Mod Rathe's Combat Beta Tips and tricks

Uploaded by runescape on 05.07.2012

The evolution of combat beta's live and since its launch, 1000's of you have been putting it to the test.
Mod Rathe's been looking at how you can get the most out of the tools at your disposal and in this video,
he shows us just some of what he's found. So without further ado, take it away Mod Rathe.
Ok, so let's take a look at how you chat in the new combat system.
Some people have been asking about this on the forums and what you'll notice now about the chat box is the action bar.
Now, by default, keyboard inputs are going to go to that action bar.
So, if you want to type, you'll now need to press "enter"
or alternatively, just click in the little box down the bottom, then you'll be able to type again.
Now, if you're not doing any combat or not using the action bar,
what you can do is click that little button there to minimise it and whilst the action bar is minimised,
you can type just as you do in the live game at the minute without having to press "enter".
Ok, so let's take a look at how we can do some skilling with the action bar because it's not all for combat
So what you can do is use your new ability book that replaces your spell book and drag abilities over to the action bar.
For example, here we're doing some high alchemy.
SO what you do is drag it over, pop it on the bar and then all you need to do is press the key, in this case '1'
and then click on the thing you want to alch.
So it makes it a lot easier compared to the old system
where you had to position everything just right in the inventory, move your scroll bars up and down.
Now, all you've got to do is press '1' and alch away!
So, what we're going to do now is drag some emotes over to the action bar.
So the action bar's not just for combat and skilling, you can do all sorts with it.
So, if you're doing like a social gathering what you can do is pop your emotes on the bar and then just press (for example here, '1' or '2') to do yes or no.
Now, something else you can do with the action bar is you can drag stuff down from up there on the mini map down to the action bar.
For example, here we've dragged down our quick prayers and our run button.
Then to turn your quick prayers on, all you need to do is hit '1'
Now this is really cool, for skillers what you can do is drag objects to the action bar
and for example in this case we're doing some iron ore so if you're power mining,
you've got an inventory full of ore and you don't want it any more, drag it over to your action bar
and then what you can do is just press '1' and it'll drop it on the floor.
So if you want to empty your inventory full of ore (for example, iron ore or sandstone or granite), just hammer '1' and away it goes.
So let's take a look now at some combat because this is what the action bar was primarily designed for.
So in a minute, we're going to look at some melee and then look at some range and mage in a second.
Now the first thing you'll notice in the middle of the screen here, this guy's got a really beafy looking shield on.
Now this is a new item we've added to the game called a Bandos Shield and we'll get this from God Wars.
Now, something that's important to consider in combat now is
do you go all out offence using dual wielded weapons or perhaps a two handed weapon
or do you instead go for a more defensive approach using a weapon and a shield.
And in this example we're going to be using a shield and you can see we've got some cool abilities down here which need a shield to be used.
For example, this one's called revenge. When you use it, anyone who attacks you makes you do more damage back so it's a good tactic to use.
So let's quickly run through some melee abilities here to see what you can use in combat.
Now those of you who haven't had chance to play the Beta yet might not be familiar with what the abilities are.
Basically they're split up into three categories. At the bottom end you've got what we call "basic abilities".
"basic abilities" can be pretty much be used whenever you like
and they do round about a medium amount of damage and moving up you'll see that these ones here are greyed out at the minute.
That's because they're called "threshold abilities". Threshold abilities can only be used once you've filled your adrenaline bar up to 50% or greater.
We'll touch on the Adrenaline Bar in a little second once we start doing some combat.
And then finally, the aim of the Adrenaline Bar is to get it completely full and then you can bust out "ultimate abilities".
These do a lot of damage and they can really swing combat in your favour.
So let's do some combat here - we're swinging away and you see down here in the bottom left there, our Adrenaline Bar's slowly filling up
and if we use a "basic ability" we get a little chunk of adrenaline added on so as we go through,
we work our way through our abilities and we're building up our Adrenaline Bar
and you'll see.. there, our Adrenaline Bar is lit up so we've hit threshold.
Now we can use our more powerful abilities and you can see on the character there, these lovely shiny effects and lots more damage.
Now one of the cool tactics melee users can use is to use an ability called "massacre".
