Aéroports de Lyon : de nouveaux commerces ! new shops!

Uploaded by AeroportsdeLyon on 02.07.2012

I'm impressed by the design, the spacious and modern appearance
of these new shops inaugurated today.
I find the concept quite natural, and not invasive for the client.
The new JC Decaux visuals make communication easier.
As an advertising agency
it's important to deliver a message,
to make it have an impact, to transform it
and allow interactivity from the outset.
These new spaces have allowed us to develop
a very attractive universe for travellers.
Our shops were redone last year.
We have had excellent results.
Bringing more shops to the area
has boosted sales.
Shops are light and open.
Travellers can come into the shop
without even realising it.
It's then up to us to make a sale.
The boutiques here are like those found in a city centre,
along the lines of the Printemps department store.
The shop-in-shop concept represents brands well.
There is a real sales approach behind it.
In these new shops, every brand is respected.
Each of them is able to stay unique,
without ever feeling submerged by others.
These corners represent our values and who we are.
For Danael, the new shopping area in departures 21,
it makes even more sense, internationally-speaking, for the airport.
Visits from customers give even more visibility to the company.
This allows them to offer new brands to passengers.
These new businesses allow passengers
to come into the shop without even noticing it.
Brands are on show in high-profile areas.
These spaces are individualised and allow easy access.
They enable each and every one to find a familiar universe.