Resident Evil 6 E3 2012 Trailer (AR/EN/PERSIAN) [HD]

Uploaded by therealmrox2 on 07.08.2012

Look at me ! It's gonna be ok !
look at me ! look at me it's gonna be ok !
Just Keep your eyes on me
Help Me !
I'm gonna get you out of here "Debra".
"Debra" look at me ! We're gonna get through this !
No ! Let her go !
Get away from me !
Not her !
Not my sister !
Take me ! Please ! I'll do anything !
Please Please Please ! Don't hurt her !
"Debra" !!
The President spoke highly of you agent kennedy
Like once , He told me you've been friends for thirty years.
I am the National Security Advisor. It's my job to prevent terrorist attacks, not cause them...
You Liar !
Helena !
Then you should have no problem , Turning yourselves in.
What the hell ?!
Leon !?
Where is he ? I need to know.
Hey !!
Jake ! Let me handle this !
Look out !
Looks like things just went from bad to worse ...
Find anything interesting ?
A recording from six months ago ?
You still haven't figured it out , Allow me to clarify , Tmmorrow the US will suffer a bio terrorist attack.
After that China , and then major cities all around the world will suffer the same fate.
at hands of Neo-Umbrella's very own "Ada Wong"
I lost all my men because of Her !!!
I lost over seventy thousands people ! including the "President" because of "Simmons"
Shes working for Neo-Umbrella you know what that means ?!
Yeah , I do !
Captain !
Run out !
Take everyone of those damn things down.
Does he know that "Wesker" is My father ?
"Sherry" !
What is that ?!
Leon Where are you ?
Chris !
Now move !
Where the hell are they ?
Resident Evil 6