Now this puts a bleed effect on your opponent but it comes with a caveat that if they move,
they take triple damage so a good tactic to use is pop the ability on them and run away and get them to chase you
then you'll have them forced them to move and take triple damage.
So, touching back on the earlier question we asked - should I use offence or defence?
if you use a shield you've got access to two powerful abilities called "resonance" and "reflect",
these can cause you to heal instead of being harmed and they can also reflect damage back at your opponent
so it's always something to bear in mind whether you should use a shield or not.
Let's move on now and take a look at range.
Now range have got some cool tactics they can employ. What we've got here is an ability called "Binding Shot".
You use this on your opponent and it's like the mage spell "Bind", it roots them in place so they can't move.
Now a good tactic for range to use is use Binding Shot on your opponent like so.
Then they can't move and use the ability "Escape". This moves you away to give you range on your target.
Then what you can do is use another ability called "Piercing Shot".
Now, Piercing Shot does a nice chunk of damage but if the opponent is stunned while you use it, it does even more damage so it's a good combo to use there
Now we're going to use a threshold ability called "SnapShot". This one fires two shots in quick succession.
Now you may remember this because it was actually the old magic short range special attack
and as we build up more abilities and more adrenaline we're going to get closer and closer to our ultimate ability
so as we see here we bind the opponent in place, we get some range on him and now we can see that we've got a full Adrenaline Bar
so let's use an 'ultimate ability' - this one's called "Incendiary Shot". This one you can see sticks an arrow in him and after a few seconds it explodes.
Now we're actually using a test account here so it didn't do much damage to him but fighting a real opponent in live PVP,
this could easily do 3 or 4000 damage so these things are really powerful and they really make combat a lot more interesting.
So finally, let's take a look at mage.
Now mages have a lot more options in the new system actually and one of the options is actually just making your life easier.
What you do is drag your spells on to the Action Bar
and then you can choose to set them up as your autocast spell from the Action Bar instead of having to hunt around in your spell book for them.
So let's start some combat and you'll notice that as you fire spells now,
they fire out of your weapon so we've got a Staff of Light here and we're firing our spells out of it
and a good combo for mages to use is that the first ability they can use is called "Impact"
" and this stuns your opponent and while they're stunned you can use an ability called "Torture".
Now this, similar to what range was doing earlier, this does increased damage if your opponent is stunned while you use it so it's a good combo to use
but another tip mages may like to use is that they've got a number of abilities such as "Chain" which is designed to be used on multiple targets
but you can still use them on a single target so don't forget, if you've got an ability on your bar and it's lit up, always use it because it always means more damage.
So, now we've filled up our Adrenaline Bar we've got a glowing bar we're going to use a cool mage "ultimate ability".
This one's a little different to the others you've seen because this one isn't an attack,
this one transforms you to an elemental and as you can see, we've turned into a fire element because we've been casting fire spells.
If for example I'd been casting water spells, I'd have turned into a water elemental.
And the effect this puts on you is that it increases all your spells damage and you can see here we're busting out 1000 damage pops at the same time.
So, those of you used to max hits of 400 - 500, things are going to get a lot different in the new combat system.
You'll have a lot more hitpoints but you'll have a lot more cool ways to take hitpoints off your opponent.
OK, and finally, a final tip and trick for mages amongst you is how does a mage dual wield?
Well, mages can't put a spell in each hand but what they can do, they can go down one of two routes,
they can either wield a staff like here (we've got a Staff of Light) and if you're using a staff and you autocast you'll notice your spells do 150% damage
so it's always better to use a staff than nothing at all but the other option mages have open to them is to use two new items that we've added to the game.
We've got wands and off-hand items like books and orbs.
Now if you're wielding two items like we have here (we've got the wand and the book),
if you're wielding two then your spell cast time will be halved - you're casting twice as many spells so you can see just how fast we're blasting away at him there.
So the mages have the two options open to them.
They can either go down the slow cast option which does high damage
or they can down the fast cast option which does a little bit less damage but more damage over time.
And you can try out Mod Rathe's tips and tricks when the beta is opened up to all members this weekend.
If you've a tip or a trick and you'd like to share. Tell us about it by emailing it to