Двери в Берлин. 100° Berlin 2012. #1

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Present special issues of video blog devoted to
theatre festival 100° Berlin
Part 1
22 February three representatives of theatre movement “Dveri” went to the sentimental journey to Berlin to the theatre festival 100°.
In Berlin, they were met by the Belarusian theatre critic Alexey Strelnikov
“100°” — is the festival of independent theatres which takes place at 10 stages of 4 theatrical playgrounds:
Sophiensaele and HAU 1,2,3. Performances go without breaks.
While performances are going on the 5 stages, on other 5 stages the following participants are preparing.
During 4 days more than 130 performances were shown.
“Dveri” managed to see 26 of them.
The opening was very simple: a short speech from organizers and the festival began (immediately on 5 stages).
How it looked like: 6 actors on the stage. Miniatures that were directly or indirectly related to the Arab spring:
choral speaking, rap, poem, scene, video, song.
In the end of performance the actors took each other's blood from a vein,
wrote a phrase “Enjoy the revolution” on the canvas and sold it out on the auction for 56.5 euro.
Opinion of Alexey Strelnikov: The beginning of the festival for me was right off the bat.
Very cheap, but very impressive tools. Yes, epatage, but with the self-irony. And a sincere desire not to remain silent.
They have, in my opinion, a phrase that in Egypt the evil was personified and so it was easy to accomplish changes,
but capitalism is impersonal, so it will not change.
How it looked like: Moderators are sitting on the stage.
Previously there were collected some stories that were offered the audience to read from a sheet on the basis of Karaoke.
How it looked like: Small stage. Two actors are dancing. Movements are perfected, interact with each other at the level of rhythm, but almost do not match.
Relationship between the movements and the text is not clear.
Opinion of Alexey Strelnikov: The choreographic preparation and the culture of movements were of a high level.
It was interesting to watch. But the miniature was small and it is rather a sketch for further productions.
How it looked like: A girl carries sandbags from place to place, argues that can’t change anything.
The shots from Tunisia are projected on the screen.
Opinion of Alexey Strelnikov: The question arose: why the theme of Arab spring is so popular?
Clearly resonates with the first performance.
How it looked like: The musician is on the side.
A girl in the bright red jacket is dancing. The movements are simple.
Opinion of Alexey Strelnikov: For all the time she never stopped.
It was something fierce in this dance. The performance was marked by the jury.
So went the first day of the festival. These were the first five performances.
Worked on the production: Alexey Zhdanovich, Alexey Strelnikov, Nikita Sidorenko, Vladimir Halak
Thanks to: Polina Schirova, Kate Karpickaya, Alena Ivanushenko