Dietitians Dish on Vegetables and Fruit and Your Preschooler: How Much and Which Ones

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Vegetables and fruit are an important part of your preschooler's diet. Canada's Food
Guide recommends that children age 3 have four servings a day and children age 4 and
5 have five servings a day.
A serving is the size of one medium piece of fruit, about the size of a tennis ball.
A half-cup of fresh, frozen or cooked fruits of vegetables or about one cup of a leafy
green veggie like lettuce or spinach.
Here are some tips to get your child to eat more vegetables and fruit:
Offer a vegetable or fruit at every meal or snack. Offer a variety of colours and tastes.
Go for the colour orange like carrots, squash and sweet potatoes, and dark green like peas,
spinach and broccoli. Try a new fruit or vegetable like beats or Brussels sprouts, pomegranate,
bok choi or avocado. It doesn't matter if they're served raw, cooked or even frozen.
You might be surprised by what your preschooler likes.
Never beg, force or bribe your children to eat vegetables or fruit. This will actually
make them want it less. And remember to be a good role model yourself and your children
will follow suit.
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