My Shoe Collection! 2013 HD 1080p

Uploaded by damienruffryder on 28.12.2012

These shoes have all
All these shoes are mine, you will understand
Let's go one by one
Here there are the shoes PRADA PRADA
Burberry shoes
These shoes sport summer
Dolce and Gabbana in collaboration with GUCCI
Here actually have the Burberry
These shoes NIKE Soccer
Dolce and Gabbana are very expensive shoes
I have here also more expensive shoe of FENDI
These shoes paciotti cesare are expensive
Dolce and Gabbana shoes
These Nike shoes I have a lot of this model I have them in silver, red ...
Black, Blue and ... I have them in this color too
Color pearl, white pearl
Dolce and Gabbana information all colors I have a silver Dolce and Gabbana long, black
Color Dolce and Gabbana Bronze
Red color as my car amazing Beautiful new lock them new
Dolce and Gabbana Blue Dolce and Gabbana Green
Timberland shoes that I really like
NIKE shoes NIKE shoes you see high
Here I have the Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton is also beautiful
Louis Vuitton
More GUCCI new model 2012
Footwear SPRING
Very special shoes FENDI As you can see colorful
Very rare model
These are also colored FENDI
GUCCI information you see It also GUCCI
It is also a shoe that I really like ALDO boots
These shoes also among the most expensive ECCO Gore Tex sample you see Gore Tex
Model against the water to lift the rain, Snow what you want
Spitz's leather shoes ALDO
Louis Vuitton
ALDO shoes too, all leather Leather sole also
It also ALDO leather soles LIMB Skin leather interior, all leather
It's also ALDO ALDO Footwear Spitz's Snakeskin, beautiful
 That's it, that's all my shoes understand All the shoes I was wearing on the day
Tremendous amount of shoes