Breast Cancer Screening After Prophylactic Mastectomy

Uploaded by drjayharness on 08.11.2011

>>> Dr. JAY HARNESS: I have been asked a question about how you screen for our breast cancer
after you had a prophylactic mastectomy? It's really a very good question.
Now there's no breast surgeon on the planet that can tell you that with a mastectomy 1000%
of all the breast tissue is removed at the microscopic level. Clearly all of us are trying
to remove everything we can see and feel, whether we are doing the mastectomy for cancer
or prophylactically.
There are no good standards as far as screening for cancer coming back with a prophylactic
mastectomy. I don't think insurance companies would typically cover doing mammograms, MRI
I believe is out of the question because of the cause.
So the most important thing you can do is a good breast self-examination of the mastectomy
site because in general, you've got the skin, you may have the nipple areolar area as well
and you'll have a thin envelope of fat graved underneath of the skin.
So a good self-examination is probably the most important thing you can do. Also inspecting
and looking at the nipple areolar complex to make sure that it hasn't changed in any
Now I am going to predict that in the future we are going to have imagine ways of detecting
and screening for a recurrence after prophylactic mastectomy. I think those kinds of technologies
are a few years away. So as they say on the radio and TV business, 'stay tuned', but in
the mean time please learn how to do a really good breast self-examination even after a
prophylactic mastectomy.
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