left the palace at sunset.
Let nothing remain when Chang Hui arrives.
Everything will have turned to ashes.
We will soon arrive at Mt. Machun where Hwal Bin Dang's men await.
We must hurry if we are to reach the capital before sunset.
Please enter.
I have found you at last!
I will take care of this. Please go in first.
You're that handsome youth with the red scarf.
I have been looking for you everywhere!
Who do you think I am?
Of course I don't know who you are. But at first sight, you're my son-in-law...!
But at first sight, I was impressed by you and wanted to see you again.
I looked for you everywhere, but here you are. It must be destiny!
Secretary Choi! Are you here with this fellow?
Yes, he is a copyist with the Royal Secretariat.
A copyist...? Well, it appears you're very junior.
But at least you look good.
That's enough. Let's go. I have many things to ask you.
So, what does your father do?
Let's go in.
Your father's not a thug, is he?
His Majesty the King!
Begin the exorcism.
Begin the exorcism!
Have you done everything I ordered?
Yes, the site of the exorcism ceremony will become an inferno once we set fire!
We will leave the palace with a fire arrow.
When the King leaves the palace at sunset, we will set fire.
- Have all the ministers arrived? - Yes.
Miss Eun Hye's father will be here too. If he stays here, he will die.
You're still very junior now, but if you seize the "source of all power"
I can pull you towards power.
What must I do to become the source of all power like you, Councilor?
Oh dear, you must still not have read the book "How to become the source of all power"
I wrote that book.
- You did? - That's right.
The scholars don't dare to read it in broad daylight.
But it is said that they read it secretly.
Make sure you read it. And it's very easy to read.
I wrote it all in Korean. I didn't even use any Chinese characters.
And it's very concise. I just put in bullet points. And the book isn't very thick.
Make sure you read it.
I have to go somewhere, but when I come back, I will teach you how to survive in the periphery.
I plan to write a book about that too.
You're going to be pushed from your power. Now I feel kind of bad.
Go home? What do you mean?
I'm telling you for Miss Eun Hye's sake.
Please just go home quietly.
What is happening?
I can't tell you.
But you will be in danger if you stay here.
What do you mean there will be chaos in the palace?
That's right.
In Hyung didn't tell me anything in detail.
But I think something big is going to happen.
Seeing how secretive they were being, I think there's a trap.
Where are you going?
I have to see something for myself.
Eun Hye!
Where is everyone? Are they headed towards the palace?
I cannot disclose that. Please leave.
They may be in danger!
Tell me!
Where is everyone?
I can fight with them,
but they won't even let me go with them.
Dummy, you're completely useless!
You're not even lucky anymore.
Miss Eun Hye!
I think the King knows of the coup today!
Let's move these when the sun sets.
When the explosives go off, we'll take the weapons and help Gil Dong with the King.
We'll block the entrance.
No, I have to be alert.
Master Hae Myung will have met with the Prince by now.
If this plan is to succeed, everything must be on time.
When the sun sets and your dance troupe go on stage, that's when we begin.
From this moment on, we're at war.
We are prepared to fight our way to the palace, Your Highness.
I know the secret passage to the palace. I will go meet Gil Dong!
Can you do this by yourself?
I can.
When His Majesty leaves the palace, prepare to fire the flaming arrow!
Prepare it!
I'm sure Gil Dong is in there.
I think the ceremony is that way.
What's this? It's oil!
Why is there so much oil everywhere?
I will go and check if everyone is ready.
The sun will be setting soon.
Prepare to leave.
This is it.
No entry!
My chief is inside.
I have an urgent message. Please let me in.
I said no!
- Hey! Look here! - Stop making noise and leave!
It's a girl! Take her away!
- I love you! I love you! - Shut up!
Let me go! I have to go in! I love you!
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